Chapter 88: Reason Behind The Call (Part-1)

“Are you feeling okay? You are not sick, right?” Leena asks, looking worried.   

“Hmm? No… Why would I be sick?” I ask with a frown.   

“Because this is the third time you have failed to perform a spell today. And I have never seen you fail at any magic before this,” She says.   

“O-Oh… Sorry, my mind was somewhere else. Anyway, I will focus now,” I say while shaking my head lightly.   

“Is there any problem? Maybe I can help you with it?” She asks, concerned.   

“No, no, see?”  

I raise my right hand up, leveling it with my chest before concentrating hard. The next moment, numerous faint popping noises starts arising from the entire surface of my palm along with equally small flashes of light.   

“Thank goodness. You scared me earlier,” Leena says, relived.   

“As I said, I just wasn’t concentrating enough,” I tell her.   

And well, how could I? Especially after my conversation with Rebecca in the morning?  

Man, I just cannot stop wondering why Rebecca would want to meet me this urgently…   

Something that has been bothering her for the last three days and it happened at her bakery. And she couldn’t even tell me on the phone…   

Is this related to me?    

Oh, wait…  

I remember that she told me about her two childhood best friends who co-owns the bakery along with her. Maybe they want to meet me?   

[Ohoho… I am sure that Rebecca’s friends want to have a taste of your little pp! Such a nice girl she is… Inviting her boyfriend to fuck her best friends. I love Rebecca!]  

Yeah, like that can happen…   

[Be optimistic, buddy!]  

Fuck being optimistic. I am just scared because of the way her voice sounded…   

[Ahh… Don’t be scared, man. I sure everything will be just fine. And even if something does go wrong, both of us will find a solution for it together, okay? Now, let’s focus on the practice, it will make you feel better.]  

… Are you seriously trying to cheer me up?  


Well, I am surprised.  

Feeling a bit better, I focus on the palm of my hand again and continue to practice making these small flashy pops for the next two minutes straight.   

“Outstanding! Completely outstanding! I have never seen a beginner maintain this for so long!” Leena declares delightfully.  

“Thanks, but are you sure it will work the same on a bigger scale?” I ask doubtfully.   

The magic I am doing right now might seem a little simple and pointless to the onlookers (there are none, by the way) but it’s actually really complex and powerful.   

These small popping noises and the flashes of lights are actually due to multiple small explosions on the palm of my hand. In fact, even the name of this spell is “Explosion”.   

The reason why this spell is so complex is because the caster has to manipulate two types of different elemental magic: fire and air, at the same time to trigger it.   

And not only this; pure oxygen also has to be separated out from all the other components of the air and compressed into small packets. These small packets then carry out the explosions though the elemental flame magic generated at the same time.   

Now, as I need to remain inconspicuous; I cannot go all out and start making huge and noisy explosions. But according to Leena, even if I can successfully manage to do this on a small scale, I shouldn’t face any difficulty with the larger version.   

“Yes, you will just have to form larger oxygen packets. That’s all,” Leena answers.   

“Hmm… I guess I can do that. Oh, and yes, I was thinking about starting to work on using three elemental magic at the time. Two are a piece of cake for me now,” I say, a little smug.   

“Hmm… I don’t think you will be able to do three elemental magic at once, Jacob. It requires skills that are not practically achievable at your stage.   

“In fact, you being able to control two elements is nothing short of a miracle in itself, but controlling three is unbelievably more difficult. Even I just recently achieved full mastery over controlling three elements at the same time,” Leena tells me.   

“Really? You can do only three? And how many can Princess Ilyrana control?” I ask curiously.   


Leena mutters something inaudible.   

“What? I couldn’t hear you…”  

“She… She can control four,” she says grudgingly in a slightly louder tone.   

“Wow… She must be pretty strong then,” I say, impressed.   

“It’s not like she has completely mastered it, okay!? She just leveled up a few months ago and acquired the ability…” Leena says while puffing up her cheeks in anger.   

“O-Okay, okay, I get it. She’s not that great. Anyway, I want to at least try using three elemental magic at once. Maybe I can do it? Who knows?” I say with a shrug.   

“Sure, go ahead if you want,” She says, relieved that the topic shifts back on me.   

“Nice! So, teach me a spell that needs three Elemental magic,” I ask, a little excited.   

“Oh, I suggest that you should just try to simultaneously manipulate three elements at first. If you manage to do it, I will teach you a spell,” she says with a smile, clearly looking down on me.   

[Man, she seems to be pretty convinced that you won’t be able to do it.]  

Well, I am about to prove her wrong then.   

[Oh, really? Have you already tried controlling three elements before with Black?]  

Hmm? No, Black also taught me spells requiring two types of elemental magic only, why?   

[Fufufu… nothing.]  

Nothing? You believe that I will be able to pull this off, right?   

I mean, Leena herself said just a few minutes ago that I have never failed at any magic before. And I feel really confident about this as well.   

[Oh, don’t worry, I will always believe in you, buddy. But do I actually think that you will be able to pull this off? Oh, hell no. You have better chances of curing your premature ejaculation.]  

Just shut the fuck up, bitch!   

In anger, I thrust my already-raised hand towards the ground and start the inflow of magic inside my body. Immediately, an inch long and wide piece of earth starts to rise from the ground. At the same time, a small fireball also ignites in my hand.   

And… nothing else…   

Shit! I was planning to create a swirl of wind as well.   

Let’s try again…   

This time, a ball of fire and a swirl of wind appears but the block of earth doesn’t rise further.   


After giving a few more tries and burning a large hole into my pants, I finally realize that this shit really is too much for me to handle.   

“Aaahhh!” I let out a frustrated voice.   

[Ha! Told ya, Holey!]  

Fuck off!  

Even Leena is covering her mouth to muffle her giggles.   

These fuckers!!!  


I ring the doorbell.   

Right now, I am standing in front of Rebecca’s house, waiting for her to open the door. The school ended a while ago and I immediately rushed here without even stopping by my home for a change of clothes.

Man, I am feeling a little nervous about this…   

[Hmph… I hope your dick shrink until you become unable to take a girl’s virginity.]  

… What!?   

[Well, not that there is too much to shrink anyway. You can barely pierce their hymen even now.]  

What the fuck are you saying!?  

[I am mad at you!]  

Why? What did I do!?   

[You promised to meet Kate and Riley today! I was waiting to see them since the morning!]  


Well, in my defense, I cannot really bunk the class anymore as Leena is personally teaching me. And I was not going to meet them after school and miss this opportunity.   

This is the best time for me to meet Rebecca as Aria should be hanging out with her friends right now. And well, Rebecca is my priority.   

[Of course, Rebecca is your priority. I would’ve kicked your ass if she wasn’t. But I am talking not about that! I am talking about your freaking break! Why didn’t you meet them in your break!?]  

Hmm? Simply because I couldn’t find them on the grounds? You were there with me, remember?  

And I don’t know about Riley but I think Kate was probably absent.   

[Absent when your school is teaching you guys magic!? I call bullshit!]  


Well, you know what? Let’s focus on Rebecca for now. I promise to meet them on your next visit, okay?   

[Hmph… Fine, I guess. I will let you off the hook this time. But make sure to keep your promise.]  



Suddenly, the door in front of me opens and Rebecca appears from within.   

“Jacob, you are here…” she says with a smile.   


One look at her face and I can already tell that something is troubling her immensely. Even her smile doesn’t seem genuine at all.   

“W-What happened, Rebecca?” I ask fearfully.   

“Let’s talk inside,” she says before grabbing my hand lightly and pulling me into the house.   

“Say something, what happened?” I ask again the moment she closes the door behind me.   

After a few seconds of silence that scares me even more, Rebecca opens her mouth to speak.  

“Three days ago, a Harpy showed up at my place of work…” she says in a low voice, her face unreadable.   

A Harpy!? At this time of the year!?    

“She claimed to be looking for a Human male and that it was his scent which brought her to my shop. When told that there was no male in the shop, she then revealed that the scent was actually coming off from me,” Rebecca continues.   

“I was already in a great shock because the Harpy wasn’t affected by my poison at all and this just made me even more confused.   

“But then, she explained that the scent must be from a man I know and meet regularly. So, obviously, I automatically thought of you, as you are the only man I can even come close to,” she says.   

Wait, this Harpy… Don’t tell me…   

“But before we can talk any further, police came barging into my shop and interrupted us. Apparently, a local reported seeing a Harpy entering my bakery. Though fortunately, all the officers got instantly hit by my poison and collapsed then and there, giving some time for the Harpy to escape.”  

Suddenly, Rebecca stops speaking for a moment and looks up straight into my eyes.   

“That Harpy’s name was Nina and moments before taking off, she told me that she’s pregnant with the child of that man…” 

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