Chapter 89: Reason Behind The Call (Part-2)

Nina… My child…?   

For a moment, I stand stunned, unable to completely comprehend what Rebecca just said. Then suddenly, memories start exploding back into my mind.   

My visit to the brothel, buying a harpy named Nina, fucking her and the three prostitutes senseless in Beast’s Awakening. And most importantly, impregnating her with my child.   

Damn… The memory seems so distinct even though it happened just a few weeks ago.   

And honestly, this is something I should clearly remember.  The 10,000 life points I earned after knocking up Nina made it possible for me to level up, resulting in the appearance of Black and the system glitch.   

“So, do you know anything about this, Jacob?” Rebecca asks, looking into my eyes.   

… Fuck.   

Suddenly, I realize that I have made a really, really big mistake. And I am not talking about impregnating Nina, I am talking about not telling Rebecca about my system earlier.   

But it’s not exactly my fault either. So many big and small things kept happening whenever me and Rebecca met. In fact, the only peaceful time we’ve ever had was when we went on our date.   

And even there, I was more focused on showing Rebecca a great time she deserves for once rather than discussing serious stuff like this.   

But still, I should have put some more effort into finding some time for telling her about this.  

Damn it…   

“I-I am sorry if this sounds like I am accusing you, but I need to know… Please,” Rebecca asks again pleadingly.  

Fuck, what should I do now?   

I cannot explain things to her as I did with Layla. Well, at least not now, when she has already asked me about this herself.   

If I tell her that I slept and impregnated Nina because of my system requirements, she’s obviously going to think that I am just lying to cover up my infidelity like numerous others do.   

[Buddy, take your time, but don’t mess this up.]  

I know…   

With each passing second, I can feel Rebecca’s doubt growing. I am also sweating like crazy, unable to decide how to approach this thing in the best way possible.   

Shit… The only way I can think of is telling her everything about my system. From my points earning methods to my deadly poison.   

But that clearly impossi…ble…   

Suddenly, I remember an idea I had a few days ago when Zakira visited Rebecca’s house. Right after Rebecca finished explaining her system to me under the anti-magic barrier…  

What if I could do that same?   

Well, I guess I will have to take the chance and find out…   

[I agree that that’s a great idea. But only if it works, though.]  

I hope so…   

“Rebecca, can you deploy your anti-magic barrier?” I ask, finally speaking up.   

“My Anti-magic barrier? Why?” she asks, confused.   

“Just do it, please,” I say, lightly grabbing her shoulders to wordlessly express the importance and seriousness of my request.   


Answering with a small nod, Rebecca closes her eyes and mutters something to activate the barrier.   

“It’s done,” She tells me.   

I take a deep breath.   

“So, about my system…”  

“Jacob…” Rebecca mutters my name in an emotional voice.   

Her eyes are filled with tears that are threatening to spill out any moment, and her face has gone pale.  

I just finished telling her about my system, and almost everything that has happened because of it until now. Of course, I skipped a few things she doesn’t need to know.   

And now, I am just waiting to hear her reaction, scared as fuck.  

“… you must be so scared,” she finishes.   


“I-I cannot even imagine living like this. Under the constant fear of dying at any moment. And you couldn’t even share your problem with anyone.  

“And this glitch you told me about; that just makes this situation even more unfair to you. Just thinking about the helplessness you must have felt is enough to make me shudder in fear.  

“But still, you always seem so happy and energetic whenever we met and even cheered me up when I was feeling down on our date. You are so brave…” she continues, a tear finally leaking down her cheek.   

Wait, what is Rebecca saying?  

I am brave!? What the heck!?   

“B-But my system, Rebecca… I have permanent partners other than you. I have even engaged in casual sex with many other women who were temporary. And as I told you, Nina’s child is indeed mine. I paid to have sex with her, resulting in her impregnation. Aren’t you angry with me?” I ask, confused.   

“Why would I be angry with you, Jacob? It’s not your fault that your system is like this. And anyway, the fact that you have slept with other women is the least of my worries right now,” she says, wiping away her tears.   

“The least of your worries?” I ask, shocked.   

“Yes, the more important thing we need to discuss is your abnormal system. How can this be even possible? I have never heard of a system like that.   

“You used to lose so many points per day before the glitch. And even now, there is this timer hanging over your head to resolve this glitch in one month. And your two Poisons!? The situation in this section is as bad as mine, if not worse…”   

Rebecca continues to speak, expressing her worry about my system. And I keep just keep listening to her with a small smile on my face.   

Just the fact that she’s more concerned about my welfare and the abnormality of my system rather than the sexual part of it, makes me so happy.   

And don’t get me wrong, I used to like Rebecca very much up until now. But at this moment, I have finally fallen in love with her.   

“… So, how many days have passed since the glitch appeared in your system?” Rebecca asks in a serious voice.  

“Around ten days,” I answer.   

“That means that we have only twenty days left to make your system normal. And obviously, the means that you need to have as much sex as possible, right?” she asks.   

“Well, yeah, according to my system—”  


“I-I mean, that’s what I figured out. I have to do the point-earning methods, and also the special mission which pops up in my system every now and then,” I say.   

Fuck, I almost slipped out…   

Out of the things I still haven’t told Rebecca, the biggest one is probably the existence of the Pink and Black system. And while I personally don’t mind telling her about them, Pink was against it.   

And I don’t understand why…   

[I am not exactly against it, buddy. I just want you to wait for a while.]  

And why do you want me to wait?   

[Well, I cannot tell you that yet. But you will know soon enough. And anyway, don’t you think that we have shocked our poor Rebecca enough for today?]  

I guess…   

“And you have two more permanent partners except me, right? Layla and Zakira?” Rebecca asks.   

“Yeah, just the two of them” I answer.   

“I see… Well, I have decided what I need to do,” she says, her voice suddenly getting a little louder and strangely determined.   

“And what’s that?” I ask, my eyebrows raised.   

“I need to meet both of them as soon as possible, and I want you to arrange our meeting.”  

[Well, my time is almost up, buddy. Any sweet words of farewell?]  

Ehh… Die?   

[Hahaha, funny (-_-). Anyway, I really want to know why Rebecca wants to meet Layla and Zakira. Too bad I won’t be here…]  

Well, at least I tried asking her. It’s not my fault she refused to answer me. I mean, I could have pestered her some more but that fucking Aria came back.   

I consider myself lucky enough to escape out of the window without getting caught.   


Anyway, about arranging this meeting… Layla is easy to convince but even contacting Zakira is a pain in the ass. I forgot taking her phone number last time and thus, the only options left to me are either going to her hotel again or talking to her at school.   

I guess I will try the latter one this time…   

[Well, best of luck! Anyway, I should be going now. Black seems a bit too desperate to come out.]  

Okay, bye!   


The next moment, Black miasma erupts from my SIS and starts corrupting the pink light.   

{Master, I am back.} 

Yo! Welcome back.   

{I am very much pleased to have your greetings and I hope nothing went wrong in my absence.} 

Well, no… I guess not. I didn’t continue with our plan at the very least.   

{I am delighted to hear that, master. As expected from someone as intelligent as you. Anyway, now that I am back, let’s continue with our plan, shall we?} 

Sure, I cannot wait.   

{Me neither, master. I recommend that you call Arora Kremer, or she might go to sleep.} 

Wait… Like, right now!?   

{Yes, master.} 

B-But it’s 11:00 P.M.!   

{I know. Please proceed, master.} 




After a few seconds of silence, I give up and rise from the bed to grab my phone. Then, I dial up the number written on the pieces of paper Arora gave me.   


“Hello?” A familiar voice of Aurora answers.   

“Hello, I am Paul. Remember we met yesterday?”   

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. It’s so great that Rebecca is 100% supportive of Jacob at least he doesn’t have to keep trying to hide all of his lovers from each other and can just be somewhat honest about things. Although I am curious what Aurora actually wants from him


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