Chapter 83: Alex's House (Part-1)


With a loud metallic noise, the gate of the house opens again and Alex comes out. He has changed into different clothes and looks completely refreshed again.   

Without even giving a glance towards the telephone pole behind which I am hiding, he starts moving to the other direction of the street, towards the public park to meet his hoodlum “friends”.   

“I guess it’s time to start…” I mutter while looking at the front door of Alex’s house.    

According to my investigation, Alex will be out until 9 or 10 at night. His father will be at work until I don’t know when, and his older sister will be at her college until 5.  

This gives me around 3 hours to work on my plan before any of them show up.   

My plan to seduce Mrs. Kremer. Alex’s mother.   

This is following the multi-staged revenge plan Black system and I devised against Alex. According to Black, the best way to hurt a man is to take away all the women in his life and make them yours.   

And well, while I agreed that that would be brutal as fuck, I was a bit skeptical about including his mother into this.   

I mean, sure, I want to hurt Alex, but why include his innocent family into it? They didn’t do anything wrong to me.   

They can be nice right, right?   

Well, no.   

After doing a thorough investigation in the last two days, I came to realize that Alex’s family played a huge role in him becoming this big of an asshole. Especially his mother and father.   

His father is a workaholic and I believe that he only comes home to sleep at night, maybe not even for that. On the other hand, his mother frequently holds tea parties and kitty parties and is mostly immersed in being a social butterfly.   

I don’t think that they even care what Alex does outside the house. Maybe they think that their job is to just feed him and shower him with as much money as he wants.   

I mean, he always returns home after 9 or 10 at night. And while I never had any experience with real parents, I really doubt that a high school kid is allowed to say out that late. Even Layla gets really worried if I stay out after 8 unless I mention it to her beforehand.   

No wonder why he’s such a spoiled bastard…   

But man, this is still really nerve-racking for me. So many things could go wrong.  

The main reason I am implementing my plan today is because I heard Mrs. Kremer mention that she won’t be attending any parties today.   

I mean, what if she decided otherwise later?   

I don’t think I can follow through my plan while being surrounded by rich ladies gossiping their throats out.  

And that’s not even my main concern, what if one of the family members decides to show up early today?   

Not only my plan will fail, but I am also going to lose all the future possibilities to do this again as well… 

Suddenly, black miasma erupts in front of my eyes. 

{Don’t worry, master. We will have to gamble on chances no matter how much we delay this. And even if we fail, we just need to think of a new plan.}  

Sigh… I guess.   

Well, fuck. Let’s do this! 

Slowly, I come out from behind the telephone poll and start moving towards the gate of Alex’s house.   

{Don’t forget to dispel the security magic, master}  

I know.   

Rich households like these have a burglar spell done throughout the perimeter of the house. It is really effective and prevents almost all cases of breaking and entering.   

But well, this spell is only effective against normal humans who don’t know anything about magic.   

Actually, the counter-spell to deactivate this magic is really simple and with the help of Black system, I have been easily entering inside for the last couple of days.   

While making sure that the street is still empty and no one is looking at me from the nearby houses, I quickly raise my hand to dispel the security magic momentarily.   

And before the magic can manifest again, I jump over to the other side of the gate.   

Well, one thing is done. Now on to the next task.  

Moving towards the front door of the house with quick steps, I knock twice on the door.   

Immediately, I start hearing footsteps from the other side.   


The door opens and a beautiful mature woman appears in her bathrobes from within. Her beautiful eyes are blue and her curly hairs are glossy and blond. Her figure is also really voluptuous with sharp and alluring features.   

Like Ryan’s mom, I can say that Mrs. Kremer also defines a perfect MILF in my dictionary.   

“Who are you?” she asks in a rather rude tone while giving me a confused look.   

I do not reply.   

I know I should, but this is just too distracting for me.   

Looking at the wet hairs sticking to her pearly white skin and the bathrobe she is wearing; it is obvious that she is coming directly from the bath.   

And it is this bathrobe that is distracting the fuck out of me.  

First of all, it’s really loosely tied up, revealing the deep cleavage of her huge tits and even some of her smooth and flat stomach. Second, it is really short as well, barely reaching just below her hips.   

And well, I can guarantee that these plump and hot MILF thighs can kill someone with their sexiness.  

“Hello, I am asking you something! Who are you?” she asks while waving her hand in front of my face.  

It seems like she doesn’t care in the slightest about her exposure.   

“Ah…o-oh, yes, sorry, Mrs. Kremer. I-I am Paul, Alex’s friend,” I introduce myself.   

Paul is actually the name of one of Alex’s hoodlums. The reason why I am not giving my real name is because it can result in trouble if my plan fails somehow.   

“Alex’s friend, huh? So, what do you want?” she asks while eyeing me from top to bottom.   

As I expected, she doesn’t know who Paul is. In fact, I don’t think that she knows any of Alex’s so-called “friends”.  

The only reason why she is believing me right now is because I am wearing the same school uniform as her son and because I was able to get past the gate without making the burglar spell go off.   

“Oh, nothing much. Alex just borrowed one of my notebooks a few days ago and I kind of want it back,” I say with a light smile.   

“He’s not home yet. Come back later,” she says while starting to close the door on my face.   

“Wait, Mrs. Kremer!” I say while quickly putting my hand on the door, preventing it from being closed.   

“What is it!? I need to go to my friend’s house, don’t waste my time!” she says angrily while opening the door again.   

What a rude bitch…   

Oh, wait a second.  

“Y-You are going to your friend’s house?” I ask uneasily.   

“Yes, I am. So?” she asks while raising her eyebrows.   


“O-Oh, nothing. Anyway, tomorrow is a test and I really need that notebook to study,” I lie.   

“Oh, that’s really bad. I am sorry,” she says, not sounding sorry at all.   

“Why didn’t you call Alex earlier about this? He could have waited for you…”  

“Oh, I did try to call him but there is some network problem. That’s why I am here myself,” I tell her with a small shrug.   

“Sigh… I can do nothing about it then, Paul. Just come back later,” she says while trying to close the door again.    

“Please wait, Mrs. Kremer!” I say while forcibly stopping the door again.   

“I really need that notebook right now. Can you please search for it in his room? It’s blue in color and has my name written on top of it. There is a chance you might confuse it with his other notebooks, so try to look for the one that looks a bit old and weary,” I tell her.   

As Black told me, I am adding some details to make this more believable.  

Though listening to this, the irritated look on Mrs. Kremer’s face grows in intensity.    

“I am not going to search for anything—”  

“Please, Mrs. Kremer. It’s urgent,” I say, quickly cutting in-between her angry statement.   

“Aargh… See, I don’t have time for this, okay? My friends are waiting for me and I need to get ready soon. If you want your notebook that badly, then come inside and search for it yourself,” she says impatiently.   


“W-Well, if that’s the only choice left,” I say while giving out a fake sigh.   

Giving me a displeased nod, Mrs. Kremer moves aside from the door to make way for me.   

Fufufu… half of my work is done.   

Mrs. Kremer closes the door behind me as I enter inside the house.   


As I look around the interior of the house, only one word comes to my mind: beautiful.   

It’s a really nice and luxurious house with white walls, a large chandelier in the living room, expensive wall paintings, and comfortable looking sofas and stuff.   

Man, that filthy bastard is rich as fuck. I don’t want to be jealous of him, but I cannot help it right now…  

“Try not to touch anything, okay?” suddenly, Mrs. Kremer speaks from behind.   

“All the items in this house are imported and expensive, you see? I don’t what you to break or dirty them.”  


I turn around and give her an unbelieving look.  

Are you fucking serious right now? I am not a 5-year-old kid, okay?   

And how the fuck will they get dirty if I touch them!?  


“Don’t worry, Mrs. Kremer. I will make sure that that won’t happen,” I say while gritting my teeth.   

“You better,” she says while looking down on me.   

Ohoho… Okay, now I am going to enjoy this.   

Nothing will be dirtied or broken in this house today… except your pussy, that is.   

“Beast Scent, activate!” I mutter.   

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