Chapter 84: Alex's House (Part-2)

“Beast’s Scene, activate!” I mutter.   

Immediately, my body starts getting hotter and hotter and a strange scent starts secreting out of my body.  

“I will search for the notebook as fast as I can, Mrs. Kremer. You can start getting ready if you like,” I politely say before starting to walk towards the staircase leading upstairs.   

But Mrs. Kremer doesn’t move from her place and keeps staring at me with a bright red face while starting to breathe roughly.   

Fufufu… Beast’s scent is working.   


Suddenly, as I was expecting, her words to stop me comes before I can even reach the staircase properly.  

“Yes, Mrs. Kremer?” I ask while turning around with an innocent smile.   

She doesn’t reply but slowly starts to walk toward me in a lustful manner.   


As this house is really big, the effect of Beast’s Scent should not be enough to make her completely sex-crazed. But still, she’s clearly in an induced state of trance right now.   

And again, just like the last time, I have no use to keep her like this…   

“Are you okay?” I ask while moving ahead and grabbing her shoulders strongly.   

I carefully make sure that there is some direct skin contact between us.   


The next instant, Mrs. Kremer jerks her head and comes back to her senses. Though well, she has only broken through the trance state, the Beast’s Scent is still increasing the sexual hunger of her mind and body.   

“O-Oh, yes, I-I am fine. Completely fine,” she says while still looking at me with hotly.   

“Okay then, I should go—”  

“No! No, wait! Can you… Can you sit down with me for a while?” she asks with a blushing face while gesturing at the sofas behind us.   


Okay, this is really drastic. Her rude tone is completely changed.   

And also, she’s not beating around the bush that much and directly inviting me to sit with her. This is a little unexpected.  

Fufufu… Well, it’s good though. Maybe, I can this extra time to have some more fun with her later.   

“But aren’t your friends waiting for you?” I ask with a frown.   

“Yes, but this… this is more important,” she says while breathing heavily,” I… I want to ask you something about A-Alex.”  

Oh, really? About Alex, huh?   

I really doubt that.  

“Yeah, sure, Mrs. Kreme. Ask me anything,” I say warmly before making my way towards the sofas and sitting down.   

She also follows behind and sits down right next to me. Well, not right next to me exactly. Looking at how heavily she is leaning on my body, one can say that she’s practically sitting on top of me.  

Even her huge half-naked tits have changed their shape due to being pressed so hard against my arm. Being this close to her, I can actually smell the fruity scent of the shampoo she probably used while bathing earlier.   

“So… you wanted to ask me something about Alex?” I ask, pretending to ignore her clear sexual provocation.  

“A-About Alex? Yes, yes… eh… he… he doesn’t have any bad habits, right?” she asks while putting her right hand on my thigh.   


That’s a lame-ass question.  

“No, obviously not,” I lie.   

In all honesty, I don’t think any of his habits are good, Mrs. Kremer.  

“Well, having nice friends such as you… I would have been really surprised if that were the case,” she says in a whisper.   

And the next moment, her hands slowly start creeping up from my thighs.   

For a moment I thought (or hoped) that she will grab my crotch, but her hand just keeps moving up till it reaches my chest, only to start to caressing it gently  

“W-What are you doing, Mrs. Kremer? This is really inappropriate!” I say while grabbing her hand and trying to pull it off from my chest. Though in reality, I am not putting any real strength into it, so her hand stays where it is.   

Though one might wonder, why am I faking to resist at all? Why not just go with the flow and start plowing Mrs. Kremer like she obviously wants me to?  

Actually, I am not here to just fuck her and be done with it. For my future plans, I really need her to seduce me into having sex with her.   

And for that, it’s necessary for me to show some minor resistance at first, or my plan won’t succeed.  

“I know that you must be a good friend to my son, Paul. And I am sure that you care about him a lot… right?” she asks in a whisper again.   

Care about him? Well, if caring means wanting that bastard dead…   

“Y-Yes, obviously,” I answer her with a nod.   

“Good… Very good… Then I am also sure, that you wouldn’t want your friend to become sad, right?” she asks, moving her hand down from my chest.   

“No, I wouldn’t…”  

Suddenly, a strange smile forms on Mrs. Kremer’s face.   

“Then I guess you deserve to know that I am forced to do something that will make Alex really sad. But you can prevent that from happening…” she says.   

“How?” I ask.   

“You see… I am planning on divorcing my husband. He loves his work way too much and doesn’t care about his family at all.   

“Forget satisfying me… he doesn’t even sleep on the same bed with me anymore. And over these several lonely years… I have accumulated a lot of sexual frustration, Paul…  

“Though if you can do me a great favor and relieve me of this frustration… I am sure that things will work out… And Alex won’t become sad…” she says seductively while finally grabbing my crotch.  

“M-Mrs. Kremer?” I ask while raising my eyebrows.   

“Please… I-I cannot control myself anymore… My body is burning up… And I really want a man to cool it down…” she says lustfully.   

I can feel her hot and sweet breaths hitting my face. Her bathrobe has also shifted a little now and I can see a glimpse of her slightly dark nipples.   


Okay, I am done resisting.   

Alex, I cannot see you sad, mate. I guess I have no choice but to bang your mother… it’s for your own happiness, believe me.  

“Okay, I will help you, Mrs. Krem—  

Before I can even finish my sentence, Mrs. Kremer jumps on me like a horny wild animal and glue her soft lips against mine. She even starts to use both of her hands to my pants frantically.   

Man, she really couldn’t control herself, can she?   

Well, anyway, I am not letting her take the lead.   

After kissing Mrs. Kremer for a couple of more seconds, I separate my mouth and lower my head to level it with her chest.   

Then, grabbing the collar of her bathrobe, I spread it apart with a jerk to make her beautiful and jiggly tits to pop out from underneath.  


These nipples are practically begging me to suck them… 

Being a nice person, I immediately grant their wish by attaching my mouth around the center of her tits and starting to suck them with everything I got.   

“Ahh… Yes… That’s nice…” Mrs. Kremer moans.   

Meanwhile, she has also finished taking off my pants and underwear and is now stroking my limp cock slowly.   

“Rub my pussy as well…” she mutters.   


I slide my right hand between her legs and start squeezing her tight and springy ass with my left one.  

Woah… It’s literally overflowing down here.   

I mean, sure, I was kinda expecting this but damn, my hand got completely wet in an instant…   

Anyway, let’s continue.  

Intending to take things a bit slow at first, I start by rubbing her slit up and down its length for a couple of minutes. Then, after she gets a little more comfortable, I open up the lips up her pussy using my fingers and start playing with her erect clit with my thumb.   

“Aaahh! Just… Just like that… That’s the spot… Yess…” she moans even more loudly   

While I am taking things slow on my end, Mrs. Kremer, on the other hand, is literally beating the life out of my cock. Though because her technique is good, I am only feeling extreme pleasure.   

Fuck… this is getting bad…   

“I might… I might cum, Mrs. Kremer,” I say desperately while removing my mouth from her tits.   

The effect of my words is instant. She immediately stops moving her hand and even separates it from my cock.   

“No… No…You cannot cum… Not without fucking me first…” she says breathlessly before starting to spread her legs over my thighs.    

Oh, shit… I wanted her to suck my dick first.  


Well, whatever. If my plan succeeds, I can have her suck me off anytime I want…   

As Mrs. Kremer starts positioning my raging cock against her dripping wet snatch, I also move my hands away from her butt and crotch and start fondling her milky tits instead.   

Damn… I cannot believe it. I am actually going to fuck that bastard’s mother.   

This is truly insane… And brutal as well…   

Though there is just one more thing that can make this situation even better… And that is exactly what I am planning to do in the third and final stage.   

Anyway, for now, let’s focus on plowing this juicy and mature babe in front of me.   

After struggling for a few seconds because of my rather small size, Mrs. Kremer manages to stably rest my cock against her pussy, making it fully prepared for penetration.   

“A cock… will be inside of me… after so long…” Mrs. Kremer whispers in an entrancing way while looking straight into my eyes.   

And slowly, she starts to lower her waist… making my cock sink inside her tight cunt inch-by-inch.   


Suddenly, a phone starts to ring loudly out of nowhere, halting Mrs. Kremer’s motion.   

Holy fucking hell… Not this cock-blocking shit again…   

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 84: Alex's House (Part-2)

  1. Why don’t you increase his stamina, prnis size and the amount of his loads by quite a bit?

    And stop always emphasising about his ‘ small dick ‘.
    It’s getting really irritating.


  2. i wonder what kind of face alex will make if the revenge is including MC knocking her mother and she runaway to be MC fuck pinata o_o)
    well that just hopefull thinking, even though i think the impregnating point is kinda low if it only give 200 pts 😛
    (or did the knocking virgin girls on the first sex bonus of 10k mission is enabled forever ? or is it only 1 time only? )


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