Chapter 82: Dueling Practice (Part-3)

My… secret…   

What the actual fuck!? Which secret is she talking about!?   

Because God damn, I have way too many of them.   

“I-I don’t know what secrets are you talking about, P-Princess Leena. I-I don’t have any secrets,” I say while looking away nervously.   

“Hmm? Really? Then please tell me, were all the things I saw, an illusion?” She asks while raising her eyebrows.   

“You performing that perfect water formation spell to fill the water-bottle underneath your table while purposely failing to fill the glass above.   

“Being successful with the Earth shifting magic secretly in the first try. And not to mention, that spectacular wind rotation magic which was of the likes I have never seen before,” she says with a small smile.   


“H-How do you know about this!?” I ask fearfully.   

How the fuck is this possible!?   

Leena should be the last person to know about all these things. I was specifically looking out for her while performing these spells.  

“Oh, do you really think that I cannot see you when I am looking the other way?” she asks with a light giggle.   

Well, duh. That’s how shit works, girl.   

Seriously, is this chick crazy or what?  

“You can?” I ask while raising my eyebrows.   

“Obviously. Just a simple Observation spell and I can keep an eye on you 24×7,” she simply says.   


“Observation spell… Y-You are kidding, right!? That’s bullshit!” I say loudly.   

“Please try to keep your voice down. And no, I am not kidding,” she answers without a hint of shame.   


Unbelievable… The Dark Elf princess really is a fucking stalker.   

Shit! She must know about all my secrets.   

This is bad. This is really fucking bad…   

“D-Do you… Do you keep this observation spell active for the entire day?” I ask.   

I hope she at least turns off this spell when I go to the bathroom. I really don’t want this princess to be a peeping pervert as well.  

“Well, sadly, no. This spell only works when the observant is in close vicinity to the caster. And I know that I have probably missed a lot of important stuff about you because of this restriction,” Leena says, sounding genuinely regretful.   

Oh, so, you regret not being able to stalk me to your heart’s content, huh?   


Anyway, it’s great news that she hasn’t seen the stuff I have done outside the school. I guess I can work with this.   

“You know what? I think I will report this to Mrs. Laura. No, I will report this to Mr. Winde,” I say threateningly.   

“Oh, really? And you will report what, huh? That your teacher seeking the best way to observe you during the class? Sure, go ahead,” Leena says with a small smile.   


Suddenly, her expressions turn extremely serious again.   

“Jacob, just listen to me, okay? I think that you are a real prodigy. And as far as I can see, not just from Human standards. If you train with me, I believe that you can become really powerful,” she says with a strange glint in her eyes.   

“And what makes you think that I want to become “really powerful”, huh?” I ask while raising my eyebrow.   

I mean, obviously, I want to become powerful. Hot chicks dig powerful men.   

But I am not going to tell this to Leena…   

“Y-You don’t want to become powerful?” Leena asks.  

And for the first time since I met her, she looks a little shaken.   

“Nope. Haven’t you heard that “With great power, comes great responsibility” shit? They repeat this boring— I mean, great line in every movie.   

“Anyway, I want to live a peaceful and simple life. And power is something that will only hinder that,” I tell her with a shrug.  

For me, a peaceful life means fucking numerous hot women daily, especially while not being in shitty situations like having a glitched system and stuff.  

“Y-You are too young to understand this, Jacob! Power is everything! Everything! And I can give you that! I am just asking for a small favor in return to use that power for me first and defeat Ilyrana’s students,” Leena says desperately.   


“No, I am not doing this. This is a school, you know? I think there are plenty of people who can teach me stuff without asking any favors. And you know what? I might even ask Ilyrana herself. She seems like a really pleasant girl. I am sure she will teach me with no strings attached,” I say while trying to suppress my smirk.   

“NO! No… D-Don’t do that. I-I cannot let Ilyrana have you. No, I won’t let that happen…” Leena says. I can see a mixture of anger, frustration, and desperation on her face.   

Have I taken this too far?   

I mean, Leena is a princess after all. She can fuck me up pretty bad if I get her too annoyed.   

“O-Okay then, you don’t want power, right?” She asks, forcibly calming herself again.   

“Nope,” I calmly answer.   

“Very well then. What if I grant you one wish, huh? In exchange for defeating the students of Ilyrana, I will fulfill any one of you wishes,” she says in a serious tone.   


“Grant me a wish? What are you? A genie or something?” I ask with a frown.   

“No, I am not. But I am the princess and heir of the Dark Elf kingdom,” she replies with a high and mighty look.   

“Oh, so, you are implying that you can give me anything just because you are a princess, huh?” I ask while raising my eyebrows.   

“Obviously,” she says haughtily.   

“Are you sure? I doubt that you can give me anything I ask…” I say while faking a doubtful expression.   

“Huh…” Leena gives out a chuckle.   

“I swear upon my name, Leena Stormbrewer, the princess and heir of the Dark Elf kingdom, that I will grant one wish of yours after you comply with my request. You can ask for anything, and it will be yours,” She declares in a loud voice.   

Okay, damn…   

“And you will follow through this oath absolutely, right?” I ask.  

“Absolutely,” She repeats sternly.   


“Then I guess I have no choice but to help you…” I say, failing to hide the wide grin on my face.   

“Amazing! Just… Just amazing!” Leena says while grabbing my arm in exhilaration.   

She looks as if she can kiss me any second.   

“Okay, hold on, you just made me do the same magic everyone else is doing. There was nothing new or especially difficult…” I say with a frown.   

For the last 3 hours, Leena has been making me repeat the elementary magic they have taught us in school.  

I mean, for fuck’s sake!  

After all that  “I will make you stronger” and “teach you advanced magic” stuff, you are going to pull this shit on me?   

I could have learned so much more by myself…   

“Don’t misunderstand, Jacob. It’s just the first day and I wanted to see where you actually stand in terms of magical power and stamina. And let me tell you this, you have surprised me tremendously.   

“I mean, what you have shown me today is normally impossible for someone with so little training in magic. Truly, I have high hope for you, Jacob. Really high hopes,” Leena tells me excitedly.   

Fufufu… And I have high hopes for this chocolatey body of yours that will be offered to me after all this.   

“Well, thanks. Anyway, I should be going now,” I say while bending down to fasten my shoelace that got became loose earlier.   

“What? This early? I think we have some time… wait, where is everyone?” Leena asks while looking around the almost empty ground in bewilderment.   

Wait, don’t tell me that she’s noticing this now…   

“It’s been like this for the last fifteen minutes. The practice is over and everyone is heading back home,” I tell her.   

Suddenly, a shocked expression covers Leena’s face.   

“Really!? That much time has passed!? I was so engrossed in you that I didn’t notice it at all. I should be somewhere else right now. See you tomorrow,” she says hurried starting to move towards the main school building.   

Man, she looks so sexy from behind. I cannot wait to smash that— Shit!   

Alex… I totally forgot about him!  

Quickly tying my shoelace again, I get up and start running towards the school building as well.   

After collecting my bag from the class, I take a small peek inside Alex’s classroom on my way out.   

Fuck! It’s empty. He has already left.   

This is bad…   

Running on my top speed, I exit the school gates and start following the same route Alex takes to his house.   

Come on! I need to find him, or my plan will get ruined!   

“You gotta believe me, man…”  

After running for a while, a familiar voice enters my ears the moment I was about to turn left on the street where Alex’s house is.   

Immediately stopping on my trace, I look ahead while hiding behind the wall.    

“Haa~” I take a breath of relief.  

Alex is leisurely standing outside his huge house, talking to his group of hoodlums loudly.   

“I mean, that Vamp princess totally wants a piece of me. The way she looks at me, it’s like she cannot wait to start working on my dick,” Alex tells his hoodlums smugly.   

This fucking bastard…   

“Really? I never saw her looking at you…” one of his hoodlums says doubtfully.   

“Fuck off, she totally does,” Alex shouts angrily.   

Woah, that’s an extreme reaction…   

“Whatever, man. Sure…” the hoodlum replies while backing off a little.   

“Yeah, she totally likes me. Keep that in your mind… Anyway, I will meet y’all in half an hour. You won’t believe what me and Kate did last night in bed. I will tell you guys all the details later,” he says with a wink and a smirk before through the gates of his house.   

Wait, what the fuck did he said about Kate?    

That’s just impossible… right?  

Slowly, his hoodlums also continue on their way ahead while talking to each other as loudly and annoyingly as ever.   

Sigh… Well, now, I have to wait.   

The reason why I was so desperate to catch up to Alex was to confirm that nothing different happens than what I observe daily while tailing him.   

And well, I am not disappointed.   

Like always, he walked to his house with his hoodlums. And as he mentioned himself, in exactly half an hour from now, he leaves his house to meet them again in their usual “spot” at the old public park.  

But am I going to follow him there as well?   


Why? Because my target will still be inside the house.  

His mom. His really, really hot mom.    

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 82: Dueling Practice (Part-3)

  1. Really another half or quater brain? This time the dark elf princess. She has been had by MC that is… Wow just wow. Really only Black system is the only one with inteligence. But I enjoyed how MC was edging princess on till she fall in the trap. He really is growing his brain capacity faster than his magic power. And Black did devise a thourought revange on Alex. Complete and utter destruction.

    Thanks for chapter


  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    I have to wonder if Dark Elf maturity takes a while considering she’s around 123 years old while he’s barely a couple of decades and yet he convinced her to not only grant a wish of his, but without any restrictions or knowing what it is yet. Being a princess she should’ve had enough political savvy to avoid an open ended promise like that, especially when swearing on her name and title. Lucky for her he just wants to sleep with her once. What would she have done if he wanted her and all the other female dark elves to be his sex slaves for the rest of their lives?
    Also, just why is Alex so spoiled and full of himself? Is his the other system that’s being considered off? Would explain how he was able to conjure two fireballs and launch them at MC despite it being his first try. Although I think Naomi left out a lot about her meeting with him since he was so scared when Maya mentioned her being nearby, her being able to tell Alex was able to cast magic as well when met on steps, and the fact she carried MC to infirmary instead of having the gang help her. Guess will just have to keep reading to find out.

    BTW, Discord site has an orange bar at the top saying “This is an unclaimed account. Claim it before it’s lost.”

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