Chapter 79: With Zakira

“Wait, your dad and Naomi are friends!? How come!?” I ask, surprised.   

“Well, not exactly friends. You see, there are many unofficially meetings where the top magicians of each country meet and discuss stuff. So, basically, all of them know each other,” Zakira answers.   

Unofficial meetings, huh?   

Well, this certainly explains how both of them can have each other’s contact information…   

“But why would Naomi telling your dad be any different than what it is now?” I ask.   

I mean, her dad already knows that I am here…   

“You don’t understand, Jacob. If Naomi mentions her doubts about how I found you in her room to my dad, he will surely do a full investigation on this matter by himself. Believe me, he will find out about our blood bond in no time.   

“And I guess I don’t have to tell you what will happen after that…” Zakira says with a nervous smile.   

No, you don’t…  

That daughter-con father will murder me in the most brutal way possible…   

“Anyway, let’s change the topic. So, shall we continue with the spanking, master?” I ask.   

Zakira’s body lightly shakes under me again.   

“Hai…” she answers in a melted tone.   

Okay then, let’s get the fun started…   

Moving both my hands forward, I rest them on top of Zakira’s pure white and plump butt.   

Damn… Touching her ass feels so freaking good…   

Unable to resist my urges from growing further, I start massaging her meat mounds thoroughly in no time. I press them, grab them, and knead them, and even spread them apart.   


The only thing which is hiding her bare pussy and asshole from my eyes right now is her thin panties.   

Ahh… I feel like pulling it down right now but I will have to wait for a while.  

“Do you like my butt?” Suddenly, Zakira asks.   

“Yeah, it’s amazing…” I answer instantly.   

“Sorry, I couldn’t hear you…” she says.  


“Yeah, it’s amazing, master,” I repeat.   

“Fufufu… If you like it so much then you can play with it as much as you want,” she says playfully.   

Yeah, well, I think I am done with the playing. It’s time for some hard-ass spanking…   

With a smirk, I raise my right hand high…   


And bring it down on Zakira’s ass which jiggles in response.   


I raise my hand again and spank her once more.  


What is happening?   

On my third time, I put all the power I can muster into my hand, and spank her ass as hard as I can…   

This time, I can even clearly see my hand getting imprinted on her white skin.   

“Mmmm…” Zakira leaks a soft moan.   

Wait… a moan? A MOAN!?   

In confusion, I start giving her hard spanks one after another, but only small pleasurable moans escape from Zakira’s mouth.   

“Are you not feeling any pain!?” I finally ask, stopping after a while because my own hand has turned red now and is hurting like hell.   

“Well, no, obviously. I am a Vampire, Jacob. I am just feeling a slight tingling pleasure from your hits,” she answers while giggling.   


Then, I guess there is no need for me to hold back, huh?  

Not that I was, to be honest…  



I hit her butt again, but this time, instead of removing my hand, I grab hold of her ass-cheek. Then, after squeezing it tightly, I slowly start moving my hand towards her crotch.   

“Ahan…” Zakira leaks a moan as my finger brushes against the base of her panties.   

Woah… It’s already wet here…   

“Did you get aroused from your ass being hit, master?” I ask while raising my eyebrows.   

“E-Eh? N-No, I am not aroused,” she answers, turning red.   

“Yeah, you know, I am not erect either. Someone just stuck a stick into my cock to made it stand straight…” I say sarcastically.  

“WHAT!?” Zakira asks loudly in shock.   

“I am kidding, I am kidding…geez,” I say while laughing.   

“Muuu…” she hits my arm lightly… Or, not.   

“Ouch! The fuck!? That hurts!” I cry painfully.   

“I am sorry, mast—Jacob!”  

Zakira apologizes while quickly getting up from my lap and starting to rub my arm carefully.   

“Is the pain too sharp?” She asks in concern.   

“No, it’s getting better…” I answer.   

Damn… Even such a light hit from her packs this much strength…  

Vampires are strong as fuck…  

“I forgot to control my power. I am sorry, please forgive me,” she apologizes again, sounding a little scared for some reason.   

“Nah, I am not forgiving you,” I lie.   

“Y-You are not?” she asks, getting shaken.   

I can see a glint of fear reflecting in her eyes.  

Oh… I guess she got frightened thinking that her master is angry with her.   


Hey, Black, have I got the life points for spanking Zakira?   

{Yes, master.}  

Very well, then.   


“Okay, I will forgive you. But only if you agree to have sex with me, master,” I tell her.   

“H-Have sex with you!?” Zakira asks, her cheeks turning red.  

“Yeah, see? I am really hard and I don’t think that I cannot control myself much longer. I want to do it with my master,” I say.   

Zakira’s scared expression immediately melts and a relieved smile returns on her face.   

“W-What a spoiled slave… Well, I guess I have no choice…” she radiantly says before bouncing back on the bed and lying down invitingly.   

Man, it’s unbelievable how a single word affects her so much. Her behavior changes completely.   

Well, who cares, let’s have some hot sex…   

I quickly unbutton my pants and pull them down along with my underwear to reveal my rock hard cock. Then, without wasting any time, I grab Zakira’s blood-red panties as well and strip them off of her.   

And finally, I spread her sexy legs apart…   


The petals of her small, pink, and tightly closed pussy are glistening with love juices. Her fluids are even flowing down and wetting her cute little butthole as well.   

Such a hottie…   

Just remembering how brutally I fucked both of these holes last time is enough to make my cock start throbbing painfully.   

I need to put it inside her again…   

With only this though in my mind, I move forward into the open arms of Zakira.   

There, settling myself into the missionary position, I look into her eyes again.   

“I am really fucking horny for you right now, master…” I whisper.   

Zakira blushes even further.   

“Y-You can go as rough as you want. I am not going to get hurt with anything you do…” she says shyly.   

Good, that’s what I want to hear…   

Moving my left hand down, I grab my cock and start rubbing it all over Zakira’s pussy and asshole. By doing this, my cock is also getting slathered with her love juices, which will later help in lubrication.   

“Mmmm… Ahhnn…” Zakira starts giving light moans of pleasure from the stimulation.   


With my other hand, I grab the collar of her tank top and roughly pull it down along with her bra. And the next moment, her huge naked tits pop out from her clothes.   

Immediately giving in to my impulse, I attach my mouth to the dancing nipples in front of me and start sucking on them strongly.   

“Ahhnn… Suck my tits… harder…” Zakira moans.   


Grabbing hold of her breasts, I squeeze them with all my might, making her already erect nipples protrudes even further inside my mouth. Then, I start sucking on them so hard, that for a second I doubt that milk might come spouting out of nothingness.   

At the same time down below, my cock has also become completely drenched in Zakira’s pussy juice and is finally ready to penetrate her.   

Well, I guess it’s time to give my sweet master some rough pounding…   

First, I position my cock against her meat-hole and put slight pressure there to keep it in its place. Then, removing my mouth from her tits, I move up and level my face with her again.   

“I am going to get inside…” I whisper to Zakira.   

And without waiting for a reply, I instantly lower my mouth to kiss her soft lips while simultaneously pushing my waist forward to impale her cunt…   


A muffled grunt involuntarily leaks out of my mouth as I find my cock getting tightly wrapped within the warm and wet meat folds of Zakira’s exquisite pussy.  

At the same time, her mouth is also continuously secreting out her sweet saliva and transferring it into my mouth though my own tongue which is constantly exploring her entire mouth cavity.   

Fuck… I just cannot go slow anymore…   

With my mind getting completely filled with raging lust, I skip the slow start and begin plowing Zakira with long and hard thrusts immediately. Her muffled moans also start getting louder reacting to the increase in pace.   

In fact, I am humping her so roughly right now that even her pussy juice is making loud churning noises. And obviously, fucking someone this hard will automatically result in the increase of pleasure at the base of my cock.   

And god damn… I am close to cumming…   

But I am going to do things a little different. There will be no creampie this time…   

The moment I feel that semen is going to burst out, I pull out my cock from Zakira’s vagina and separate my body from hers.   

Zakira’s moaning also stops immediately and she looks at me in utter confusion.  

But well, I don’t have time to tell her anything…   

While starting to fap with my left arm to maintain the peak of my pleasure, I move up the bed and get my waist directly over Zakira’s face.   

“Open your mouth…” I command.   

Instantly, her confused expressions clear up as she understands my intention. And thus, without making me wait, she immediately opens up her mouth.  

Perfect timing…   


While swearing with a grunt, pleasure in the form of semen explodes from my cock and I start nutting all over Zakira’s face.   

Some of it shoots inside her open mouth while the rest dirties her forehead, cheeks, nose, and all the other parts of her face. In fact, some of it even squirts on her left eye, forcing the eyelid to close down and preventing it from opening again.    

“Fuck… That was…amazing…” I say while breathing heavily as the last drops of my semen falls down.   

And while looking straight back into my eyes, Zakira also swallows all the cum inside her mouth.   

“Yes, it was…” she says while licking her lips.   

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 79: With Zakira

  1. “A muffled grunt involuntarily leaks out of my mouth as I find my cock getting tightly wrapped within the warm and wet meat folds of Zakira’s exquisite pussy.”
    Warm? I may be wrong, but wasn’t Zakira’s pussy supposed to be cold? Since she’s a vampire and all.


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