Chapter 80: Dueling Practice (Part-1)

“I guess I should be leaving now…” I say while pulling up my pants.   

“Yes…” Zakira instantly agrees while giving me a nod.   

She is still lying on the bed naked, watching me as getting dressed. And for some reason, even I am not feeling shy from her gaze at all.  

Though I admit… I am feeling a little scared.   

“Hey, can you just stop licking your lips already? You are looking at me like I am a tasty snack. And not in a sexual way,” I finally tell, growing irritated.   

Okay, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind sex-hungry looks from women at all. But if you remove the “sex” part… Yeah, I am not having that.   

“O-Oh, I am sorry,” Zakira apologizes, shaking her head as if coming out of a trance.   

“I-It’s just that feeding and sexual pleasure are much closely related to a vampire than one might think. And as we just had sex, my urge to drink your blood has greatly increased…” she says a little cravingly.   


Wait a second…   

“But didn’t you mention feeling an uncontrollable urge to drink my blood last time!? And if even that is increased…” I say, agitated.   

“W-Well, there is a reason why I am not moving from the bed, you see? I-I don’t I will be able to stop myself from attacking you if I did…” she says with a weak smile.  


“B-But then, how come you didn’t attack me when we were actually having sex? I was so close to you,” I ask, a little confused and alarmed at the same time.   

“Because I wasn’t craving your blood this much at that moment, Jacob. And there is a reason for that; your semen. Once inside a female Vampire’s body, semen acts as a catalyst for thirst,” she answers.   

“And believe me, I am really, really thirsty right now…”  

Suddenly, her red eyes glint a little and I sense a great blood-lust rising from her body.   

Oh… shit.   

“Will you let me have a sip—  

“O-Okay, then! I will be leaving!” I cut in-between her sentence and hurriedly start moving towards the door.  

“Wait, Jacob! I forgot to tell you one thing!”   

Suddenly, Zakira calls me loudly.   


I stop on my track and turn around cautiously.  

One of my hand rests on the doorknob, ready to get out instantly if needed. I am also fully prepared to command Zakira to stop if she tries to attack me.   

You see, I am not letting her suck anything out of my body except my soul… through my cock, that is.  

“Dueling practice will start after a couple of days. Perform well, okay? I want to see you getting selected,” she says with a smile.   

“Okay, listen here, everyone!” Miss Laura says in a loud voice.   

Instantly, the chatter dies among us and we focus on her words intently.   

“I will call two names together. The student whose name is called together with yours is your dueling partner for today,” she announces.   

Two days have passed since the incident at the hotel, and as Zakira informed me; today is the day we start our first dueling practice.  

Damn… I can literally feel the excitement in the air right now.   

We have all learned and practiced magic really hard for the last five days and now, almost all of us can successfully perform the basic spells taught to us.   

The only thing left for us to learn is how to use these spells in an actual duel…   

“Please, god! Pair me with a hot girl!” Ryan, who is standing beside me, prays while clasping his hands together.   

“And what good will that do, huh? She will just beat your ass up and laugh at you…” Leo says while chuckling.   

For some reason, Leo has been in a rather good mood for the last two days. It seems like he has finally given up on telling whatever he was about to tell us.  

“Yeah, like the same won’t happen to you as well…” Ryan retorts, unamused.   

“Well, if I get together with Princess Leena, I don’t mind my ass being kicked…” Leo says with a dreamy face.   

“Hahaha… Yeah, like that will happen. There is no way students from other races will duel with noobs like us, idiot,” Ryan tells him with a laugh.   

“True, they won’t be able to do their own practice with us,” I say while nodding in agreement.   

Hearing this, a smug smile forms on Leo’s face.   

“While that may be true, I think Princess Leena will herself request to be partnered with me,” Leo says in a high and mighty tone.   

… what!?  

“And why the hell do you think that, ugly fuck?” Ryan asks.   

“Huh? You haven’t noticed? She is almost always looking at when I practice magic like someone looks at their crush. I am telling you, she likes— no, she loves me.   

“And there is no way she’s going to let this great opportunity to get close to me slip from her hand,” Leo says with a shrug as if explaining something obvious.   

“Fufufu… O-Okay, I am not going to make fun of you. I will just wait to see you precious reaction after the pairing is done,” Ryan says, suppressing his urge to roar with laughter.   

But that’s not the case with me. I actually feel a little bad for Leo.   

The truth is, I always practice magic right beside Leo during our class and it’s actually me, on whom Leena always look at.   

Obviously, it’s not because she has a crush on me or something (though I wish she has), but because of the fireball incident that happened on the first day of our magic class.   

I can tell that she has been strangely obsessed with me since that day. Though I don’t know why…   

Suddenly, black miasma erupts in front of my eyes.   

{Master, please excuse my intrusion, but can I suggest something?}  

Hmm? Sure, go ahead…   

{I don’t think you should go all out on your partner today, master. It might risk revealing the fruition of your training in these past two days. We need to have the element of surprise in our hands for the later.}  

Well, I guess…  

{And also, practicing dueling can be tiring, master. And you cannot afford to be exhausted. You know what we have to do today after school…}  

Yeah, yeah, I know. I will hold back…   

Honestly, the last two days have been hectic as fuck for me.   

After Zakira told me about the dueling practice, Black system insisted that it’s high time for me to start learning magic on my own at home as well.  

So, I have been practicing the elemental spells I have learned at school and also a few extra ones Black system informed me about.  

And while I learned almost all of them rather quickly, according to Black, using them in an actual duel will take much more practice…  

But well, all of this was still fine. What actually made my schedule really hectic was something else…  

On top of learning magic, I was also really busy to work on the second stage of my revenge plan against Alex.   

For the past two days, I have been tailing him around for a few hours after school to gather information about his activities.   

And today, after finally completing my investigation, I am fully prepared to deliver the biggest blow to him for all the things he did to me. It’s going to be so bad, that he will regret messing with me for his whole life.   

Seriously, it’s going to be even worse than his girlfriend sleeping with another man…   

And to be honest, I would have felt a little bad doing this to him before, but after the incident with Maya, I cannot wait to see that motherfucker suffer…   

“Okay, I got the list. Please listen carefully because I won’t be repeating this,” Miss Laura says, bringing me out of my world of thoughts.   

“So, first up, Ryan Briem and—”  

“Excuse me, Miss Laura.”  

Suddenly, Leena, who is standing next to Miss Laura, interrupts her.   

“About the request I made, can you please announce it before reading the list?” she asks politely.   

“Oh, yes, thanks for reminding me,” Miss Laura answers before turning towards us again.   

“Leena informed me that a certain student is facing some difficulty in using magic. And so, she kindly offered to become his dueling partner and personally teach him for a few days,” she says.   

“Holy fuck! This is it! This is it! I told you fuckers, didn’t I!? But you didn’t believe me!” Leo starts muttering excitedly.   

“I am sure she will definitely propose to—”  


Miss Laura calls out my name.   

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 80: Dueling Practice (Part-1)

  1. Roeselawik you really like to mess with Leo, he is your comedy relief character, yes?

    So next victim will be elf princess? And is there any intelligent character in Jacob’s world apart from Black system?

    Thanks for chapter Roeselawik

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  2. So, is that a foreshadowing or what? When will she propose to—

    I wish there are more and more sex scenes with Zakira later on, don’t get me wrong, I like all of them, but Zakira’s scenes are the hottest in my POV, also, if possible make him give her some of his blood later on, I feel that it’s unfair for her, of course, I don’t mean a large amount, like before, but an amount equal to a cup or something

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