Chapter 78: Vampire Dad

The person calling Zakira right now is her father, the king of Vampires, and like Naomi, one of the 10 most magically powerful beings on the planet; Lucias Vondrack.    

Due to the lack of interviews and other media coverage about the Vampire King, no one exactly knows how his personality and behavior is.   

Though from looking at his photos, I personally think of him as a really serious, silent, and a little scary man.   

And right now, the daughter of that scary man is lying on top of my lap… ready to be spanked.   


“Please don’t make any sound, Jacob. I-I am picking up the phone…” Zakira says nervously.   

“Wait, let’s move from this position first…” I say hurriedly.   

“No! If the call gets canceled, it will be really bad! I need to pick it up now,” she says, looking desperate.   


“H-Hello, Dad?”  

Before I can say anything more, Zakira accepts and answers the call.   

“Oh, Zakira, are you back from school?” her father, Lucias asks in a simple voice.   

Wait… the speaker is on.   

Zakira’s entire body jerks and she quickly tries to turn off the speaker mode in panic.   

“Y-Yes, dad. I-I am surprised to have a call from you this early today. A-Any specific reason behind it?” Zakira asks stutteringly.   

“Yes, and you will know about it in a few seconds. But first, put your phone on speaker…” he says simply.   

“W-Why!?” she asks loudly, stopping her hand from turning off the speaker.   

“Just do it, Zakira,” Lucias says in a serious voice.  


Fuck! Why does he want the speakers on!?   

“I-It’s done…” Zakira answers uneasily.  

“Good… So, Jacob, was it? What are you doing in my daughter’s room?” Lucias asks in a cold and death-like voice.   


Holy fuck…  

Me and Zakira silently stare at the phone in utter shock.   

How? Just… how does he know?   

“There is no point in remaining silent, boy. I already know that you are there. So, it would be better if you reply to me,” he says.   


Zakira looks back at me and gives me a shaky nod. It is obvious just from looking at her face that she is equally… no, even more terrified than I am.  

Damn it…  

“H-Hello, Mr. Vondrack. I am… I am here to… to…”  

To spank your daughter?   


What should I say!?   

I am too nervous to think of anything at the moment…   

“You are there for what? You see, I was just informed that an unknown man named Jacob, asked permission to visit my daughter in her room… and she allowed him to.   

“You cannot blame a father to inquire about what’s going on, can you?” he asks.   

“Dad, Jacob is just my friend, and he is here to study magic together with me…” Zakira replies quickly.   

Wait a second…   

For some reason, she is suddenly sounding extremely relieved and confident. Almost as if her earlier fear was a complete lie.   

What the fuck happened!?   

“Friend!? Zakira, did you forget what I told you before you left!? No interaction with humans outside of school! What if you lose control and attack one of them, huh!?” Lucias asks in a strict voice.   

“Don’t worry, dad. I have loads of system points accumulated. There is no way I am going to have the urge to attack any human,” Zakira reassures him calmly.   

No urge to attack any human, huh?   

Yeah… What am I to you? A baboon?   

“T-That is… But you don’t like to make any friends, right? Then, why have you suddenly made one!? And that too, a male!” Lucias says, sounding angry now.   

Woah… his tone of talking is changing as well. That’s weird…  

“Haan? But aren’t you the one who always tells me to make friends, dad? How come you have a problem now?” Zakira asks.   

“I want your friends to be Vampires only! No, female Vampires only! You cannot befriend anyone else outside that category!” he says.   

“What!? I can be friends with anyone I want. You don’t get to decide that, dad,” Zakira says defiantly.   

“B-But Zaki, you are just 123 years old! At least wait for another 100… No, 200 years before making any male friends!” Lucias says desperately.   


So, the Vampire king calls his daughter by a nickname, huh?   

“200 years to make male friends!? Are you serious, dad!? Even you and mom started dating when you were my age…” Zakira says accusingly.   

“T-That’s different… Anyway, you, Jacob. Listen to me…” Lucias says to me, his voice turning extremely cold again.   

“Y-Yes, sir,” I reply, jumping up a little.  

“You are no longer my daughter’s friend, got that? You can study magic together with someone else. Now, leave Zakira’s room right now and never talk to her again.   

“And yes, fail to listen to me, and this will result in you facing extreme consequences,” he threatens in a scary voice.   


This is the first time in my life that I am feeling killing intent just from hearing someone’s voice.   

And I can tell that he is not lying at all…   

“Oh, so, that’s how you want to play, huh dad? Okay then, if Jacob breaks his friendship with me, I won’t talk to you for the next 10 years,” Zakira warns.   

“W-What!? Y-You cannot do that to your daddy, Zaki! You know that I never end my day without talking to you!” Lucias says desperately.   

Shockingly, now the Vampire King is sounding really scared.   

Just what is this guy…?  

“Oh, and I will take this opportunity to tell you one more thing, dad. I think I am starting to like Jacob,” Zakira says, clearly wanting to mess with her father some more.   

“Z-Z-Zaki!? W-What are you saying? No, I think I heard it wrong. B-Because that’s impossible. You cannot—”  

“I can like anyone I want, okay? I don’t need your permission. Also, as you can tell, I am basically telling Jacob that I like him.   

“Just imagine, I am confessing to him while we are alone together in my room… Who knows what might happen between us now?” Zakira says while giggling mischievously.   

“H-H-Hey, even as a joke, that’s going too far, Zaki! N-Nothing will happen between you two, you understand!? NOTHING AT ALL!   

“And you, bastard! L-Listen, if you even lay a finger on my daughter, I will chop off all your—”  

“Hmm… by the way, dad. If you try to threaten or harm Jacob in any way, forget 10 years, I will never speak to you again, okay? And believe me, I am not joking,” Zakira says in a strong voice.   

“WHAT!? T-That’s insane, Zaki! You cannot you do that to—”  

“Bye, dad. I hope you have a nice day! Me and Jacob are obviously going to have one!” Zakira says, cutting in-between Lucias’s sentence.   


Zakira ends the call, without letting her father say anything more.   


Instantly, her phone starts ringing again. Though this time, she switches off her phone as well after declining the call.   


“W-Why the fuck did you lied to him about liking me, huh!? He will seriously murder me!” I say in a scared tone.   

“No, he won’t. My dad just gets a little protective when it comes to me, you see? He won’t do anything to you knowing that I will never talk to him again otherwise,” Zakira says reassuringly with a smile.   

A little protective of you!? He sounded like a freaking daughter-con!  

And I am not going to lie, the respectful image of the Vampire King I had in my mind has fallen… really badly.    

“I just hope what you are saying is true and he doesn’t send any assassins after me. Or worse, come here himself to kill me…” I say.  

“Don’t worry, I know my dad very well. He won’t anything like that. Anyway, shall we continue where we left off?” Zakira asks with a smile while wiggling her butt playfully.   

Damn… What a fine ass— wait.   

“We will get to that in a second. But first, answer me this; why were you so scared at the beginning of the conversation?” I ask the question which has been bugging me.   

At first, I thought that Zakira is just scared of her father… but that’s clearly not the case at all.   

“Oh, I just thought that Naomi had told my dad about the incident which happened in her room, though it was probably one of my own guards stationed at the reception downstairs.   

“That would have ended really bad, to be honest…” Zakira answers.   

“Woah, wait a second, how could Naomi have contacted your dad!?” I ask while raising my eyebrows.   

“Hmm? Well, because they are friends, obviously…”   

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 78: Vampire Dad

  1. Daughter-con hah.
    At least we know how to trigger him.
    I wonder about Zakira’s mother, the Queen.
    Could she be the supportive type, and will be like “Oh you two get along well okay, after all, I want to see my grandchildren soon”

    And that ending.
    Bah, explains why Zakira is in bad terms with Naomi.

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