Chapter 54: Why Act?

I quickly pull up my underwear and pants.   

What the fuck did Zakira meant by that? Why do I need to beware of the beastkin leader?   


That was so out of nowhere. She could have at least told a little bit more about it!   

[Well, I don’t think you can go after her and ask. She should be already out of the door.]  

I know but still, the way she said it makes me really nervous.   

[Hmm… I agree, but well, the only way left for you now is to see the said person yourself and find out why you need to beware of him/her. No point in racking your brain right now.]  

I… I guess.  

[Anyway, let’s go downstairs. Rebecca and Aria must be waiting for you… no, just Rebecca…]  

I know but a minute, I want to ask you something first.   


You know, earlier, I followed through the whole act of me being Zakira’s slave on a whim because you told me at the start, but was it really necessary?   

I mean, I don’t think anything would have changed much if I would have just confronted her about the lie. I mean, she would still have to give me that blowjob.   

The only difference is that she would have been sucking off her master, not rewarding her slave. And to be honest, I prefer the former…  

[Oh, it was necessary. Very. And I will tell you why but let me say this first, I am glad that you called her master before.]  

Hmm? Why? Because she became really happy about it?   

[Oh, so you have guessed why she became that happy all of a sudden? And do you know that the only reason she didn’t drink your blood, is because of it?]  


Why would she not suck my blood just because I called her master?  

Especially after seeing the lengths she went yesterday and even today to acquire it.   

[Hmm… I don’t know why she was so much affected by being called master, but the way she reacted after you did address her like that, and even waited for you to do so once again before leaving, clearly tells us that this is the case, buddy.]  


Anyway, about the slave thing I mentioned. What about that?   

[Oh, the reason I want you to act like her slave is simple. It’s to find out more about the Blood Bond.]  

Eh? What do you mean by that?   

Didn’t Zakira tell us everything about it yesterday?   

[No, she just told us about how the Blood Bond is formed and that you both are master and slave now.]  

… isn’t that all?   

[No! Obviously not, partner! Do you really think that such a “highly guarded” secret of vampires is that simple?]  

[No, I am sure there are some other specifications to it, which Zakira hasn’t told you yet, or, didn’t want to. And I am also sure they are really important as well.]  

Well, I guess you are right but still, why can’t I just be her master and order Zakira to tell me all about it?   

There is no need for me to pretend to be her slave or anything…   

[See, while nothing can be said with full confidence, I don’t believe that Zakira will act upon your every order and answer whatever you ask no matter what…]  

Okay, see, I am fairly confident that that’s not true.   

I mean, she gave me a blowjob just now even though she didn’t want to!  

[Buddy, I don’t mean it like this. Her sexual resistance towards you has surely weakened since she herself raped you yesterday. No, I am talking about things she absolutely doesn’t want you to know or, absolutely don’t want to do…]  

Really? But still…   

[See for yourself. Even though you didn’t order her specifically but do you really think a slave can lie to his/her master? No, right?]  

[And she has been lying to you since yesterday about the master-slave relation between both of you. Obviously, because she absolutely doesn’t want you to know.]  

It… it might be true.   

[It is. And as to why I want you to act like her slave? First of all, believe me, no one other than me hates it more for the beast to become subservient to any woman ever. It goes against your system itself.]  

[But still, I asked you to act like her slave is because I thought that her guard will be down towards you that way. And after looking at how jubilant she became when you accepted being her slave and also when you called her master, I guess I thought correctly.]  

I get what you are saying but how long do I have to act like her slave?   

[Well, not long. I want you to have Zakira spill out about the Blood Bond as soon as possible. In fact, you have to be really fast or there will be some really bad consequences only I know of…]  


[Never mind. Just try your best to coax Zakira into telling you about the Blood Bond as quickly as possible for you and we will be fine…]  

Well, it’s not like I have any other choice than to do it so…   

Anyway, right now, I should go down now to Rebecca and Aria or they will come up.   

[Well, I need to go as well. Just keep in mind what I said, okay? See you later!]  


I quickly fix my shirt a little and move downstairs. As expected, Zakira is nowhere to be found, though Rebecca and Aria are in the living room, talking to each other.   

“She didn’t even give me a glance before leaving! It’s almost as if—”  

Aria stops speaking the moment she notices me on the stairs.   

“Hey! What took you so long to come down! Don’t tell me that you were snooping around in my room!” she says angrily.   

It looks her mood is still off…   

I simply shake my head in denial before focusing my gaze on Rebecca who is standing beside her.   

I can tell that she is greatly relieved seeing me safe but there is still a little bit of sadness reflecting upon her face.   

And instantly, I start feeling really guilty.   

I planned to spend the whole day with Rebecca but because of Aria and Zakira, it is on the verge of being ruined.  

Damn, I even had a blowjob from another woman in her house while she waits for me.   

I feel a bit too bad for Rebecca and a little angry at myself as well…   

From what I got to know about Rebecca’s system today, this woman deserves something good in her life at least for once…   

“Ehh… Aria, actually, I got late to come downstairs because someone called on your phone. And sorry, but I answered it…” I say in a fake apologetic tone.   

“WHAT!? You answered my phone!?” she asks in shock while checking her pocket, finding nothing.   

I actually saw her phone on the study table, so I expected this.   

“Yeah, there was some girl on the other side who told me that she is your friend. And well, she asked me to tell you that she is waiting for you at the “usual” place…” I tell her.   

Well, I am totally lying. I just know Aria has many friends and I guess they must have a specific place where they all usually meet. Like a “Meeting spot”.  

“What!? B-But we canceled all the plans for today! Who was it!? Who told you this!?” Aria asks.   

“Well, I didn’t ask her name and also, when I was looking at your call logs to find out, I accidentally deleted the recent ones by mistake…” I again lie apologetically.  

“YOU WHAT!?” Aria shrieks.   

She instantly starts running towards the stairs. For a split second, I thought she is coming here to strangle me but she just dashes past me.   

And in just a few seconds, she comes back with a handbag and again power walks to the front door.   

“Hey, you!” she says to me while wearing her sandals.   

“Your tuition is over, right? Get out of my house as fast as possible and don’t even dare to talk to my sister when I am not here, you understand?” she says threateningly.   

“Yup…” I answer.   

“Good. Anyway, bye, sis. I will be back in a few hours…” Aria says, addressing Rebecca and runs out of the door before she could even respond back.   

Now, only me and Rebecca are left in this house…   

Sorry, Aria. I will leave… but only after making Rebecca happy.   

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 54: Why Act?

  1. Well, Jacob’s lying skills still need some polishing, but at least it worked on Aria.
    Poor tsun tsun.
    Got trolled into leaving her big sister with her crush to spend quality time.
    I wonder how she’ll react when she meets Jacob next time.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. MC was listening, thinking and ploting for once 😲. And the black system was usefull for once 😲. Shocked I am, really shocked. The black system was almost out of character, it seems the bug is a lot more a big matter that the black system is not concentrating on screwing MC over like always but helps him?
    Poor Tsun Aria too be fooled so easily. By associating with MC she also turned dumb.

    Thanks for chapter love the way you are playing with characters.

    Liked by 1 person

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