Chapter 53: The Thrall (Part-2)

Watery churning noises arises from my crotch as Zakira continues to give me a blowjob. The scene of her beautiful face going to and fro and her plump lips encircling the circumference of my cock looks out of this world.  

Even though she doesn’t seem really happy about doing this but the effort she is putting in to please me with her mouth right now is phenomenal, especially considering the fact that she is an amateur at this and have seen hr first cock just yesterday.  

I also notice how she is rolling her slimy tongue with irregular patterns and how she is fluctuating between slow and fast pace to give variations in stimulation, and in turn, increasing the pleasure I receive.  

Well, she is servicing her master, so all of this is a must after all…  

But damn! I still find it hard to believe that Zakira is actually my slave…  

[Believe it or not, she is…] 

I know…  

Zakira told me that the dominant one in a Blood Bond is always the vampire… but she obviously lied.  

[Yup, she did.] 

Now that I think back, there were many signs I noticed yesterday contradicting the lie. The way Zakira got really scared when I broke the chains and pinned her down even though she is a vampire and how she constantly kept threatening and begging me to stop even though she was fucking me herself before…  

And the most surprising: how she made a 180 degree turn after I came inside, even received my cock in her ass willingly. And not just that; the lap pillow in the morning, all that nervousness and stuttering when she told me about the Blood Bond and our master-slave relationship…  

Everything is clear to me now. 

Unlike what Zakira told me yesterday that only Vampires can regnant in the Blood Bond, I think the one who dominates during the formation of Blood Blond actually holds this position. 

Though I agree, it is impossible that normal person would be able to dominate a vampire in bed…  

[True! She thought that and fell for her own trap! She must have believed that she could easily drain you of your blood and kill you secretively, but never in her wildest imaginations she would have thought that she will have to became your slave!] 

[Fufufu… it sounds so amazing! The sole princess of the vampire kingdom becomes the sex slave of a human commoner.] 

Wait, who said anything about sex slave!?  

[… Seriously? Just look down and see what she is doing? Sucking your cock!] 

Oh, yeah…  

[Anyway, try to command your slave some more. Just don’t give away the truth that you know she is not your master but slave…] 

Fufufu… sure.  

Well, I am really angry with Zakira for nearly killing me yesterday. And while she is a really busty and beautiful women, some revenge on her is a must… 

“Now, I want you to massage my balls while sucking my cock,” I say in a slightly ordering tone to her.  

I can see anger flaring inside her eyes but because my cock is stuffed into her mouth, she cannot voice it to me. And well, being compelled to follow my command, her right hand moves up and grab my balls…  

“Aargh… Fuuck!” 

Her cold hand sends a jolt to my back as it moves around, neither roughly nor lightly, and play with my nuts. The pleasure I was feeling from the blowjob earlier jumps up several notches as my testicles gets stimulated as well.  

Damn it!  

Suddenly, pressure starts building at the base of my cock, indicating that I am about to cum soon.  

“F-Faster… Move faster…” I command again.  

Zakira’s motion instantly pick up pace and she start sucking my cock like a machined piston. And well, it gets a bit too much for me…  

“Ahhaagh… Shittt…” 

In just a few seconds, from the wonderous pleasure of Zakira’s exquisite mouth-pussy, the pressure in my cock raises up exponentially, so much, that I instinctively wrap my hands around her head and bring it closer, making her mouth take in my cock up to its base, just before semen erupts from within.  

“Aargh… Alright… Drink it… Drink it all…” I grunt out and my vision turns white from the pleasure of ejaculation.  

Zakira also starts gulping down my semen as fast as she can while rolling my balls with her hand to thoroughly empty them.  

I continue cumming like this for around half a minute before Zakira starts strongly sucking my cock again, determined to take out each and every last drop of my semen remaining inside the urethra and drink it.  

After the blowjob finally finishes, I sit down on the floor again while breathing heavily. 

That was incredible… 

“Hey! How dare you order me like that!? You are my slave, you know!?” Zakira angrily says as soon as her mouth release my cock.  

“Huh? But you also didn’t stop me. And if you followed through all of it, doesn’t that mean you liked it as well?” I ask, showing a fake surprised look.  

[Oh, you are getting good at this, buddy.] 

Hearing my response, an extremely irritated look appears on Zakira’s face and also a little fear return, but still… 

“Yes… I somewhat liked it,” she lies while gritting her teeth.  

As I expected… 

“But I tolerated many things which I didn’t liked just so you know, just because this was your reward, okay? I won’t allow things like this from the next time,” she adds angrily.  

Fufufu… we will see.  

“I am sorry for the inconvenience… master,” I apologize while holding back my laughter.  

Suddenly, Zakira’s angry expressions completely changes to a shocked one.  

“M-Master…?” She says weakly.  

“Hmm? Didn’t you told me to address you like that, master?” I ask innocently.  

“I did? I-I mean, of course I did!” Zakira answers while blushing furiously.  

And the next instant, a huge smile appears on her face which she tries to hold back, but fails.  

“Okay then, I will forgive you,” she answers, looking really relieved and happy.  

I can tell that she was starting to suspect that I might know about her lie but it looks like that isn’t the case anymore.  

[Nice move, buddy.] 

Thanks. But still, I understand her being relieved but why is she looking so happy?  

[Hmm? Dunno. She is happy that you didn’t realized her lie, probably?] 

Yeah… Probably.  

[Anyway, you got a problem now…] 


[She will now ask for your blood. Will you let her drink?] 


I still remember the extreme pleasure I got from being bitten by Zakira, which practically made my cock explode out cum numerous times in a matter of seconds.  

And while I would have been seriously tempted to give Zakira my blood just so that I can experience that again before, one thing is in my favour right now: I am in sage mode. 

And well, after the dangerous amount of blood I lost yesterday, I think I should not risk giving Zakira any more blood. 

Also, I don’t fancy fulfilling the wish of someone who tried to kill me so… 

[So, you will just tell her no, right? She won’t be able to oppose you.] 

Well, that is the only way… Let’s tell her. 

“I am not—” 

“I won’t be drinking your blood,” Zakira says before I could even utter a few words.  

Wait… what?  

“What are you saying… master?” I ask.  

Damn… I almost forgot to call her master there. 

Zakira blushes again…  

“Even though I am desperately craving for your blood right now, but as your master, I understand that your body needs to recover as well, so, I won’t take your blood…now,” she says.  


See, I am getting really confused here. First, she asks for my blood, then gives me a blowjob to get it and finally, she grows concerned about my body and refuses to take the blood…  

Is something wrong with her?  

“Anyway, I will be going now. I am getting really late…” Zakira says while standing up.  

I though she will go away immediately but she remains standing while looking straight into my eyes, as if expecting me to say something. 

Aren’t you getting late? You should— 


“Goodbye, master,” I say, realizing what she wants.  

Yet another big smile appears on her face as she happily turns around and start walking towards the door… only to stop the moment she reaches it and turn back to look at me again with a rather serious face.  

That was a fast transition. Now what?  

“Sorry, I forgot to mention one thing. Now that I know that Leo’s system is defected and that you will be in close proximity to him at school, I should warn you beforehand…” Zakira says. 

“Beware of the leader of the beastkin representatives…”  

Wait, what? Why?  

Before I can even open my mouth to ask anything, she is already out of the door…  

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 53: The Thrall (Part-2)

  1. I smell Foxgirl in the air.
    It’s a fox girl right?
    All high busty fox ladies!!!

    And it would seem that Zakira is developing a crush, but she also has a master slave fetish thing going on.
    Also why do I suspect that Zakira is capable of consuming sperm as food?
    Cause unless that’s the case, I don’t see why she step back from wanting blood.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. When giving a warning, supplying enough information for someone to act appropriately on said warning is a must. That is, unless you’re a f****** idiot……



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