Chapter 55: Time With Rebecca

“Are… Are you leaving?” Rebecca asks, failing to hide the intense sadness in her voice.   

It seems she really thinks I intend to follow what Aria asked me.   

“Hmm… You want me to?” I ask while tilting my head a little.   

“No!” She answers immediately, almost shouting.   


“Then, I won’t leave,” I answer with a shrug.   

“Y-You won’t? Really?” Rebecca asks, her face brightening up again.   


A huge smile appears on Rebecca’s face and she instantly runs towards me before jumping and enclosing me into a hug. I also do not remain on the receiving end and hugs her back as tightly as I could.   

“Jacob, I am really happy that you came to see me, you know…” Rebecca says, her voice filled with emotions.   

“I know. I am happy to see you as well…” I say while caressing her back.   

Then, separating my upper body a little, I look at her face again.   

“Listen, I know Aria said that it will take her a few hours to come back, but actually, she will be back in around half an hour or so…”  

“I don’t think so, Jacob. Aria’s friend called, right? They usually spend hours shopping and chatting. She won’t come back that fast…” Rebecca tells me reassuringly.   

“Yeah, about that… Actually, I lied to Aria about the phone call,” I say apologetically.   

“What!? No one called? But then, she will just…” Rebecca says, surprised.   

I know, she will go to the meeting place and when she finds out that no one is there, she will storm back home angrily. And I seriously don’t think I should be here when that will happen…   

“But I wanted some private time with you, Rebecca. And I couldn’t think of any other way to achieve that…” I tell her earnestly.   

“Y-You wanted to have some… Private time…” Rebecca says, her face turning red.  

“I-I understand. Then there really was no other way possible…” she says shyly.  

“Anyway, what I want to know is, how you want to spend this half an hour with me… We will do whatever you want, whether it be watching T.V., talking, cuddling… anything you want,” I tell her meaningfully.   

Rebecca giggles, understanding what I actually want to refer by “anything”.  

“I just want to continue what we were doing before Aria came upstairs,” Rebecca says mischievously.   

“Okay…” I too respond with a wink.  

““But first I want to ask you something…””  

Me and Rebecca speak at the same time.   

““Okay, you ask first.””  

““No, you.””  


Both of us start laughing loudly at our repetitively overlapping sentences.   

“Ladies first, so ask away,” I tell Rebecca finally.   

“Okay, I just wanted to ask if you know why Zakira could come close to me? You know, because of my system, she shouldn’t …” Rebecca asks, turning a little serious.   

… Wait a second.   

How the fuck did Zakira got close to Rebecca!?   

Let alone being disgusted, I don’t even remember her flinching when she sat next to Rebecca. And well, having a first-hand experience of that feeling, I can tell that it really was weird for her not to react at all.  

“I-I don’t know. But it really is surprising…” I answer.   

“Oh, I asked you because I thought she is… Never mind,” Rebecca says, shaking her head.   

“Hmm… Maybe it’s because she is a vampire? And your skill only works on humans?” I ask, voicing a sudden thought.   

“It… It is possible, I won’t deny. Though I have never been close to a person of another race before, so I cannot say for sure. But well, there is no such specification mentioned in the skill description so…” Rebecca says.   

“Anyway, what do you want to ask about?” She asks, after a few more seconds of thinking in vain.  

“Oh, well, my question is about what we told Aria. You know, the tuition classes you are supposedly giving me? I am thinking we should do it on alternates days of the week. This way, we can meet regularly and not much suspicion will grow as well. What do you think?” I ask.   

“Oh, I would love that,” Rebecca answers happily.   

I can tell that she especially likes the part of us meeting regularly from now on.  

“Me too. Anyway, both of us have asked our questions. So, shall we start…” I ask while raising my eyebrows meaningfully.   

Rebecca easily understands what I am trying to say as instantly after, she separates her body from mine, bends down, and starts unbuckling my pants.   

I can tell that she wants my affection and my body so much right now that she doesn’t even remember to be bashful while doing it.   

And well, after what Rebecca goes through every day because of her system, I neither mind nor I am surprised about it at all…   

But man, I cannot have Rebecca suck on my cock right now. I am pretty sure there is still the scent of Zakira on it, which Rebecca will probably guess.   

Obviously, I will tell Rebecca about all the things I told Layla about me not being able to have a monogamous relationship but still, I prefer she doesn’t know what happened upstairs with Zakira…   

“Rebecca, wait…” I say hurriedly.   

She was about to pull down my underwear but stops and looks up at me with confusion in her eyes.   

“We have only 15 minutes left now. I don’t think if we should do foreplay anymore. Of course, I will make up for it in our “tuition classes”” I say with a wink.   

Rebecca turns a bit redder and stands up.  

“O-Okay. I-Isn’t this what they call a q-quickie?” Rebecca asks stutteringly.   

A quickie is basically just intercourse which lasts only for a few minutes and usually, only the male enjoys.  

“Well, not exactly because I am going to try my best to make you feel as good as well,” I answer with a smile.   

And without waiting for Rebecca to respond, I grab her shoulders and lightly push her down on the couch beside us, such that we both form a missionary position with me on top.   

“J-Jacob…” Rebecca calls out my name breathlessly. I can tell that she is growing more excited about this with each passing second.   

Well, my goal of making Rebecca happy is already completed. Let’s add a cherry on top…   

I move my hands towards her crotch, and thankfully, she is wearing a skirt, which makes it easier to grab and pull down her panty. Simultaneously, I lower my own trunks as well to take out my cock.   

Because of the skills I bought a few days ago, I am pretty confident that I can get erect once more even though I came inside Zakira’s mouth minutes ago.   

Next, I remove the shoulder straps of Rebecca’s dress and pull it down to reveal her bountiful and beautiful tits along with her cherry-colored nipples.   

Then, I move my face forward to kiss on Rebecca’s lips passionately while squeezing and playing with her boobs with my left hand and rubbing my slowly erecting cock against her cunt.   

“Ahaan… Put it… In…” Rebecca moans after a couple of minutes when her pussy gets wet enough for me to penetrate.   

And finally, while kneading her tits, pinching her nipples, and kissing her lips, I oblige to fuck Rebecca’s pussy as well.   

“Aargh…” I leak out a soft grunt as the wall of her meat-hole slowly envelops around my cock. Her tight walls coil around and rub against my cock profoundly.   

“Nnhaan…you are… inside me…finally… Ahaan…” Rebecca moans happily.   

Now really close to running out of time, I instantly start thrusting my cock in and out of Rebecca’s snatch as fast and as hard as I possibly can. And judging from her loud and pleasure-filled moans, I don’t think she minds in the slightest.   


“I am… I am going to cum…” I announce as finally, Rebecca’s exquisite pussy starts to overwhelm my cock and the pleasure which has been building at this base reaches its maximum.   

And to my surprise and joy, even though not much time has passed, Rebecca also looks like she is close to an orgasm.  

“Inside… Ahaan… Ahaan… Cum inside….” Rebecca begs while moving her own waist to match my thrusting motion, clearly trying to increase my pleasure.   

Ahh… Fuck it!   

Against my initial urge to pull out, I stab my cock even deeper within Rebecca and start shooting my built-up semen, filling her pussy up.   

At the same time, Rebecca’s body also starts to spasm beneath me, clearly achieving an orgasm.   

And finally, after we both finish releasing all our desires for each other, Rebecca again kisses me before looking into my eyes lovingly…  

“Jacob… Never leave me again…” She whispers.   

“I promise, I won’t…” I answer without hesitation.  

“Damn… I am still in doubt about all the things happened to me in these last three days,” I reminisce to myself while slowly walking towards the school.   

Well, everything was not exactly good but still…   

On the first day, I meet Zakira and made her my slave (Though I nearly died). I also took Layla’s virginity and fully claimed her as my woman.   

On the second day, I reunited with Rebecca, got to know about her messed up system, found out that Leo’s system is faulty, and also about the conspiracies of the government in the magical tournament.   

Not to forget about the blowjob from Zakira and a “sort of” quickie with Rebecca.   

And finally, on the third day, I went to Ryan’s house to play games… and there, with his MILF mother, I…   


Never mind about the third day…   

Anyway, it’s finally time to go back to school, where, from today onwards, we will be starting to train and learn magic for the upcoming mixed race magical tournament.   

And sadly, I am a little early today because Maya absolutely refused to walk along with me to school and basically threw me out of the house before I could protest or Layla could interfere.   

Though I don’t understand why…   

Suddenly, a sharp sound of a siren enters my ears.   

What is it?   

Hmm…It seems like something is happening further ahead.  

I increase the pace of my walking and in a couple of minutes, a scene of commotion enters my eyes…   

… what the fuck!?   

My school… is on fire.   

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 55: Time With Rebecca

  1. Why did you skip the affair with Ryan’s mother? Why? MILF’s action behind his friends back (normaly not my taste but it suits with Jacob lack of brain)

    Pity we didn’t see Aria’s return (preferably while catch Ing Jacob on Rebecca. I wonder how would Rebecca explain why she slept with her younger sister crush and how tsundere would react).

    And again Jacob is too stupid to realize that it is his system not Leo’s that is broken and bugged.

    Thanks for chapter Roeselawik

    Liked by 1 person

  2. He really believes that Leo’s System is the one that’s faulty? He himself saw how the energy color around the Towers match perfectly with his System, and he now thinks that his isn’t faulty… that’s stupid, even for someone as stupid as Jacob


      1. I’m happy that you replied to me so quickly, but what you said still doesn’t cut it, with all the indications and clues that he found, he should’ve believed that he’s the source no matter what he was told and by whom it was said, still, I’m not saying that you should make a sudden change in his attitude or anything, I’m just surprised by how stupid he is, but I hope he doesn’t stay like this and gets smart to some extent, at least the average person’s intelligence


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