Chapter 52: The Thrall (Part-1)

 “… Let me drink your blood again.”  


I silently glare at Zakira.   


“… No,” I answer tonelessly.   

“Ehhh!? W-Why!? Y-You have to… please,” She says loudly while adding the “Please” in a low voice.   

“Are you seriously asking why!? Because I don’t want to get my blood sucked! And anyway, didn’t you forcibly drink it just yesterday!?” I ask angrily.   

“Y-Yes, but d-didn’t I told you that you are my s-slave!? You should just do what I ask…” She says while looking away under my gaze and fidgeting a little.   

“Do I have to?” I ask while raising my eyebrows.   

She looks back at me with a jerk, her beautiful face clearly reflecting fear. I think if vampires could sweat, she would be filling buckets…   

“O-O-Of course you have to! W-What are you talking about!?” She asks.   

You are really bad at this. I know there is something not right here. And I also know it is related to our Blood Bond…  

I open my mouth to question Zakira on a few things that have been in my mind since yesterday, but before I could speak, pink words start appearing in front of my eyes…   

[Wait! Don’t say anything!]  

You are back? Where are you disappearing all the time?   

[Work, buddy. But I will tell you about it later. Right now, what you need to know is that you shouldn’t ask her about that.]  

What? Why?   

I know she didn’t tell me about many things about the Blood Bond yesterday. In fact, I think she is purposely not telling me, judging from her reaction around me.   

I think those are some important details of the Blood Bond…  

[Hmm? What are you going on about? Isn’t it clear to you that she is just lying to you?]   

Ehh… what?   

I mean, I do have a guess on things she might be lying about but I am not sure…  

[Oh, I am sure, buddy! But I won’t tell you what it is…]  

… the fuck!? Are you for real!?   

You are my system! It is your job to tell me things like this!   

[Oh, I know. And it’s not I am actually hiding things from you or something. I just think it will be more fun for you if you figure it out by yourself. Though I will help you out as much as I can… fufufu]  

Are you really…   

Fuck it! You know what? Fine.   

I am seriously not in a mood to argue much with anyone right now, especially with my own system.   

[Yay! Okay, tell that you are her slave like she wants you to tell her….]  

I shake my head a little before looking back at Zakira who is still staring at me with fearful eyes, waiting for my reply.   


“I get it, I am your slave,” I say.   

The effect of my words is instant. Zakira’s face brightens up, almost as if some has lightened a bulb on her face, and she also broadens her shoulders at the same time, as if trying to look intimidating.   

“So, you do understand… Good. Now, come to me and present me with your blood,” she says in a mighty tone.   

I stare at her with my eyes so wide open that I fear they might fall out.   

[Woah, this chick has only surprised me more when she showed her huge naked juggs before…]  

What did the fuck happen to Zakira?   

Just moments ago she was all fearful and stuttering and now she looks like a… Like a princess?   

If I remember correctly, she did sound exactly like this when she was sucking my blood…   

“What are you waiting for? Come here. Now,” she orders me again.   

[Fufufu… Go, but first, ask for your reward.]  


[You don’t remember? She told you that she will reward you if you.]  

I like the sound of that, to be honest.   

“Fine. I will let you suck my blood but you will have to give me my reward first…” I say without moving an inch from my place.  

For a second, Zakira looks uneasy again but in the next moment, as if it was an illusion, she raises her eyebrows in a threatening sort of way at me.  

“R-Rewards are given, not asked. B-But since you are new at this, I will listen and give you your reward first. Ask anything you want…” She says.  

I cannot help but notice how her voice is constantly fluctuating between confident and fearful voice.   

[Blowjob! Ask for a blowjob! Let’s see the princess and heir of the great vampire kingdom suck on your cock!]  

I am starting to remember why I sometimes like you, you know?   

[Fufufu… Thanks, buddy!]  

“Okay, for my reward…”  

I stand up and unzip my pants…   

“… I want you to give me fellatio.”  

… and lower it along with my underwear, revealing my limp cock.   

Hmm… I don’t know why, but I am not feeling shy at all even though I am showing my limp cock to a gorgeous woman like Zakira.   

Is this normal?   

“W-What are you asking me to do!? I-I am a princess! I won’t do something like that!” she says in an angry voice while turning red.  

“You do remember that you were literally fucking me last night, do you?” I ask, calling out on her hypocrisy.   

“That was different! I already told you that it is a necessary task for blood intake! I won’t do it anytime else!” Zakira says.   

Hmm? Even though she is saying all this…   

“You won’t? Then why are you coming towards me like that…” I ask while raising my eyebrows.   

 Zakira is on her all fours right now and is slowly moving towards me.  

The moment I finish speaking, she stops and looks down in horror. I can clearly see that she is in surprise seeing her own bodies move like this.   

“T-This is…”  

Zakira couldn’t seem to say anything for a few seconds…   

“I-I have decided that if I am going to i-intimate with you while sucking blood your blood later, I-I might as well fulfill this wish of yours as well…” She says.   

You understand that this is exactly opposite to what you said seconds ago, right?   

[And do you understand why she is saying this?]  

A-A little…?  

Reaching me, Zakira (looking a bit reluctant) raises her right and grab the shaft of my cock.   


I can feel hot blood instantly pumping in my cock to balance the coldness of Zakira’s soft and small hand, incidentally also making it harder.   

[Well, if you do understand… try it out.]  

Try it out? Let’s see…  

Zakira keeps moving her hand for a few more seconds before my cock becomes fully erect.   

“Okay, stop,” I say in a slightly commanding tone.   

And instantly, Zakira’s hand stop.   

She tried to delay the stopping a little to make it look like she did it by herself, not because I told her to, but it fails miserably because her hand doesn’t even budge an inch…   


“Take my whole cock in your mouth,” I say.   

“Hey, wait for a—Mmfffhh”  

Zakira tries to say something but before she could finish, her mouth opens and her face moves forward towards my crotch… only to take my whole cock inside such that her soft lips kiss the base.   

Shit! It feels too good…   

As I was expecting, her pleasantly cool and saliva filled mouth really does feel extraordinary…   

But still… This is strange…   

Earlier, when she ordered me to let her suck my blood, I blatantly refused her. I didn’t feel compelled at all.   

And on the other hand, just now, when I asked Zakira to suck my cock, she did it even though she strongly refused at first…   

[So, what is the thing Zakira lied to you about, huh?]  

Only that things are exactly the opposite of what she told me about.  

In our relationship, I am the Regnant and Zakira is the thrall. Or I should say, I am the master and she is my slave…   

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 52: The Thrall (Part-1)

  1. Well, it’s really of the system to give Jacob a lush without telling him everything from A to Z.
    Just lush and encourage.
    Really nice way.
    And Zakira.
    Man, I can see why she’s so afraid of Jacob, he has complete control over her, weather she likes it or not.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really? Up untill now it took him forever and he didn’t understand anything. It is a first thing he did understand.

      Thanks for chapter


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