Chapter 4: Beast Awakening (Part 2)

… did I hear that correctly?    

No, I must be imagining things. She won’t say thank you to me, right? Especially now, when I am about to…   

Urgh! I cannot fucking stop at all! Damn it!!! 

My raging cock penetrates inside her wet slit with such force that the slight resistance it meets gets torn through instantly.   

“Nyaah!” She cries in pain, flinching jerkily.   

Her tight and thoroughly wet meat walls coils around my dick as it fully penetrates her vagina. And instantly, the soft and squishy feeling makes my mind go blank, giving me immense pleasure.   

Wait, she was a virgin!?  

If so, then shouldn’t I stay still until her pain goes away?    

But sadly, no matter what I try to do or think, my body won’t listen to me anymore. With waist starting to move again, I take my dick out and plunge it back inside her small and tight pussy— plowing it roughly. My hands also reach out to her tits, squashing and pulling them while I lick and suck her smooth neck, giving her hickeys.   

Fuck! Inside her… it feels so tight… so soft… and so damn good!   

With her ass and my crotch giving out loud slapping noises, I now start thrusting my cock inside her small vagina as hard and fast as I could. Not more than a few dozen seconds have passed since I started fucking this woman, but the pleasure I am feeling is already reaching its peak and the pressure is starting to build at the base of my cock.   

“Aagh!” with a loud grunt, I strongly squeeze her tits once again before the semen starts to shoot out of my cock.   

But reaching an orgasm doesn’t mean that my body stops moving. Even though the semen is spewing out, I still keep thrusting my penis inside her pussy. And the most astonishing this of all; even after the climax ends, my raging boner doesn’t lose its hardness in the slightest. I am still fucking her with everything I got.   

Removing my hands from her tits, I grab her tied-up blonde hair with one hand and pull back her head. Then, I jam the fingers of my other hand inside her mouth and start massaging her tongue. To my surprise, the woman is no longer issuing any painful voice. Instead, she is continuously leaking out hot and heavy moans of pleasure. She is even sucking on the fingers that are inside her mouth voluntarily, making them covered with her saliva.   

Taking these sopping wet fingers out of her mouth, I immediately move them towards her ass.   

“Aaahn! T-There too!?” The woman asks in a slightly fearful tone as my wet fingers start circling around her tiny butthole. While still banging her pussy with my cock, I slowly insert my middle finger inside her ass.   

“Nyaahn!” A small scream-like moan leaks out from her mouth. 

The next moment, her pussy and butthole contract tightly around my dick and finger, respectively. And thus, making them stop halfway through. But well, using some extra force, I dig in anyway. Once my finger fully penetrates her asshole, I slowly take it out and force it back in, repeating this motion multiple times.   

“Haah… Uugh… Aaah…”   

After a few seconds, both her pussy and asshole become relaxed, allowing me to freely enter them. She is now moaning even more erotically, making a lot of noise. In the middle of one of her moans, I increase the number of fingers to two and insert them inside her butt together.    

“Mmmh— Nyaah!”    

Although both of her holes contract again, they loosen up quickly this time. Then finally, I start the session of thoroughly finger-fucking her asshole while continuously plowing her pussy. Once again, pressure builds at the base of my penis and I start emptying my balls inside her vagina— obviously, while continuing to move my waist and fingers. The woman’s body below me also starts to convulse as she achieves an orgasm at the same time as me.    

Finally, after filling her up with my semen for the second time, I remove my cock from her pussy and take out my fingers from her butthole. My dick looks dirty— covered in semen, blood, and love juices— but ready to go again. While the woman beneath me looks a bit tired, she is also panting and moaning below me. For some reason, even after ejaculating twice, my lust for her hasn’t dropped a single ounce. In fact, it’s now soaring even higher than before.   

I stretch her ass-cheeks apart, looking at her pretty little asshole again. Then, without waiting or giving her any warning, I ram my rock-hard cock inside of it.   

“MMMHM!!!” The woman screams again and her body jumps from the sudden invasion.   

Damn… her asshole fucking tight— much tighter than her pussy. If not for the fluids that are covering my cock acting as lubricants, I think my cock would’ve been torn off.    

Moving my free hand to her pussy, I start rubbing her clit while roughly pound her ass.   

“Ahh! O.. Oh!… Aghh! It feels… so good… Naahn!” the woman moans out.   

With her body becoming relaxed again, she starts having long, hard, and continuous orgasms. I think having her ass and pussy stimulated together is a bit too much for her. A few minutes later, semen starts climbing up my cock as well. I guess the extremely tight and pleasurable feeling of fucking an asshole is too much for me, too. 


My consciousness fades as my cock squirts out cum for the last time tonight. 

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