Chapter 5: Next Morning

What is this pleasant feeling?  

It feels as if something really soft and wet is enveloping me. It feels really comfortable and pleasurable being buried inside it…   

Ahaaa, what is this? Something strange is rising from within me. Some sort of pressure is building. I cannot hold it in any longer!

I open my eyes with a start. In front of me, there’s a head full of blond hair going up and down my crotch. And then I realize—

It’s the girl from yesterday…  

The pressure I was just feeling is from my crotch being stimulated by her mouth. I unconsciously grab hold of her hair to keep her head in place, right before forcing my cock deep inside her mouth to squirt loads of my thick cum inside.  

Once finished, I slump back on the bed and look up while breathing heavily.   

The girl slowly removes her face from my crotch, her cheeks slightly bulging with my semen. I clearly remember what happened last night. My poison got activated and I lost control upon seeing her body. I also remember tearing through all of her clothes and ruthlessly fucking both of her holes down there.  

While looking into my eyes, she gulps down the cum inside her mouth before giving me a surprisingly bright smile.  

“You woke up? Hmm, so this morning thing actually works then,” she speaks to me.  

“Anyway, breakfast is ready, so put on some clothes and come downstairs. Oh, and while your underwear and pants are safe, the shirt got completely ruined. You can use this one, it used to belong to my father,” She tells me while tossing a brown-colored shirt.  

And before I could say anything at all, she turns around and merrily leave the room while humming to herself.  

Shit! I got distracted by her shaking ass.  

But for real, what is happening?  

Isn’t that the girl I forcefully did it with last night? Why is she talking to me so happily? She even gave me her father’s shirt to wear… Shouldn’t she be angry at me, at least— if not, report me to the police?  

Ahh~ I get it! It must have something to do with her system as well. What a coincidence!

People do the strangest things due to their systems. And rather than scared, she just looked shocked when I pounced on her last night— as if something unexpected but not really hateful is happening. Well, it’s not like I can ask her anything about it anyway… Though it is lucky for me…  

Wait, this reminds me…  

I quickly stand up to find my pants. Seeing them lying on the floor beside the bed, I pick them up and rummage inside the pocket to take out my SIS.  

The moment I hold it in my hand, pink light erupts from within and strange characters start appearing before my eyes. 


Current System level: [1]  

Max level: [Not defined]     

Points for Next Level up: [10,000]  

Life Points: [7732] 

Life points consumption rate: [1 point/minute] 


  1. Rebecca Woods, 22 (Perm.) [Level 2] 

Skills: [None]  

Buyable skills and powers [Level 1]: 

        1) [Beasts Scent] (Price: 1000 points) 

        Skill Description: It makes women around you aroused and sexually attracted to you. [Max usage: 2 times/day] 

       2) [Stamina +1] (Price: 500 points) 

                 Skill Description: Increase sexual stamina. [Permanent] 

       3) [Penis Length +1] (Price: 500 points) 

                 Skill Description: Increase penis length. [Permanent] 

       4) [Semen Volume +1] (Price: 500 points) 

                Skill Description: Increase semen volume.[Permanent] 

Note: Skills will vanish if not acquired before leveling up

Points earning methods:

      [Level 1] specific methods: – 

  1.  See a woman nude [10 points] 
  2.  Touch a woman’s breasts or ass above her clothes [20 points] 

Note: Points will not be added if you do them during sexual acts.

         Permanent methods: – 

  1. Kiss [50 points] 
  2. Cunnilingus [100 points] 
  3. Fellatio/ mouth fucking [100 points] 
  4. Vaginal sex [150 points] 
  5. Anal sex [160 points] 
  6. Impregnating [ 200 points] 


1) Points will be multiplied by 10 if the above are a girl’s first time. 

Warning: All the permanent methods can give you points only once every day per girl.


  1. [Beast Awakening]: Lose control of your body with extreme sexual heat. Once activated, it will go on for 30 minutes. It rises in intensity and frequency as the level increases. Other specifications are not defined.
  2.  [Instant death]: Activates if any of the beast’s mating women (except for temporary rank) gets removed from the partner section or indulges in sexual activities with anyone other than the beast.

Time left to level up: 29 days: 15 hours: 40 minutes: 23 seconds.                                     

“Holy shit!” I loudly curse in surprise.  

She was really a virgin! But still, the points don’t add up… Wait, did she actually consent last night? No way…

But also, fuck yeah! I have just a little below 8000 life points now. This is worth decades of— 



“So, this is not even going to give me a full week, huh?” I say in a dispirited voice.   

Seeing my points, I guess around 10 to 12 hours have passed since last night. And by the way, where did those perverted comments and special notes go?  

Suddenly, I notice one more thing that almost stops my heart.  

Besides the partner’s section, there is a name written now: Rebecca Woods.  

I guess it’s the name of that girl and her age must be 22.   

But what is this level 2? Level 2 of what?  

Also, what does perm. means?  


“Permanent” I speak softly.  


So, this activates the other poison… the death poison. 

But that also means that I cannot lose this Rebecca now.  

Fuck! I need to do something!  

I quickly dress up and climb down the stairs. This house is a little bigger than mine and also looks a bit more modern. Entering the living room, I notice Rebecca standing still and staring at the T.V. with a face full of shock.   

Curiously, I also look at it and my jaw drops open. 

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