Chapter 3: Beast Awakening (Part 1)

What the hell is happening!?     

My heart is pounding, my breathing is getting rougher every passing second, and my hands and feet are starting to shake crazily. I know I was running until just now, but I can tell that the reason for this is due to something else.    

Fuck! Did the Poison just got activated!?    

The next instant, something strange starts to rise inside me…    

An intense urge… to rush to the woman in front of me…   

An urge to touch her… to defile her… to mate… to fuck…    

“AAAAAHG!!!” Issuing an involuntary scream, I start running forward.    

The woman walking in the garden jerks her head towards me, startled from my howl-like scream.    

Damn, she is a really beautiful woman! Her eyes are strikingly blue, her hair is blonde and tied up with a band, her nose is small and pert, and her lips are pink and full. She’s wearing a casual white blouse, showing her deep cleavage and sexy white stomach, and denim shorts that are wrapped around her meaty butt and digging into her plump thighs. Being fairly tall for a girl, she does look a few years older than me.    

As she looks at me with her eyes wide in shock, I jump over the hedges and continue to run towards her like a madman. Though all of a sudden, a strange phenomenon happens. I stop moving. I cannot exactly tell what it is, but something washes over me like a huge wave, making it extremely difficult for me to step forward.     

A split second later, something even weirder happens; I start feeling extremely disgusted towards the beautiful woman in front of me— to the point that I literally start retching. I need to get away from her as quickly as possible… but unfortunately, I have no control over my body right now.     

In the next moment, my heart starts to beat even faster, and my vision gets tinged red.    


With a loud cracking sound, that wave goes away and the feeling of disgust disappears as well.   

But unfortunately, my hunger for the woman doesn’t…    

I pick up the pace again and pounce on her wildly, making both of us fall back to the ground. Even though I am pinning her down right now, for some reason, she is also not resisting at all. She just looks greatly in shock.    

But I don’t stop to ask the reason behind her weird reaction… or well, I can’t stop myself even if I want to.    

I don’t know how I got the strength, but with one hand I grab her white blouse and tear it off of her body, making a black bra appear. I do not wait there, pulling on her bra as well and destroying it completely to reveal her big and bouncy breasts. Even in this situation, I cannot help but admire their perfect shape and size. Seeing her beautiful cherry color nipples on top, an urge to suck on them kicks in— but my body is in its own gear.   

Fuck! My hands are not stopping at all!    

With my other hand, I grab hold of her blonde hair and pull her face closer to mine. The next instant, our lips crash against each other. Taking it to the next level, even my mouth opens up the next instant and my tongue invades inside her mouth.   

Damn… It is my first time kissing a girl. Her lips are as soft as cotton and her saliva is as sweet as honey. It literally feels like my mind is melting!   

But obviously, my body isn’t…  

With my right hand, I roughly grab one of her tits and squeeze them hard, my fingers digging into her soft flesh. My thumb and index finger move as well, pinching the nipples and making the woman below me leak out a muffled moan. Separating my lips from hers, I lick her soft lips before sliding my tongue inside her mouth again.     

Damn it! I am starting to feel even more strange now! It’s like I am going mad! Also, cock is fucking throbbing in my pants right now. I’ve never been this aroused before.   

Suddenly, I get up, separating my body from the woman lying on the ground before tearing off my own shirt. Once done, I pull down my pants as well along with my underwear— getting fully naked. Even though my cock is not big, it’s standing rock hard right now.    

As I look down at the woman again, I notice something odd. Her cheeks are bright red and she has a look of interest as she looks at my naked form.   


She leaks out a small scream as my hands move on their own, grabbing her slim waist and flipping over her entire body— making her smooth and spotlessly white back face me. Immediately, my gaze falls on her sexy ass wrapped in tight shorts. I grab these shorts, pulling them down to reveal her pure white and perfectly round ass in sexy black panties.    

Facing my final obstruction to this woman’s secret spot, my hands go full throttle; ripping off her panty and spreading her meaty ass-cheeks apart— only to reveal her small, pink slit and a cute little butthole. A sweet musky scent also whiffs off of her crotch, making my uncontrollable animalistic desire to mate multiply hundredfold.   

Instantly, I plunge my face into her crotch and start licking her pussy and asshole while making them sopping wet with my saliva. As she starts to feel good, I get to taste the sweetness of her love juices as well.    

“Aaaa… Haan…” the woman moans in pleasure.    

Removing one of my hands from her ass, I use the index and middle finger to spread open her vagina a little more, making her ruby-like clit appear from within. Then, using my thumb, I slowly start rubbing it. I can feel the blood pulsating, making it erect from my stimulation.    

“Aaahan! Nhaanh!” the woman moans even louder as I increase the speed of my thumb.    

“Cumming! I am Cumming!”   

A couple of minutes later, she suddenly yells in her sweet voice, speaking up for the first time as her whole body starts to convulse. Her sweet nectar gushes out from her pussy as well, and I start drinking it greedily. While her overflowing juices quenches my thirst, they also make my hunger for her increase a level further.    

My body moves on its own once again. I separate my mouth from her pussy, moving up and laying down on top of her with my throbbing cock between her ass-cheeks, pressing against her sopping wet pussy. My face is also right next to hers and my hands are grabbing her soft tits, kneading them.    

“Thank you…” she softly says, a moment before I plunge my cock into her meat hole. 

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