Chapter 2: An Idea For Points

“What the fuck is this?” I say with a deep frown on my face.  

My SIS, which is tightly clutched in my hand, continues to show the details of my system in front of my eyes— almost as if someone has written the stuff in the air.    

“The sex beast system…” I say, my voice weakening all of a sudden.   

What am I seeing…? This should be impossible!    

And I am not talking about the fact that I have got a system that requires me to perform sexual acts to gain life points; I have heard many systems like this and personally; I love them. But what the fuck is wrong with this abhorrent point consumption rate?    

As leveling up is not necessary, I am trying to ignore the fact that a whopping 10,000 points are needed to level up, but why am I going to lose a point every single minute? It’s like concentrating more than 1000 days’ worth of time into one. I have never heard or seen a more insane thing than this! The only thing that is keeping me from losing my shit completely is the number of points I will gain if I complete these permanent tasks. Well, normally, doing them would have basically been a dream come true— if it wasn’t for the rest of the things in the system.   

And wait a second, what are these stupid bracketed comments here and there? It’s like an actual person added their perverted thoughts with a pen or something…    

And fucking hell… don’t even get me started on the Poisons. Even though I got two of them, which is already an extremely rare case, one of them is actually a death Poison— everyone’s worst nightmare. And what is this Beast Awakening thing? I don’t get it. Lose control of your body in sexual heat, no, extreme sexual heat? What? I won’t be able to stop myself from fapping or something? And for 30 minutes?    

I will die for sure if that happens… well, not if the material is too hot, to be honest.    

Similarly, I don’t understand the instant death Poison, either. So, I will die if a mating woman gets removed or indulge in sexual activities with anyone other than the beast? Alright, assuming that it’s referring to me as the beast, then I should be fine, right? I have no mating women at all…    

Then my gaze falls onto something peculiar directly below the list of Poisons.   

Wait, what is that?    

I look under the known first-point timer and see another timer that certainly shouldn’t be there.  

“Huh!? Time left to level up!?” I shout out in shock.    

“What the fu—”    

“Please move out of the room,” A slightly curt voice cuts in between my shout.    

Suddenly, there is a blinding flash of light and my vision turns white. The next moment, it feels as if my body is suspended midair for a split second before my feet touch a hard surface again.  

So, they threw me outside, huh?    

I look up, seeing the familiar building in front of me into which I entered earlier today. Currently, it is pitch black outside, and unlike in the morning when this area was jammed packed, I can only see a couple of people standing far away from me.    

Well, everyone must have gone off to earn their first points, I guess.   

I start to feel anxious as I remember about my own system again. Looking at my SIS closely, I shake it to see if it gets fixed.  

Man, is this thing really broken? There is a timer to level up, too. But I’ve never heard of something like this… what the heck…?    

But that’s the problem; I cannot complain to any person about my system, or even ask for help. It’s internationally banned in all the system-dependent countries to talk to others about your system. While we can study the SIS of someone after their death and learn about their system, telling or asking a person about it is absolutely forbidden.    

Pretty fucked up, right? It’s like this since thousands of years ago when systems first came to be. But I guess I should worry about these things later. I need to quickly earn my first point.   

But well, the easiest task in my system, which is seeing a girl nude, will only give me ten points. And before anything, I will also need a girl first. Normally, ten points would be more than enough to last for a while, but considering my consumption rate, it will give me only ten minutes.    

And so, I will have to do the permanent task somehow… I will need to have sex.     

But how am I going to do that? I am a virgin, and I have never had a girlfriend. And if I try to ask a random girl up front— “Hey, wanna bang?”, she will just report me to the police.    

Well then, only one option is left to me if I want to continue living: prostitutes.    

I know they are not virgins, so forget about multiplying my points by ten, and I think I will have to hire more than one of them to get a days’ worth of time. But still, I’ve always dreamt of losing my virginity, and I have a good reason to do that now. On a plus side, they might even let me do anal, so I can earn a few more points.   

Great, let’s do this!    

Don’t ask me how, but I know the location of a few brothels in our city even though I’ve never visited one. The nearest one is around three to four miles away from here, but I need to go home first. I don’t think I have enough money on me to buy even a single prostitute.    

But my house is also really far away… fuck!  

Only around two and a half hours are left, and I cannot wait any longer. Without thinking, I just start running along the way to my house. I cannot even get a taxi or a train like in the morning because, on the day of the system ceremony, a curfew is declared until late at night to prevent any accidents from happening due to the newly acquired systems, especially their Poisons.     

The only good thing is that I, who just got his system, am allowed to go anywhere I want. I just hope that the curfew lifts quickly as it’s already night, or the brothel won’t be open and I will have to think of something else…   

I try to run even faster, but after a mile or so, my pace starts slowing down. My legs start to have cramps as well, and I quickly find myself out of breath.    

Fuck! I won’t make it!    

I stop for a second to catch my breath when my gaze fell upon something strange. There’s a woman casually roaming in the garden of her house.    

Is the curfew lifted already?    

Suddenly, a couple of words appear before my eyes—    


And my body starts running towards the woman against my will.  

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