Chapter 118: The Mock Duels (Part-4)

… Kate?   

Freeing my arm, Kate moves her hand towards my crotch, grabbing the base of my cock. Her face is so red that it seems like steam will start coming out of her ears any moment now.   

“I-I look forward to being taught by you,” she says shyly before quickly bending down as well.   

Instantly, as if waiting for this to happen, Riley stops sucking my cock (which is fully erect now) and moves away to make room for Kate, chuckling to herself.   

Once close enough, Kate looks back at me with her beautiful ocean-blue eyes, gazing into my black ones with lust mixed with embarrassment, while slowly sticking out her glistening pink tongue— touching the tip of my cock.   


She moves her face up and down, running her saliva-covered tongue down the entire length of my cock, mixing her fluid with Riley’s. Then, furrowing her eyebrows for a second as if trying to remember something, she kisses my cock a few times before wrapping her delicate lips around it.  



Heaven. I am in blissful heaven.   

Never in a million years would I have thought that Kate Bailey, one of the most beautiful girls of my school, will actually give me a blowjob— especially not like this in public. But, I guess, dreams do come true.   

At least for some people.   

“Hmm… Have you ever sucked a cock before, Kate?” Riley asks wonderingly.   

“You know I haven’t,” Kate replies, removing her lips from my cock.   

Tch… Riley, don’t disturb her now.   

[Yes, don’t disturb her.]  

“I see… Well then, sorry to disturb you, go ahead. As Jacob can cum multiple times, I will go after you,” Riley says with a smile.   


“Is there any specific reason why you want to go after me?” Kate asks suspiciously.   

“Well, obviously. As an amateur, you will take a considerable about of time to make Jacob cum and I am not trying to offend you, but he won’t even feel that great. So, after you’re done, I will attend to him and make sure that he’s left with a pleasurable and memorable experience,” Riley says, slight unintentional smugness in her voice.   

Well, Kate clearly looks insulted, her mouth is becoming thin.   

“You will feel good if I do it, right Jacob!?” Kate asks, slowly turning towards me.   


How do you expect me to know that!?   

“Y-Yes, of course. It will feel great,” I reply with a nervous smile.   

“See? In things like these, I think feelings matter much more than skills. I believe I can pleasure Jacob much better than you,” Kate says, getting even smugger than Riley.   

“Oh, really? What do you say, shall we have a small competition then? Let’s see who can make Jacob cum faster. The winner will get to sex have with Jacob whenever they want— until these mock duels are going on, that is,” Riley says.   

What the…?   

[Wait a second, women are competing to have sex with you now!? Is the world ending already!? Oh no, will I never get to see your needle becoming a rod!?]  


“What!? S-Sex!? But I cannot let you do that with— I-I mean, this’s too much!” Kate says, turning even redder.   

“Well, you can ask for something else if you don’t want that— I will stick with sex as my reward,” Riley says with a shrug.  

“N-No, I didn’t mean it like that!” Kate says stutteringly.   

“We shouldn’t decide something like this on our own! We need to ask Jacob if he’s willing to give us a reward like this!”  

“Wait, so you’re in for the competition?” Riley asks, raising her eyebrows in surprise.   

“That reward, Jacob will never agree to—”  

“Forget about the reward, just tell me if you’re in or not.”  


“Are you?”  

“… yes.”   

“Well then, Jacob, do you agree with the reward I proposed?” Riley asks.   

Are you seriously asking me this?   

“Yes, of course,” I answer immediately.   

Kate throws a sharp glare at me.   


I cannot say no to something like this!   

[I agree, you cannot!]  

“Well, you got your answer, Kate. Go ahead and continue your blowjob,” Riley says.   


For a few seconds, Kate doesn’t do anything. She just continues to look at Riley with a frown.   

“No, you go first,” She finally says.   

“What!? I am giving you a handicap, you know? Making him cum for the second time is going to be much more difficult,” Riley tells her.   

“No, you go first.”   

But Kate is adamant.   

“… well, as you wish. Just don’t say that I didn’t tell you beforehand.”   

Giving her a shrug, Riley gets down from her seat and position herself between my legs. She then opens a few buttons of her shirt to show me her modest cleavage before giving me a seductive look.   

“Just sit back, relax, Jacob. Enjoy the duels if you want while I milk out your cock. It won’t take too long,” Riley says lewdly.   

“Wait, who’s setting the timer—”  

The next moment, before I could finish speaking, she drops her head, swallowing up my cock such that her plump lips meet its base. At the same time, she starts to massage my balls as well while directing my right hand towards her chest, slipping it inside her bra and making me touch her tits directly.   

“F-Fuck!” I grunt out.   

It’s obvious that Riley’s not planning to go easy on Kate (or me)— she’s going all out, using all her dangerous skills in blowjob.   

Her slimy tongue is circling around the head of my cock, sending shocks of pleasure down my spine by wriggling against the sensitive spots. Her head is also shaking up and down, further increasing the intensity of this stimulation. On top of it, even her hand is not showing me any mercy— giving a fiery yet gentle massage to my balls, doubling my pleasure.   

And seriously, how can a poor guy like me hold back against this?   

In just a few minutes, my senses become completely white and I thrust out my waist unconsciously— starting to spew semen inside Riley’s mouth. Still not detaching her mouth from my cock, she starts to drink my thick and heavy load until even my soul gets sucked out of my body.  

“Haa… Haa… Haa…”  

That was… incredible. Just incredible.   

“Fufufu… I am not going to ask if you enjoyed it or not, Jacob— it’s obvious from the look on your face. Anyway, two minutes and fifteen seconds, not bad. Let’s see if you can beat that, Kate,” Riley says, giving my cock a little kiss before fixing her clothing and sitting back on her seat.   

“Oh, I will. For sure,” Kate replies confidently.   

I thought she would look jealous and angry after this, but that’s not the case. Indeed, her fists are clenched, but there is also a strangely superior look in her eyes.  

“You seem pretty confident,” Riley says, amused.   

“Yes, I am. Because you fell into my trap,” Kate says smugly.   

“By going first, you revealed all your technique to me. As I said, feelings are much more important— but still, I agree that there is nothing wrong with knowing some techniques. They will just ensure my victory.”  


“Pff… Hahaha!”  

There is a moment of silence before Riley starts to laugh loudly.   

“Why are you laughing!?” Kate demands.   

“N-No, it’s nothing. Go ahead and beat me,” Riley says, even tearing up a little now.   

“I will, you just watch,” Kate says, moving down from her seat and getting into the exact same position in which Riley was just moments ago.  

She then opens a few buttons of her shirt and reveals the milky white skin of her cleavage, looking at me shyly.   

Shit… I cannot see this.   

[What, her cleavage?]  

No, idiot.  

There is no way Kate will be able to copy Riley’s techniques. Skills are acquired by practice, not just by watching. Riley knows that, and that’s why she was laughing.  

I just don’t want to see Kate lose miserably…  

[Oh, so you’re rooting for Kate? You shouldn’t be partial between hot women, you know? Especially when both of them are readily sucking your cock.]  

I know.   

See, I will gladly fuck Riley if she wins, but still, I feel closer to Kate for obvious reasons, so…   

[Hmm… Fair enough.]  

“Let’s start,” Kate says.   

Continuing to mimic what Riley did, Kate also bends down and takes the entire length of my cock inside her mouth— though her movements are rather graceful than wild. She even starts massaging my balls and allows me to touch her soft bare breasts.   

Well, in terms of the body, Kate has already won this competition by a landslide. Her mouth is smaller and the flesh inside is softer than Riley’s— it feels exceptionally good to be buried inside it. Even her tits are much bigger and feel great to touch and knead.   

But if we talk about the blowjob… Well…   

“Eh… Kate, you need to move your—”  

“Jacob! You cannot help her, that’s cheating!” Riley interrupts me, a triumphant smile on her face.   



Sadly, Kate is not using her tongue at all. She’s just lightly shaking her head (similar to what Riley did), while her tongue stays limp inside.   

Well, this was bound to happen, there was no way for Kate to see what Riley’s doing with my cock while it’s inside her mouth. And she’s not trying to do anything by herself in fear of messing things up.  

I mean, of course, this feels really good as well, but unfortunately, it’s not nearly enough to give me greater pleasure than Riley’s blowjob.   

The growing frustration is clearly visible on Kate’s face as she slowly closes up to Riley’s time… before finally surpassing it.   

The first day of the mock duels ends up in high spirits— for me, at least.   

To my joy, it turns out that not everyone is as weak as I was anticipating. Some people were really good at using magic, finishing up with their opponents nearly as fast as me. I am looking forward to having a duel with them.  

But well, the main reason why I am happy is different. It’s because Kate is in a good mood again— no, really good mood.   

Obviously, she was kinda sulky after losing to Riley in the blowjob competition (she took around eight minutes to make me cum and swallow my load). In fact, her mood got even worse when Riley kissed me in front of her out of the excitement of winning.   

And well, to be honest, I just couldn’t see her sad…   

So, in hope to cheer her up a little, I tried asking her out on a date— which surprisingly worked. She said yes before I could even blink my eyes, brightening up instantly. Her cheerful mood got another boost when she won her mock duel against Riley, equalling their win-loss ratio.   

So, all-in-all, I had a really great time at school today— winning the mock duel, getting a blowjob from two beauties, and even asking out Kate on a date. If only my glitch had been miraculously fixed, this day would’ve been perfect.    


Well, I have around thirteen days left for that. Let’s see what happens. 

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Author’s note: We will do a small time-skip (of a few days) in the next chapter.

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  1. I am absolutely astounded. I found this novel this morning, 19 hours later I have binged it to this point. I must say, this has developed from standard smut to a favorite of mine. I look forward to the unlocking of the next chapters with *baited* breath.

    My compliments to the author! Thank you for the meal.

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