Chapter 117: The Mock Duels (Part-3)

Principal Winde said that the opponent will simply collapse once they have taken enough damage— he never said anything about fainting if the damage dealt is too high.  

There is momentary silence in which I couldn’t even hear a single sound, then suddenly, the entire stadium bursts into cheers and applause.  

Oh, I guess I finished the fight too early. Though it’s Leo’s fault, he provoked me!   

Two of the Beastkins— a Wolfman and a Dogman— rushes into the arena and quickly checks if Leo’s okay or not.   

“Just weak and unconscious! He will be fine once rested for an hour or two!” the Wolfman declares.   

With the help of the Dogman, he picks up Leo and takes him away to the resting area.   


“Ahem! The timer is still ongoing! Others, please continue your duel!” Principal Winde says in a loud voice and the cheering dies out.   

The other students in my groups haven’t even started their duels yet— most of them are still staring at me in shock.   

“Students! Continue, please!” Principal Winde repeats sternly.   

This time, the students come back to their senses and face each other again, finally starting their duel. I quickly move away from my block and stand near the edge of the ground, spectating at their duels with the crowd.   



Oh, man. They are just… dreadful.   

In just a few minutes, it becomes clear to me that almost everyone in group-1 is around Leo’s level at magic.   

A girl tried to use the difficult wind magic to knock her opponent off his feet but only manages to ruin his hairstyle. In response, the guy throws back a fireball at her, but his aim is so off that it flies towards the people dueling next to them instead (though the fireball extinguishes the moment it crosses their block’s boundary as if it got hit by an invisible wall).   

The pair next to them are using Water and Earth Magic respectively to attack each other, but the power of their spells is so low and their execution speed is so slow that the duel is getting prolonged.   

The last pair surprises me even more— they are just standing still, doing nothing. I mean, their hands are outstretched and their faces are strained, but I cannot see any Magic happening whatsoever.   


It’s clear that out of the four basic elemental magic taught to them, they’ve chosen to work hard on only one (I am skipping the last pair), honing it over the last few days. Maybe the teachers told them to do so.   

In my opinion, it’s a good strategy considering the limited time we had to learn magic, but the problem is— these guys are pathetic even at the magic they have practiced.   

If this is the level of all the students, then I will probably win all the mock duels easily…   

[Fufufu… That’s great, isn’t it? You can quickly destroy everyone in Ilyrana’s class and then have some sexy time with Leena!]  

Yes, I know but still, I was looking forward to having some fun in the mock duels.   

[This is just the first group, buddy. Don’t lose hope yet.]  


After around eight minutes, Principal Winde finally calls for the duels to stop. Apart from me, no one manages to get a clear victory in group-1, so those who landed the most hits are declared the winners.   

Finally, the second group is called to the ground and my group is allowed to leave.   

“Your spell was really powerful, buddy— knocked out that opponent of yours instantly. You must have trained really hard, right?”  

The guy walking beside me asks, jealousy clear in his voice.   

“Yeah, I did.”  

Giving him a small reply, I start climbing the stairs faster, leaving him behind.  

As I enter the stands again, my eyes immediately wander off towards the special reserved area to look for Leena— only to find her already staring back at me, a smug smile on her face. She gives me a small thumbs-up, which I return enthusiastically.   

To my surprise, Ilyrana, who’s sitting next to Leena, is also looking at me with interest even though the duels of the second group have started.   

Hmm… It looks like I got her attention as well. Nice.   

I start to climb up towards the top of the stands where Kate and Riley are sitting, but suddenly, my body freezes, and a deep chill runs down my spine.   

Killing intent. I feel a great killing intent.   

As this feeling is somewhat similar to what I got from Zakira the first time I saw her, I recognize it immediately. Slowly, I turn around and look at the direction from where this killing intent is coming from.   

Bloodshot blue eyes and blotchy red face— Leo’s girlfriend, Debbie, is glaring at me furiously. Just a single glance at her and I can tell that she didn’t like how I demolish her boyfriend.  

Holy shit…   

Ryan, who’s sitting beside her, is looking at me as well. His mouth is wide open and there is a painful look on his face— as if he’s trying to scream, but no sound is coming out.   

Why is he looking like this?  

Well, because currently, his arm is being gripped tightly by Debbie— getting squashed between her huge biceps.   

With much effect, he mouths the word “Help!” with pleading eyes.   


My eyes move from Ryan to Debbie’s vengeful face, traveling down further to check out her huge muscular body once again, before coming back to Ryan.   

“Sorry…” I grimly say while shaking my head, turning around and walking away under Ryan’s accusing eyes while also ignoring his swearing mouth.   

Bye, my friend.   

As much as I regret my decision, this is a battle that you must fight alone— or that bulky bitch will kill me along with you. Anyway, I will maintain a healthy distance from her until Leo wakes up and calm her down.   

Please, handle her until then. I believe in you.  

At last, I finally reach the top row of the stands where Kate and Riley are sitting and take my place between them.   

“Jacob, that was absolutely amazing! I didn’t know that you are so good at magic!” Kate exclaims immediately with sparkling eyes, hugging my arm once again.   

“Oh, come on, it was just a fireball. Not a big deal for me,” I say, trying to be modest.   

[Believe me, buddy. You sound so smug that this is making me cringe.]  

Shut up, you don’t have a body to cringe!  

“Yeah, I admit, the way you swat aside that fireball was really cool,” Riley also compliments me.   

“Thanks. Princess Leena is a great teacher, she made me practice a lot,” I say with a smile.   

Well, she did made me practice, but most of it is my own talent so…   

“Oh, that reminds me!” Kate says, her voice getting excited.  

“You promised to teach me magic, didn’t you Jacob? To cover up for the classes I missed when I was absent?”   


Damn, I totally forgot about that.   

“Yes, I did. Thanks for reminding me. But there’s one problem— with all these mock duels going on, when can I teach you?” I ask.   

[Good move, buddy! Now she will invite you to her house as her personal tutor! Sexy time again!]  

No, she won’t. We are not allowed to take the Core stones home, so she won’t be able to do magic outside school.   


“That’s no problem! Once both of us are done with our duels, we can go outside the stadium. As the grounds are empty, no one will disturb us— we can practice freely!” Kate says.   

“Hmm… that’s not a bad idea, actually. We can do that,” I say with a nod.   

[Yes! Make sure that you teach her all kinds of magic, buddy. Especially those which require the use of the special magic wand inside your pants.]  

Fufufu… I will try my best.   

“Eh… Jacob, can you teach me as well? As you know, I was an idiot back then and skipped most of the classes,” Riley asks, slightly timid.   

 “Yeah, sure. You can come as well,” I reply with a smile.   

Immediately, Kate’s grip on my hand tightens and a pout appears on her face.   

[Looks like Kate doesn’t want to share your wand.]  


No, I think she was just looking forward to spending some time alone with me.  

But I’ve already said yes to Riley…   

[Well, you shouldn’t go back on your word to a girl.]  


Well, I guess I will have to think of some other way to spend time with Kate exclusively.   

“Thank you, Jacob. I was scared that I will be left behind by everyone else. You don’t know how much this will help me. In fact, to show how much I appreciate this, I wish to return the favor,” Riley says, giving me a really bright smile.   

“Oh, there is no need for that. We are fine,” I say with a wave of my hand.   

“No, I insist. Please?” she asks.   


“Well, if you say it like that… sure, whatever,” I say with shrug.   

“Thank you! This is the only thing I can give you, so please enjoy it!”  

Saying this, Riley moves her hands towards my crotch and start unbuckling my pants.   

“What the heck are you doing!?” Kate shrieks.   

“Returning the favor in advance, of course,” Riley replies, lowering my pants and underwear to reveal my limp cock.   

[Come on, we need to do more favors for this chick so that she can return them!]  

“W-Wait, stop! Don’t touch him! You said that you’ve stopped doing things like these! Was that a lie!?” Kate demands aggressively.   

“No, it wasn’t. But Jacob is the only exception to that. He basically saved me from that life, I don’t mind doing these kinds of things for him,” Riley replies calmly, grabbing my cock and starting to stroke it slowly.   

“H-Hey! Stop that! This is a public place! What if Jacob doesn’t want you to do it!?” Kate asks, her hands twitching threateningly.   

At once, Riley stops moving her hand and looks at me.   

“You don’t want me to give you a blowjob?” she asks, tilting her head innocently.   


“W-Well… That is…” I look at Kate nervously, she glares back.   

“Do you!?” she asks as well.   

Yes, I do!!!   


I cannot say that.  

“You see… Eh… This favor… it is great… but… Eh…”   

I fall silent.  

Fuck! Why can’t I just lie and say no to Riley!?   

[Because you’re a true man and cannot refuse a blowjob from a hot girl!]  

Damn it…   

“I will take your silence as yes,” Riley says with a small laugh.   

She then proceeds to lower her face towards my crotch before taking my limp cock inside her mouth and starting to suck on it.   

“N-No! Jacob!”  


Kate looks at me and Riley for a few seconds helplessly, growing more and more frustrated, before finally bursting out.   

“Wait! I want to return the favor in advance as well!”  

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