Chapter 119: The Mock Duels (Part-5)

“Haaa… Haaa… Three times in a row… You’re quite horny today, Jacob,” Riley says breathlessly, turning around to look at me.   

“Well… Yeah, kind of…” I reply with a strained smile, thrusting a few more times to finish the ejaculation inside her before taking out my cock.   

Immediately, all the semen stuffed inside Riley’s pussy starts leaking out— running down her plump thighs before falling on the ground. Though not minding this, Riley quickly turns around and squats down, taking my semi-hard cock inside her mouth and cleaning every last bit of semen and love juices sticking to it.   

Once done, she finally wipes off the semen on her thighs and pussy before pulling up her panties and straightening her clothes again.   

“Let’s go, shall we?” She asks.   

I give her a nod, pulling up my pants as well.   

Together, we move out of the secret hidden spot between the eastern boundary wall and the school (where Zakira brought me earlier) and start walking towards the stadium.   

As the mock duels are about to start, the grounds are almost empty— everyone is inside the stadium already. Though unlike the first day, I cannot see Miss Laura or any other teacher standing outside the entrance door, waiting for those who haven’t arrived yet.   

Well, I guess there shouldn’t be any need to guide anyone anymore. After all, it’s been ten days since the mock duels started…   

Hey, Pink!   

[Yes, yes, I know. There you go!] 


Current System level: [0000]   

Max level: [Not defined]      

Life Points for Next Level up: [0000]   

Life Points: [60,500]  

Life points consumption rate: [0 point/minute]  

Magic Level: [0]  

Mission: [None]  


  1. Rebecca Woods, 22 (Perm.) [Level 0000]  
  1. Layla White, 22 (Perm.) [Level 0000]  
  1. Zakira Vondrack, 123 (Perm.) [Level 0000] 

Note: Temporary names will be removed from the list 24 hours after the sexual activity.   


  1. [Beast’s Scent] (Max Usage: 2 times/day)  
  1. [Beast’s Mind Read] (Can be used one time on a person per day) 

Note: Passive skills are not shown in the list.  

Magic: [None]  

Buyable skills and powers [Level 2]:  

  1. [Beast System Read Level 1] (Price: 10,000 points)  

               Skill Description: Read the basics of the system of any person in close proximity. [Max Usage: 2 times/week]  

  1. [Stamina +1] (Price: 1000 points)  

               Skill Description: Increase overall stamina. [Permanent]  

  1. [Penis Girth +1] (Price: 1500 points)  

               Skill Description: Increase penis length. [Permanent]  

  1. [Semen Volume +1] (Price: 1000 points)  

              Skill Description: Increase semen volume. [Permanent]  

Note: Skills will vanish if not acquired before leveling up.   

Points earning methods:   

      [Level 1] Specific Methods: –  

  1. Spank a woman [1000 points]  
  1. Get a hand-job from a woman in a public place [5000 points]  


  1. Point will not be added if done during sexual acts.  
  1. Points for task 2 will be given after the beast have an orgasm.  

         Permanent methods: –  

  1. Kiss [0 points]  
  1. Cunnilingus [0 points]  
  1. Fellatio/ mouth fucking [0 points]  
  1. Vaginal sex [0 points]  
  1. Anal sex [0 points]  
  1. Impregnating [0 points]  


  1. Points will be multiplied by 10 if the above are a girl’s first time.  
  1. 50% more points if permanent tasks are done with consent.  

Warning: All the permanent methods can give you points only once every day per girl.  

[Poison]: –  

  1. [Beast Awakening]: Lose control of your body with extreme sexual heat. Once activated, will go on for 30 minutes. Will raise in intensity and frequency as the level increases. Other specifications not defined.   
  1. [Instant death]: Activates if any of the beasts mating women (except for temporary rank) gets removed from the partner section or indulge in sexual activities with other than the beast. 
  1. [Mission Penalty]: Refusing any mission will cost a penalty of 1,000 points.   

Time left to level up: 0000  

“God fucking damnit!” I swear out loudly in frustration.   

“W-What happened, Jacob?” Riley asks, jumping up from my sudden outburst.   


“It’s… It’s nothing. I just checked my pocket, forgot my phone at home,” I lie, shaking my head.   

“Oh, you scared me there for a second,” she says, sighing in relief.   

[Calm down, buddy. I know it’s hard, but try to keep your emotions in control— at least in front of those who don’t know what you’re going through.]  

I know, but fucking hell!   

I’ve ejaculated five times since the morning! My dick freaking hurts like hell, but still— nothing!    

Only three days are left! What am I going to do!?   


Over the last ten days, my women and I have been working really hard to fix the glitch in my system. We’ve done all the temporary and permanent point-earning methods numerous times (except impregnation) and I even unnecessarily used the system skills I have— but without any success.   

With each passing day, I am growing more and more anxious and frustrated. My women try to hide it, but I know that they are even more worried than me. Their actions tell me everything.  

Layla is always ready to have sex with me no matter how tired she is, Rebecca comes to my house every day and stays until Maya arrives (sometimes, we go outside for a small walk so that she can give me a handjob in the park), and even Zakira tries to find as much time as possible from her insanely hectic schedule to attend to me at school.   

But still, nothing is working out. All of us are at our wits’ end at what to do now…   

[Hey, I have an idea! You’ve accumulated so many points. How about buying the remaining skills?]  

I bought the mind-reading skill, remember? It didn’t do shit.   

[Oh, come on! Who knows, maybe the key to fixing the glitch is to make your dick thicker!]  

… Fine, go on. Do whatever you want.   

[Thanks! So, do you want to unlock the skills: (Beast’s System Read), (Stamina +1), (Penis Girth +1), and (Semen Volume +1)? Answer in yes or no!]  


[Congratulations! The skills are bought and activated!]  


So, is my glitch fixed now?  

[…I am sorry, buddy.]  


Well, whatever.   

In a few minutes, Riley and I reach the stadium and climb up to the top of the stands. As usual, the front rows are all jam-packed with students— though fortunately, we don’t even intend to find a seat there.   

“Hey, why are you guys so late!?”   

Kate, who’s been waiting for us at the very last row, asks suspiciously as we finally reach her.   

“Oh, we arrived on time but Jacob was so horny that we ending up doing it thrice—”  

“No! No! No! I am not hearing anything! Just shut up and sit down both of you!” Kate says loudly, blocking her ears with her hand while shaking her head.   

Chuckling a little, Riley and I settle down on our usual seats.  

The three of us have been sitting here together since the mock duels started. I don’t know why Kate’s friends never invite her to sit with them (I notice them giggling and giving Kate thumbs up whenever they look back), but I do know why my friends are not doing so.   

It’s because of that bitch: Debbie Sherman.   

I thought Leo would be able to calm his macho girlfriend down after recovering from the duel— but he couldn’t. Instead, she even forbade him and Ryan to talk to me until she gets revenge by crushing me in a duel (it’s not even her revenge for fuck’s sake).   

Obviously, we still talk on the phone and everything, but neither of them even dare to come close to me while we’re in school. Well, unlike them, I don’t exactly fear Debbie but I still don’t fancy take any risk.   

I’m not sure what will happen if she decides to get violent with me…   

Debbie and I, both of us are currently holding the first position in the mock duels. On top of it, neither of us has lost a single match till date.   

Given, I am way better at magic than her. But to be honest, it’s not her magic that’s dangerous, it’s her style of dueling. It’s a rather unusual style (and scary), but quite effective nevertheless.   

Because of these factors, everyone in school wants to see our duel. And if we do match up, it’s going the most anticipated match ever.   

Well, anyway, let’s focus on the more important stuff for now…   

“So, Kate, about our date? Are you free today?” I ask.   

“No, I am still busy with something. Can you please wait a few more days?” she asks a bit uneasily, snuggling up to my arm cutely.   


“Sure…” I say.   

… if I am alive until then.   

Kate and I still haven’t gone out on our date yet. Apparently, she’s quite busy with something and cannot find time to do anything else at all— though I don’t know what this thing is.   

Oh well…   

“Anyway, you girls heard anything related to *him lately? Just asking to make sure that he’s not spreading any sort of rumor or anything,” I ask.   

“No, I haven’t,” Riley answers while shaking her head.   

“And you, Kate?”   

“Nope,” Kate says.   

“Hmm… It’s already been five days, I refuse to believe that he’s not even trying to do anything to get back at us,” I say wonderingly.   

“I think I should just go and threaten him a bit, just to be safe—”  

“Ahem! Good morning, everyone!”   

Suddenly, Principal Winde’s magically magnified voice interrupts me.  

“I’ve nothing much to say today, so let’s start with the slip distribution a little bit earlier than usual,” he says, pointing his hand towards the box sitting on the special reserved area.   

The next instant, hundreds of slips of paper bursts out and start flying all around the stadium. Three of them zooms in my direction and stops directly in front of me, Kate, and Riley respectively.   

I lazily grab mine and open it up.  

Name – Jacob  

Group – 2nd  

Opponent – Alex Kremer  

Turn around the paper…   

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    1. Broooohh9hohohoh really??
      Almost all is on zero (0) he didn’t die because his points needed for be a live is 0 but on a month will die because of the failure because is poisoning his body. The bug is because the black system missions


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