Chapter 113: The Last Lesson (Part-3)

“Mud trap!”  

A few meters in front of me, a circular wet patch appears on the ground. Though it’s not just a simple wet patch that appears when water is thrown on the ground, there is a certain sheen to it— in short, it’s mud.   

Now, of course, simply throwing water on the ground also creates mud, but its formation is not fast and its quantity is not large enough to be of any use to me. But by controlling water and earth elements simultaneously, I can create a lot of mud in an instant.   

Now, where can I use this mud?   

Simple, as a trap. In a duel, I can create a mud hole directly underneath my opponent. And as this mud hole is going to be a few meters deep, their feet will instantly sink in, restraining their mobility for a while.   

“Honestly, it’s quite easy to free yourself or even evade this spell if you know how to. That said, I don’t think that any human student will be able to do it,” Leena tells me.   

“Well, it’s good for me then,” I reply with a nod.   

“Moving on, the second one… Fire Snake!”  

From the palm of my right hand, a large fire erupts into existence once again. Though it’s very much unlike the Fireball I conjured earlier. Instead of spherical, this fire is thick and long— almost snake-like in shape. Also, instead of being launched forward, it hovers above my head, continuing to slither like a real snake.   

Hmm… it looks bigger than before. Nice.  

This is basically the advanced version of the simple Fireball spell, conjured with the use of Fire and Air elements at the same time. It’s much more useful than the Fireball due to the fact that I can actually change the direction of its motion even after launching it.   

Oh, and by the way, the fire can be shaped into anything, not just a snake. It’s just that a snake is really easy to make and it’s quite advantageous at the same time.   

“With enough practice, the caster can make it really difficult for the target to evade this attack. Though remember, it can still be blocked using a shield or a barrier with sufficient strength,” Leena gives her comment again.   

“Oh, then I will try not to give my opponents the chance to use a shield or a barrier,” I say with a wink.   

“That will be the best,” Leena nods approvingly.   

“Okay then, the third one… Create Mist!”   

This time, nothing shoots out of my hand or any other part of my body. Though the next instant, tiny water droplets suspend themselves in the air in front of me, creating a small space filled with mist that restricts my vision. Well, I can make out the figure of Leena, who’s standing a few meters away from me, but I cannot exactly distinguish her face or her features that easily.   

“Very good, Jacob! As expected from you. Now, how about you try the fog spell again?” Leena says.   

“You know I cannot maintain that for too long— if I even successfully perform it first, that is,” I reply with a small sigh.   

“This is our last lesson, I want to see your everything!” Leena insists.   

Though I cannot see her face, I know she’s pouting a little.   

[Ohoho, she wants to see your everything, bud— my Lord. Rip your pants off and thrust your ding-dong in her face, baby!]  


By everything, she meant all the magic I can do, idiot.   

[You don’t know that! She wasn’t clear at all! Be a smooth motherfucker and ask her to show her everything in exchange! Especially what’s under her Royal skirt!]  

Yeah, forget it. She’s a princess, I don’t fancy dying this early.   

Anyway, let me concentrate.   

“Okay, fine. Here goes nothing… Create Fog!”  

Immediately, to my joy, the tiny water droplets start to compress and their density in the air increases exponentially. Anyone can tell just by looking closely— the mist is getting converted into fog.   

This time, Leena’s figure completely vanishes from my view, I cannot tell if she’s still standing in her place or not.  

But still, she’s not making any comment yet— Leena knows that creating the fog is not the toughest part, but maintaining it is.  

“Come on… Come on… Fuck!”  

I swear loudly as my concentration finally wavers and the fog turns back to mist. Then, with a final wave of my hand, I dispel the mist as well before looking at Leena again (who hasn’t moved an inch, by the way).   

“Ten seconds!” she announces excitedly.   

“What!? I maintained it for three more seconds this time? I didn’t notice at all…” I say, surprised.   

“Well, as I said before, your growth rate is phenomenal. If only you could level up…”  

Leena stops speaking, looking a bit awkward all of a sudden.   

She knows that human students are using magic through the Core Stones, not by leveling up.   

But what she doesn’t know is that I am an exception…  

“A-Anyway, the Mist and the Fog spell— both are really useful if you want to make an escape or when you want a bit of a breathing room amid a duel or combat,” Leena continues after a small pause.   

“But again, this is for lower-level opponents or humans. Anyone who can use the spell Clear Visibility or higher spells will be able to see through the Mist and Fog easily.”  


“Okay, so none of my spells will work against higher-level opponents?” I ask, getting a little irritated now.   

To be honest, the reason why I love double elemental spell is because they seem powerful and, more importantly, all of them are really useful (I believe).   

But if Leena keeps shooting them down like this…   

“Jacob, you need to understand that levels matter a lot when it comes to the magical power of an individual. Even the simple Fireball spell can be extremely destructive if it’s casted by someone at a really high level— Naomi, for example. And on top of that, unlike you, they have spent decades learning numerous spells and counter-spells,” Leena tells me.   

Oh, damn…  

Well, one thing is good. I thought the spells I am learning will become useless once I level up. Thankfully, that’s not the case.   

But still, at my current level, higher-level opponents are out of my league…  

“Well, that’s good to know,” I say, a bit cheerful again.   

“Really? I thought you will feel down after hearing this…” Leena says with a frown, sounding a little suspicious.   

Oh shit.   

She doesn’t know that I will be leveling up.  

“T-There is no point getting sad over something I have no control upon—”  

[Like the size of your dick.]  

I have control over that, bastard!   

[Only if you survive the glitch *shrug*]  


“You are right. There is no need for you to be sad, Jacob,” Leena says, determination filling her eyes.  

“I will make sure of that…”   

She adds the last part in an undertone but I still hear it.   

Leena will make sure that I won’t get sad?   

[Yup, she will chase away your all your sadness with her huge Elf titties!]  

Well, I certainly hope so.  

“Anyway, let’s move on. It’s time for the last and the most powerful spell I can currently use!”   

Declaring out loud, I thrust out my hand and open my fist.   


*POP* *POP* *POP* *POP* *POP*  

Numerous small popping noises start arising from my palm of my hand along with tiny flashes of light.   

[I am not gonna lie to you, buddy. This is just plain embarrassment.]  

Oi! You saw me do it the last time as well. Why are you saying this now!?   

And wait…   

“Can I use the bigger version!?” I ask Leena pleadingly.   

“Nope, that will attract unwanted attention.”   

But she outright declines.   


[Oh, so there is a bigger version?]  

Yeah, I haven’t tried it yet but it’s supposed to be awesome.  

[Well, that’s relieving… Somewhat.]  

“You can stop now, Jacob,” Leena finally says.   


I close my hand and the popping noise stops immediately.   

“So, the revision of all the eight spells I have taught you is complete. What you have achieved should be nearly impossible, but this just proved your prodigious talent,” she says, praising me.   

“Well, thanks,” I say, my cheeks getting a little hot.  

“And with this, our last lesson is finished.”  

Leena closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.   


Muttering my name, she slowly opens her eyes again. To my surprise, there is a strange sort of gleam in them that wasn’t there before.   

And for some reason, it sends a frightening chill down my back…   

Immediately, without any warning, Leena closes the gap between us and stands in front of me— closer than the princess of the dark Elf kingdom should.   

“Jacob, I am now sure than ever that you will finally fulfill my dream of besting that despicable Ilyrana. With the spells I have taught you at your disposal, there is no way you will lose to any of her students,” She says in a passionate and revered tone, grabbing my hands at the same time and squeezing them strongly.   

For a moment, I get distracted by how pleasantly soft and warm her small hands feel, but Leena still continues on.   

“Through you, I am going to make her taste a crushing defeat. I will get back at her for every humiliation she has shown me until now. Everyone will agree that I am a better teacher and a better mentor than her, that I am not just a—”  


Suddenly, a loud voice interrupts Leena’s zealous speech, making both of us look in the direction from where it came from.   


Zakira is standing at a distance with an utterly shocked expression on her face— as if she cannot believe what she’s seeing.   

“Why are you holding her hand!? Do you even know what that means!?”   

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 113: The Last Lesson (Part-3)

    1. Now we now the real temptations that succubuses offer 😀

      Still, if I remember right, long time ago royals were not to be touched by those of lower birth. If elves still swing this way, then simple fact of touching the princess should put Jacob veeery deep.

      I am not sure about the girls, but their fathers may be more competetive, when they learn of Jacob being sought by other princesses.


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