Chapter 112: The Last Lesson (Part-2)

“Well, fine. I guess you are right,” I say with a shrug.   

If I cannot learn anything important about dueling today, then it’s better just to revise all the things I have learned until now— from Leena.   

Of course, this is not going to be a complete revision as I am not going to show her the magic Black has taught me.  

[Hey! I want to see it, my Lord! The magic Black’s been teaching you!]  


And what will I say when Leena asks from where I’ve learned it?   

[Eh… Well… ]  


[Oi, don’t call me an idiot! I am just trying to figure out how much harm is done. Black wasn’t supposed to teach you anything, much less let you know that we can—]  

The letters stop appearing in front of my eyes abruptly.  

Wait, why wasn’t Black supposed to teach me?   


Tell me.   

[W-Well, you should only learn magic from your teachers, don’t you think? It’s not fair to your schoolmates that you are being taught privately.]  

… Since when did you start caring about my schoolmates and, more surprisingly, being fair?   

And anyway, think about it— it’s not just Black, Leena is teaching me in private as well.   

Why? Because she believes that I am more talented than others. Anyone else could’ve been in my place if they just had more talent.   

[T-True, true. You are correct. Let’s just forget what I said.]  

No, listen.   

Black started teaching me before Leena, and that too, from the basics because I missed my first class. Then, as we got busy with our revenge plan, Black couldn’t teach me as intensively as the first couple of days.   

Meanwhile, Leena started teaching me. She steadily progressed with her lessons, covering almost everything Black taught me and even getting ahead. So, all in all, you can say that I would have learned almost everything from Leena even if Black hasn’t taught me a thing.   

And so, I don’t think it’s unfair to anyone.   

[Yeah, I agree with you now. It is not unfair—]  

[Hey, wait a second, but you just said that you cannot show Leena the magic Black has taught you! How come is that possible if both of them taught you the same things!?]  

Sigh… I said that Leena covered up almost everything Black taught me.   

There is this one spell she didn’t teach me that Black did. It’s quite powerful if you ask me and—  

“Is there any problem, Jacob? Your Core Stone is working fine, right?”  

Suddenly, Leena’s worried voice interrupts me.   


Taking place on a mental level, the conversation between me and my system happens much faster than normal talking— but still, when we talk a lot, others might notice that I’ve become absentminded for a few seconds.   

We will talk about this later, Pink.   


“Yeah, it’s working fine. Let’s start,” I answer Leena, giving a quick involuntary glance at Core-Stone imbedded bracelet I am wearing on my wrist— something I have never used to cast magic.  

“Okay then, show me the basic spells,” Leena says.   


Spreading my legs and raising my hands to position myself, I cast my very first magical spell.   


For an instant, a blue spark appears in the center of my open palm before bright flames bursts into existence. Vaguely resembling a sphere, these flames are around 20 centimeters in diameter. If one is not manipulating the element of air at the same time, this is the general shape fire takes when conjured— spherical.   

“See, it’s almost double the size of the first-ever fireball you conjured. As I told you: practice pays— more to you than others,” Leena comments with a proud smile.   


Granted, the size of my fireball is almost double of what it used to be, but it’s still smaller than the fireball Alex accidentally launched at me the other day.   

How the heck did that butt-fucked bastard managed to do that? And in our first class at that…   

Is he better at Magic than me?   

Nah, I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that this isn’t the case. Maybe he’s just good at fire magic in particular?   

“Okay, next one,” I say, extinguishing the fireball.  

This time, I move my right hand behind my back and swing it forward as fast as I can— almost as if slapping an invisible person in front of me.   

“Water Splash!”  

A thin film of water, enough to fill only a small glass, launches forward. Gaining extra momentum from my swing, the water splashes on the ground a few meters away from me… making a wet patch on the ground.   

Yeah, just that.  

This is the weakest elemental spell that I know of. Actually, I should have performed this spell before the Fireball, but I didn’t feel like starting my revision with this shitty thing.  

Personally, I think that even learning this useless spell (for a duel) is an insult to magic— I just produced some water and threw it. Actually, I don’t even need to throw it, I just do it to make it look a bit cool (which it doesn’t).   

But well, Leena thinks differently. According to her, if the opponent is someone inexperienced (like humans), this spell can come in handy.   

“Use it when you are close to your opponent and aim for their face. If successful, they will look away or get blinded for a second, giving you an opening,” she gives her reason once again.   

Honestly, I don’t think it will work, but I am not going to waste my time arguing over this pathetic spell…   

“Sure thing. Anyway…”  

Time to do something fun.   

Straightening my hand and keeping it vertical, I raise my arm so that it levels up with my shoulder.   

“Water Blade!”   

Instantly, from the tip of my middle finger, a thin, high pressured stream of water shoots out. The force is so great that the water travels for several meters in a straight line (almost) and splashes against the boundary wall of the school. Though no visible damage can be seen.   

“Jacob! I told you to go from the weakest spells to the powerful ones. Why did you use Water Blade now?” Leena asks.   

I know she’s trying to reprimand me, but the impressed (and ecstatic) look on her face betrays her.   

Water Blade.   

The most powerful spell I can perform at my level using a single element (water). As just seen, the biggest shortcoming of this spell is that if the target is at a great distance, like the school wall, this spell is basically as useless as the shitty Water Splash.   

But if the target is close to me, say, within half a meter, then a swing of this high-pressure stream of water can cut through even iron and steel. Even if the target is farther than that, the force of the water can still do some pretty serious damage to someone in the range of 4 to 5 meters. But after that, the pressured water loses its strength.   

Actually, I tried this spell at home once.   

The result? There is a hole in my bed now.   

[Can you fit your dick inside that hole? If yes, then we can ask Layla to get underneath and suck you off.]  

[Oh, and a piece of advice— remove the mattress or your dick won’t reach the other end. Though there won’t be any problem with the thickness, I am sure. Hahaha!]  


I thought you were going to give me some respect for a couple of hours. That also includes not making fun of me, you bastard!   

[Oh, shit. Sorry, my Lord! *inserts a bow*]  


“For someone at your level— tremendous. But still, you should have done it after the Earth Shield,” Leena says, still not giving up.   

What’s the point?  


“Well, I can do it now,” I say, shaking my head.   

Closing my hand to form a fist, I point it towards the ground. Then, simultaneously, I raise my hand upwards and drop down my body.   

“Earth Shield!”  

A split second later, the ground underneath my feet protrudes upwards in the shape of a wave— concave on my side, convex on the other side. As it’s around meter tall, I have bend down to fully shield my body. Though it’s thick is enough to make me feel a sense of security hiding behind it.   

“If we talk about the basic elements— Earth Shield is good against fire Magic but bad against water and wind Magic. Use this one carefully,” Leena says.   

“I know, I know. Anyway, can I start with the double Elemental Magic now?” I say, making the protruding ground flat again and standing up.   

Currently, I can control at most two elements at once using magic. And it goes without saying that with two elements, I can perform more useful (but not necessarily more powerful) magic than with just one.   

“Okay, go on,” Leena gives the green signal.   

Yes! Finally!   

“Oh, wait, I totally forgot.”  

But before I could do anything, Leena interrupts again.   

“Yes?” I ask exasperatedly.   

“Can you summon a small breeze? I know what you will say, but it’s just for the sake of using all the four basic elements once,” she says, a but defensive already.   


Air element on its own can be really powerful, but one requires a great amount of magical power to harness its destructive strength. And simply said, I don’t have that much power yet.   

On the other hand, when Air element is combined with other elements using Magic, powerful effects can be produced even in its weak form.   

“Do I really have to?” I ask impatiently.   

“No, but it would be nice… This is our final lesson, you know,” she says, looking gloomy.  

Oh, fuck it…   

Quickly raising my hand, I summon a gentle breeze and direct it towards Leena, slightly ruffling her magnificent silvery blond hair. Unintentionally her cheeks also get caressed, making her blush a little.  

“Now, the serious stuff….”   

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