Chapter 114: Lewdest Thing Ever

Eh? What is Zakira saying?   

“O-Oh, I am sorry!”   

Apologizing in a terrified voice, Leena retracts away her hand so quickly that it seems like an electric shock has gone through her body, contracting her muscles.   

Her slightly maddened and overly passionate expression is also gone now, replaced by a frightened look that doesn’t suit her beautiful face.   

“P-Please, I beg you to forget what happened. It was by mistake, I got carried away. E-Excuse me.”  

Saying this, she quickly turns around and leaves as fast as she could without breaking into a run.   


“What was that about?” I mutter.   

“Wait, she was grabbing your hand!?” Zakira asks in an even more shocked tone, jogging to close the distance between us.  

“Yeah, but why are you reacting like that’s a big deal!? And what happened to Leena? Why was she looking so scared!?” I ask, confused.   


“… At least no one saw both of you except me,” She mutters with a sigh.   

“Hey, answer me!”  

Zakira turns around to look at me, her expressions gravely serious.   

“Do you know anything about the Elven customs at all!?” she asks.   

“Eh… Not really? I mean, I know the basic stuff about Elves but I haven’t studied about their culture or anything yet,” I say with a shrug.   

“Oh, Jacob…”  

Zakira shakes her head.   


“Okay, listen to me carefully. I will tell you something really important,” she says.   

“The Elves— whether it be the White Elves or the Dark Elves— believe that their bodies are really pure and that it will get defiled if touched by others. And thus, after a certain age, they don’t prefer to be touched directly by anyone except their life partners— especially not by the opposite sex at that.”  


“Wait a second, this used to be the case hundreds of years ago. I have read somewhere that the Elves are pretty chill about it these days,” I say with a frown.   

To be honest, I have not really read anything. It’s just that Leo, our brothel and porn expert, once told me that the Elven brothels are rumored to be the best in the world.  

And well, if Elves don’t let anyone touch them, then how come these brothels exist!?   

Zakira looks a little impressed.   

“I am glad to know that you are not completely unaware. Yes, unlike a few centuries ago, there exists some Elves who don’t believe that physical touch, or even having a casual physical relationship with others, can defile their bodies— but they are in minority,” she tells me.   

“Anyway, as this is a custom, not a law, there is no need for us to concern ourselves with what their public thinks or does. What is important for us to understand is that the Elven Royal families follow this custom with extreme strictness. They even pride themselves in following all their traditions.  

“In fact, it’s widely known that the punishment for having any sort of physical contact with the Royal family members, even by accident, is death— not that it has ever happened before, mind.   

“As you might have noticed, all the Elves in the school are wearing clothes that cover their entire body even though it’s summer— Ilyrana and Leena even wear hand-gloves most of the time. And that’s why I was so shocked when I thought that you forcibly touched the Dark Elf princess.  

“Well, obviously, their laws don’t apply in your country, but still, it could have seriously affected the relationship between Humans and Elves. I am pretty sure that your country would have rather handed you over as a criminal than to piss off the Elves,” She finishes.   

What the fuck!?   

“And what about my rights, huh!? They cannot just give me a death sentence for touching someone!” I say, outraged.   

“Well, as the Elves are the biggest backers of humans, I don’t think your country would have cared much about your rights. The support of Elves is much more important than a single life,” Zakira answers with a shrug.   


“But I didn’t touch Leena, she touched me! I won’t be getting fucked up for her mistake, right!?” I ask.   

“Did she ask you to marry her?” she asks all of a sudden.   


“What!? Don’t ask irrelevant questions. We are discussing something serious here,” I say, annoyed.   

“This is not irrelevant, just answer me— did she ask you to marry her?” she repeats.   

“… No, she didn’t. Why would she!?”  

Zakira gives a huge sigh of relief before replying.   

“Well, you are safe then. The fault lies completely with the Dark Elf princess for making physical contact with you without even having your approval for marriage first,” She tells me.   

“Really? So, Leena will be punished!?” I ask.   

“Well, in a sense. It depends on whether you decide to tell everyone about what happened or not. In case you do, the news will obviously reach the Elven Royal family. And I believe they will secretly try to convince you to marry Leena in exchange for riches and goods 

“You can decline, of course, without facing any consequences at that, but Leena will be disgraced in her country then. On top of that, she will never be allowed to marry anyone as long as she lives,” Zakira answers.   

Oh, shit…   

“But well, everything is fine because you won’t tell anyone about this… right Jacob?”  

[So, when are you planning to do the interview?]  


What interview?   

[Your interview with the news channels— when will you do it?]  

What are you talking about!?   

[Oh, man… When will you reveal it to the world that Leena lewded your hand!? I cannot wait for you to tap that Dark Elven ass, man!]  


Well, I am not gonna lie, the prospect is slightly tempting but the risks are really great.   

[What risks!? Zakira said that you won’t face any consequences, right!?]  

Yeah, but she’s not an Elf, remember? I cannot be sure of what she says.   

And anyway, what if Leena lie and put the blame on me!? No one will believe me over her.  

[That’s impossi— I-I mean, that’s a possibility.]  

You see!?   

Anyway, let’s talk about this later. As you can see, I am a little busy right now.   

[Yes, yes, being a lucky bastard requires quite some effort. No sarcasm. Later then.]  


“Can you massage my balls,” I say.   

Zakira, who’s mouth is already wrapped around my cock, raises her hands and start playing with my balls as well. Currently, both of us are standing at the deserted place between the easternmost side of the school building and the boundary wall.   

This is the reason why Zakira was looking for me earlier— to blow my cock. As per the meeting of my permanent women yesterday, she is responsible for helping me with the point eating methods in school— and she’s doing it dutifully.   

“C-Come one, cum quickly,” she whispers, taking my cock out of her mouth for a moment to speak before getting back to work again.   

Her face is completely red with shame and embarrassment. And the reason is quite clear— there is actually a small chance that someone might find us here.   

We are not really far away from the grounds where the Magic practice is still ongoing. In fact, the collective noise of the students is clearly audible to me. I know that the P.E storage room would have been much safer, but Zakira pulled me here without even asking for advice.  

“You are right. We need to hurry,” I say in an agitated tone (fake), deciding to have some fun with Zakira.   

“The sole princess of the Vampire kingdom sucking off a human behind the school building— what people will say if they find out,” I mutter worriedly.   

Zakira’s face turns even redder and she increases the speed of her mouth.   

“Squatting down with legs spread up, panties clearly visible with a wet patch at the bottom, tits hanging out freely— it’s such a slutty position, don’t you think? Tch, too disgraceful,” I continue savagely, bending down to knead her bare tits with my hand.   

For some reason, her mouth is salivating like crazy now, making even my balls wet.   

Damn… Is she liking this?   

Well, let’s continue.  

“I cannot imagine how your father will react to this. He will be really disappointed, to say the least— Holy fuck!”  

Too fast.   

Zakira’s face is moving too fast.  

She has wrapped her right hand around my waist and is forcing me to thrust my cock inside her mouth, synchronizing it with her motion to double the speed.   

Damn… It feels like my whole body is being enveloped inside her soft and wet mouth, not just my cock.   

It’s dangerous, I might have provoked Zakira too much. I clearly didn’t expect this blowjob to turn out like this. Even my knees are getting wobbly from the intense pleasure.   

Damn it!   

“I am cumming!” I grunt out loudly.   

Feeling a huge load rising from my balls, I grab Zakira’s hair to stop her from moving— but she doesn’t.   


The next instant, globs of semen start erupting out of my cock. I can actually feel Zakira’s throat contracting and swallowing up the semen filling her mouth— all while continuing to milk for more.   

A few dozen seconds later, the ejaculation finally finishes. Sucking out the semen remaining in my urethra, Zakira also removes her mouth from my cock.  

“Damn… That was really good,” I say breathlessly.   

“I am glad that you enjoyed it. Anyway, we should leave before anyone comes,” she says, hastily stuffing her boobs inside the dress again and straightening herself.   

“Okay, let’s go then,” I say, pulling up my pants as well.   

“Not together, I will go first. And yes, we probably won’t meet again today, so I will say this now— Good luck with the mock duels tomorrow.”  

With this, Zakira takes off.   

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