Chapter 61: Image Revamping (Part-5)

“W-What… No, y-you are surely joking, right?” Neustadt asks, attempting to smile but couldn’t because of his heavily twitching face.   

“No, I am not kidding at all. I will fuck your wife and you will fuck pig— mimicking my moves exactly,” I tell him with a shrug.   

Neustadt’s mouth hangs open and it looks like he’s about to faint from fear and shock. Though Pig just is standing silently— most probably gone temporarily deaf after the gunshot.   

On the other hand, Reagan and the gang women are also looking at me in surprise— the last part was not in the plan. I was just supposed to fuck Neustadt’s wife in front of him, not make him fuck Pig as well.   

But still, I added this to the punishment because of a very important reason— to show all the woman of the gang that I have enough backbone to at least make changes in Regan’s plan, that I can be cruel as well if I want to.  

Of course, they will not really start believing all these things— not yet anyways. But if I just leave a strong impression of myself inside their minds, it’s a success. And I know that this doesn’t seem much, but it’s enough for the beginning.  

I still have a long way to go…   

“Okay then, let move to the next room and have some fun!” I say cheerfully, standing up.   

Almost immediately, all the women sitting around me stands up as well, looking at me attentively. Just as I expected, Reagan doesn’t make any sharp eye-contact or show me any specific gesture, basically not opposing to the changes I made— after all, it’s completely harmless to the gang and maybe even beneficial.   

Hmm… But to be honest, everyone is acting much better compared to when Chloe first came to the base a few days ago. I am sure that Reagan is strictly working on them, and I hate to admit it, but she’s being successful.   

“H-Hey, wait! Listen to me, please!” Neustadt pleads.   

“T-This is impossible! I-I won’t be able to even… to even make it stand up!” he screams out.   

“Oh, yeah, you are right…” I say, halting.   

“Y-You understand, right!? I-It’s impossible isn’t it!?” he asks hopefully.   

“Well, no. By the way, thanks for remaining me… Valerie, give him the drug!”   

“Yes, leader,” Valerie replies solemnly.   

The next instant, she opens a small pouch that she’s been carrying around for a while and takes out a syringe and a small glass bottle filled with a clear liquid.   

Quickly but carefully, she then fills the syringe with the clear liquid and moves next to Neustadt. Before he could even realize what’s going, Valerie grabs his right arm, stabs the syringe right under his biceps, and injects the liquid inside his body.   

“H-Hey! Hey! Hey! What are you doing!?” Neustadt shouts, moving his hand with a jerk.   

But it’s already too late…   

“Good. Now, you will as hard as rock in just a couple of minutes— whether you like it or not!” I say, giving him a thumbs up.   

“What!? B-But that’s cheating! You cannot do this!” he shouts.   

“Cheating!? This is not an exam, idiot. And I have already done it. Anyway, let’s get going…” I say, starting to move towards a door on my left side.   

The women quietly follow me, but Neustadt starts to protest again midway— through a good smack on the back of his head silences him again.  

Opening the door, I enter inside the room together with everyone. To my surprise, the room is completely empty, without any furniture or anything. Well, except the two tables standing in the middle of the room, both at a considerable distance from each other.   

For a second, the presence of the second table greatly alarms me— making me wonder if Reagan knew about out my plan already. But then, I notice a few gang women standing at the opposite end of the room.   

They must have brought in the extra table through the other door when I was talking about the punishment in the next room.  

On top of the left table that’s actually supposed to be there, Grace Neustadt is tied up as planned with the upper half of her body is lying flat on the table and her legs are reaching down to the floor— all the limbs tied up tightly to the legs of the table.   

Being in her early thirties, she’s is not as beautiful as Lily or a few other gang women I know, but there is a certain adult charm to her. Though if we see it from Neustadt’s standard— she’s like a goddess.   

Long, dark violet hair with big light-blue eyes, smooth and spotless white skin without a trace of wrinkles or anything, pleasantly large breasts and a nice bubbly butt (which probably seems bigger due to the position she’s in). Honestly, she looks pretty luscious.  

I cannot fathom why Neustadt would cheat on her…  

Though clearly humming a song while tapping her feet impatiently, the moment Grace’s eyes fall on us— especially Neustadt— she stops, her carefree face turning twisted with pain.   

“David!!! Help me, please! I was so scared! That man was talking about raping me!” she shouts, sobbing, though there is no trace of tears in her eyes.   

“Shut up, you bitch! Do you even know what they are making me do!?” Neustadt shouts, finally finding someone on whom he can let out his anger.   


For real? This is how you talk to your wife when she’s about to get raped?   

That’s some weird way to give her hope…   

Even Grace seems a little shocked by her husband’s reaction. She must have at least expected him to be a little worried for her.   

“Okay, tie this Pig up exactly like Neustadt’s wife is tied up,” I order, pointing at the table on the right side.   

Instantly, both the women in charge of Pig drags him to the table and forcefully bends him down on top of it. At this exact moment, his body decided to finally come out of the frozen state, making him notice what’s going on around.   

“H-Hey! What are you— Why the fuck are you tying me to this table!? Wait! Stop!” He starts shouting, struggling strongly.   

But all of it is futile as the women are much stronger— restraining him with ease and tying him up completely in less than a minute.   

“Okay then, Reagan, it’s your responsibility to make sure than Neustadt does everything to Pig that I do to his wife, okay? Now, take him to Pig,” I order.   

“Yes, leader.”  

Giving me a nod, Reagan points her gun at Neustadt, taking him from the women in charge of him.   

I suppress yet another urge to laugh as my teacher whimpers in fear before starting to move obediently. It’s clear that he fears Reagan the most in this room— even more than me. And thus, there is no way he will even try to be smart with her.   

To be honest, the main reason why I am making Reagan keep an eye on Neustadt is because my focus will be on Grace and Grace only.  


Because if I even look at Pig or Neustadt during their act, I am absolutely sure that my dick won’t be able to stand up. True, I will enjoy knowing that Neustadt is fucking Pig, but that doesn’t mean that I fancy seeing it.   

Anyway, let’s start…   

I move close to the table where Grace is tied up and bend down such that our faces are leveled. She’s no longer crying for Neustadt’s help but is looking angrier than ever instead.   

Well, considering what her husband just said… I am not surprised.   

“Are you ready?” I ask, whispering.   

“Yes, but no one told me that you guys will make that cheating son of bitch fuck that meatball,” she replies.   

“Why, you mind?” I ask, raising my eyebrows.   

“No, I just want to kiss whosoever had this idea,” she says savagely.   

“Well, sure,” I say, holding Grace’s face and kissing her lips violently.   

Her eyes widen in surprise, but she starts kissing me back almost immediately.   

I do feel a twinge of guilt and regret, kissing someone other than Lily by my own accord. But well, I need to subdue this feeling and focus on my goal…   

“Hey, teacher, you can see what leader’s doing, right? Kiss this fat fucker, now!”  

I hear Reagan’s intimidating voice.   

“P-Please, listen to me, Caiden! I am your teacher! D-Don’t make me do this!” Neustadt pleads to me in his shaky voice.   

“Y-You can do anything you want to my wife— R-Rape her, drug her, kill her— I don’t care. J-Just please… please don’t make me do this. I-I beg you!”  



I try to separate my lips, intending to say something insulting, but Grace shakes her head lightly, urging me to continue kissing her.   

It’s easy enough to tell that Neustadt has just doused his wife in a fresh wave of anger.   

“Hey, bastard! We told not to speak to the leader unless he talks to you first, remember!? And if you don’t do what I am telling you to… I will make you!”  

Out of the corner of my eyes, I see Reagan grabbing Neustadt’s hair and forcing him down on the floor.   

“H-Hey, don’t tell me that you guys are serious about this!?”  

Oh, and our idiot Pig thought that everyone here is kidding.  

Wow, you keep surprising me…   

At this, Reagan grabs Pig’s hair as well to keep his head in place, before pushing Neustadt towards him.   


And thus, my class teacher and his favorite student finally share their first man-to-man kiss together— first one on the lips, mind. They have kissed each other’s ass many times before…   

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