Chapter 62: Image Revamping (Part-6)

After a few minutes, Grace and I finally separate from our kiss. On the table next to us, Reagan also releases Neustadt and Pig— My dear teacher actually falls on his back, tripping as he tries to get away from Pig as quickly as possible while simultaneously wiping his lips furiously.   

Almost all the women present inside the room laugh at this sight, including Grace and Reagan.  

“Even though you are about to rape me, that was the best kiss I’ve even had,” Grace says in a timid voice, clearly trying to get an entertaining reaction from her husband.   

But sadly, Neustadt’s so frightened right now that he could only muster up a shocked expression at her wife’s remark.  

“Now, my student Neustadt, that was the first step in our practical class today— Kissing the person you’re about to fuck. Next up, things will get a bit more intense,” I say, mimicking how Neustadt gives his lecture (basically using excessive and unmeaningful hand gestures).   

“So, step two: properly lubricate both the male and female sexual organs for proper penetrating— or, in your case, male sexual organ and… eh… an asshole, I guess?   

“Ahem, anyway, the quickest way to do this is, of course, through the 69 position, but as Pig and your wife are tied up to the table, we will start by getting our dick sucked first. So, let’s start,” I tell him, standing up again.   

This is it. From now on, no matter what, I shouldn’t look at these idiots until this thing is over. In fact, I actually felt a bit nauseous just looking at their kiss, imagine what will happen if I actually see Pig getting— No, there is no need for me to even imagine anything.   

“P-Please, I will never trouble you again, I promise! Just stop this!” Neustadt starts begging again.   

“I-I won’t do that! You cannot make me! You cannot!” Pig squeals.   

Oh, yeah? Watch me…  

Ignoring both of them, I unbuckle my pants and take it off along with my underwear, revealing my cock. Even though it’s limp, I can feel the curious gazes of all the women focusing on my crotch.    

As the majority of the gang members are forbidden to interact with men in any way, it’s a great possibility that many of them are seeing a penis live for the first time in their life.   

But for some reason, I don’t feel shy or embarrassed at all. Maybe it’s because I came prepared for this or because I have a solid purpose in mind— I don’t know.  

“Suck it,” I say, keeping my cock directly in front of Grace’s face.   

“Yes, I will. Just… Just don’t kill me,” she says in a loud voice, gladly taking my limp manhood inside her warm mouth and starting to suck on it.   

“Hey, do what our leader’s doing! Come on!” Reagan says.   

“Please, please. Don’t make me—”  

“I told you, I won’t—  

Both Pig and Neustadt abruptly stop speaking. Even though I am not looking at them, it’s easy to tell that Reagan must have raised her gun again.    


After a few seconds, I hear the sound of clothes dropping to the floor…   

“Look, that one’s already hard but still not that bigger than the limp one,” One of the spectating women says wonderingly.   

“And the limp is getting big in her mouth as well, see!” another woman notices, points towards my crotch.   

Sigh… It’s like they are here to watch a live sex show.   

Though indeed, my dick is actually getting erect due to Grace’s simulation— despite myself, I am starting to feel great pleasure from her blowjob. The way her tongue skillfully finds and rub my sensitive places, it’s clear that she’s experienced according to her age.   

As my penis finally becomes as big as it could, Grace takes it out of her mouth for a moment and look at my manhood in wonder.  

“T-That’s pretty big… Easily more than double my husband’s size in both length and thickness for sure,” She says, quite impressed.   

“Oh, so contrary to his big mouth, that Prick’s prick is quite small, huh?” I ask loudly, making the women laugh again.   

But still, I don’t intend to confirm this with my own eyes.   

“Yes, it’s pretty small and doesn’t even have a nice shape like yours. I wonder how much of this huge thing can I take inside my mouth…” Grace mutters, looking at my cock ecstatically.   

“Only one way to find out, I guess…”  

Spitting on my cock to make it even more slimy and wet, Grace takes it inside her mouth once again. Though this time, she continues to swallow even after having more than half of it inside, nearly reaching the base.   


Not having that much experience, a deep-throat is certainly too much for me to handle.   


Thankfully, it looks like my cock is too much for Grace to handle as well, as just before it could completely disappear inside her mouth, her gag-reflexes takes over and she starts coughing heavily— forcing me to take out my cock.  

“Damn it, I was so close! Can I try again?” she asks in a whisper.   

“No, this much is enough,” I tell her straight.   

My dick is already as lubricated as it could get.  

“Fine…” Grace mutters, disappointed.   

She then looks sideways at Pig and Neustadt and starts to giggle once again.   

“Fufufu… It looks like both of them will throw up at any moment. Anyway, I think they are done as well,” she tells me.   

Okay then…   

“Now that our cocks are thoroughly wet with saliva, let’s move behind our partners to mount them” I declare, moving to the other end of the table where Grace’s ass is protruding.   

“Hey! Move!” Reagan barks, forcing Neustadt to move as well.   

Getting on my knees this time, I lift up Grace’s skirt to reveal her butt wrapped in pale green panties. Once again, after a couple of seconds, I hear the sound of clothes dropping down on the floor from my right side— probably Pig’s pants.   

Knowing that Reagan will make sure that Neustadt is copying me, I grab Grace’s ass-cheeks and massage them for a while, enjoying the sensation of her soft and plump flesh before pulling down her panties.   

It looks like Grace did some preparations before coming here. A sweet and musky scent whiffs off from her smoothly shaved pussy. Though slightly darkened, it looks really tight and alluring.   

“No need to give an all-out oral, just lick the… eh… the hole for a while and cover it in saliva,” I say, continuing my lecture.  

Moving my face forward, I bury it between Neustadt’s wife’s legs, starting to make her pussy soaking wet by licking it thoroughly.   

“Ahan… Your tongue feels so good,” Grace moans.   


“Come on, fucker. Don’t just look, do it!” Reagan commands.   

“B-But it smells really bad. I-I will puke,” Neustadt says in his pleading voice.   

“Then puke, I don’t care! Or would you rather have me bury a bullet in your head, huh?” she threatens ruthlessly.   

“O-Okay, okay, I am doing it!”   


“AAAAH! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Pig swears loudly, his voice still shaking.   

Neustadt actually starts to dry heave this time, but still, there is no way Reagan will allow him to stop… doing whatever he’s doing.   

Damn it, I don’t want to even hear this…   


“With this, our second step is complete,” I say, moving back my face after a few minutes, looking at Grace’s now dripping wet pussy.   

“Now, for the third and final stage— well, not much explanation is needed, to be honest— just place your cock against the vagina, penetrate inside, and keep thrusting until you cum,” I say.   

Let’s do this…  

I take a deep breath, preparing myself, before standing up again and resting my cock against Grace’s pussy, ready for the intercourse.   


“C-Caiden… Think again, you will regret this later. B-But if you free me now, I will forgive you. I-I will forget everything,” Pig says, sounding extremely desperate now.   

Well, he’s about to be butt-fucked, so this desperation is not that surprising…  

“Y-Yes, please listen to him, boy. N-Nothing good will come from this. I-I told you, do whatever you want with my wife, just leave us!” Neustadt adds.   

Sigh… These idiots.   

“Okay, my patience has been tested enough. You have again spoken to leader,” Reagan says in a cold voice, sounding rather annoyed than angry.   




Suddenly, both Pig and Neustadt screams out so loudly that even I, against my absolute decision, get forced to look at them in surprise.   


Unlike my expectation, Reagan hasn’t done anything extreme like shooting them with her gun or something. In fact, she just landed a really hard kick on Neustadt’s ass.   

But well, there is a problem— Neustadt and Pig were in the same position as Grace and I before Reagan’s kick.   

And now… well, what can I say?   

The students got ahead of their teacher…  

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One thought on “Chapter 62: Image Revamping (Part-6)

  1. Interesting.

    Quite descriptive from Nuestadt’s and Pig’s Loves as compared to Alex from the “Sex Beast System”.

    I’m talking about their experience of the punishment.


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