Chapter 60: Image Revamping (Part-4)

“It’s Neustadt’s wife’s idea? What?” I ask with a frown.   

“Yes, it’s quite interesting how this happened actually,” Reagan answers, looking satisfied that I am finally showing some interest.   

“Initially, our plan didn’t involve her at all. But yesterday, when we went to the place where your teacher lives, intending to collect some information on him before the kidnap, their neighbors, or you can say, Grace’s friends confided to us (after a little persuasion, of course) that she has recently discovered that her husband’s been cheating on her with whores for years.  

“Though fortunately for us, she was yet to confront him about this. So, on my orders, we abandoned the original plan to collect the information from neighbors and decided to talk to Grace directly.   

“From the start, we didn’t try to hide our identity or our motive from her and presented her with an opportunity to take revenge on her cheating husband by giving us information on him.   

“Of course, we had plans to take care of her if she would have declined, but she didn’t. In fact, it was as if she was praying for something like this happen— immediately agreeing with the idea to punish her husband, and even suggesting this fake rape plan,” Reagan finishes.   

As expected, Neustadt’s a scum all around.   

“Well, that’s good,” I reply.   


“That’s good!? Is that all you have to say!?” Reagan asks, raising her eyebrows, slightly frustrated.   

“What do you want me to say? That’s a good plan…” I answer.   

“I don’t need you to tell me that it’s a good plan, I already know that. But what I do what to know is if you are fine with it— having sex with Grace Neustadt?” she asks with a smirk.   

“Does it even matter if I am fine with it or not?” I ask back.   

“No, of course, it doesn’t matter. But I want to know, so you will answer,” Reagan replies with a shrug.   



“Yes, I am fine with it,” I say, tonelessly.   

“Oh, really? I thought you would hate to fuck anyone other than your poor girlfriend. I guess I was wrong then,” she says, shaking her head with a grin.   

“Yeah, you thought wrong. And just so you know, it’s not just Grace Neustadt, I don’t mind having sex with others either,” I answer, not exactly being truthful.   


“Well, that’s good news for me,” Reagan mutters, not sounding much pleased anymore.   

Keep trying, bitch.  

“You are here? Everything went according to the plan? Okay then…” Reagan says, speaking on her phone.   

Currently, I am sitting in the large meeting Hall in Abigail’s base, similar to the one in Zoe’s. With me in the center (on a throne-like chair), a handful of other women, including Reagan, are sitting in a “U” shape. Though most of the chairs are still empty, to be filled with women who are gone for kidnapping Neustadt and Pig.  

“Everyone, get ready. They are coming!”  

Finally ending the call, Reagan announces in a serious tone.  

I take a deep breath.   

Okay, let’s do this…   

The entrance door of the Hall opens up just a few minutes later, and a large group of women walks in with Pig and Neustadt at the center— hands tied and held at gunpoint.   

Both of them are looking extremely frightened, sweating and shaking like crazy. But they are not saying anything at all, probably because of being told— no, threatened not to.   

“Hey, guys! Welcome to my base!” I say, putting on a wide smile to greet them.   

Hearing a familiar voice, both of their heads shoot up with a jerk, and they look in my direction.   


Looking utterly stunned, they shout out together— only to be jabbed hard on the back of their heads by the women holding them.   

“Ouch!” “Aaah!”  

“I warned you— don’t speak to our leader unless he questions you directly or explicitly gives you permission to speak!” Abigale says, scolding them harshly.   

“Leader!? That Caiden boy… He’s your leader!?” Neustadt asks incredulously.   

“No way…” Pig mutters in disbelief.   


Both of them get jabbed again.   

“Girls, take your respective seats. We will continue after that,” I say in a cool and commanding tone.   

Immediately, almost half the women (including Abigale, Zoe, and Clara) sits down on the empty seats. While the remaining women (including Nora and Valerie) remain standing— their job is to keep Pig and Neustadt in check and carry out the orders I give them.   

“Now, now… To answer your question, ugly— yes, I am indeed the leader of this gang,” I say with a smile, straightening my back.   

“What!? B-But that’s impossible… such a pathetic… useless…” Neustadt mutter in shock, still rubbing the back of his head in pain.   

Pig is not even saying anything— just gawking at me like an idiot while similarly holding his head in pain.   

“Well, I don’t care if you doubt the possibility of this or not. Just know that I have chosen today to punish both of you for all the trouble you have caused me,” I tell them straight.   

“T-Trouble!? What trouble!? I-I have never troubled anyone! I-It is your fault for being an arrogant delinquent! I just did my job as a teacher to tame a burden on society like you! You have no right or reason to punish me or Johnny!” Neustadt says, beginning a little timidly but ending with a loud condemning tone.   

“Oh, really? I am an arrogant delinquent?” I ask, raising my hand to stop the women from hitting him again.   

“Yes! You are!”   

“So then, I must be disobedient and disrespectful as well, right?”   


“Oh, and how about barbarically violent?” I ask wonderingly.   

“Undoubtedly! A brute like you should be kicked out of our school! Now, release us!” Neustadt says, his face looking savagely pleased after insulting me like usual.   

“Wow, release you? You seriously believe that a brute would do that!?” I ask, raising my eyebrows.   

“What? Of course not— I-I mean, yes! Yes, you would!” he says, suddenly realizing where I have led him.   

“Hahaha… You are really stupid, Neustadt,” I say with a laugh.   

“Anyway, I not here to remind you of what both of you have done to trouble me— just know that you have, and you will be punished for it,” I tell them.   

“B-But that’s not fair! And also, kidnapping us is a crime! Police will definitely—”  



Nora punches Neustadt in the guts, silencing him at once.   

“Now, someone, bring me Pig’s watch. It looks quite nice actually…” I say, looking at Pig’s wrist with interest.   

The watch seems to be made out of some sliver or platinum alloy, shining dazzlingly. Its dial is also pretty big, and so are the metal straps probably (being buried under the folds of Pig’s skin, I cannot see them properly).   

Giving me a nod, Valerie starts removing the watch from Pig’s hands.   

“Wait, what are you doing!?”   

And for the first time, Pig comes out of his dazed state and moves away his tied-up hands from Valerie’s reach instantly.   

“Hey! Let her take it off or I will fry your brain!” the woman pointing the gun at Pig’s head says threateningly.   

It looks like our fat idiot actually forgot about the gun…  

Whimpering at its sight pathetically, Pig stops resisting at once and offered his hands— all while giving me a hateful sideways glance.   

Successfully taking off the watch, Valerie starts walking towards me.   

“No need to come here. Throw, I will catch it,” I tell her.   

“No! Don’t throw my watch!” Pig shouts again, losing control.   

“It’s more expensive than your life, fucker!”  

“Nora,” I say lazily.   


Another punch to the gut.   

“Now, throw!”   

Valerie stops moving and tosses the watch in my direction. Even though Pig’s eyes are watering from pain, he still keeps his gaze on the watch’s trajectory— his hands helplessly extended towards it.   

“Aaahh….” I take a loud yawn, making no attempt to catch the watch.   

“CATCH!” Pig shouts.   


The watch lands on the floor in front of me— its glass cracked, and a few scratches visible on the metal.   

“What have you done, motherfucker!? That’s a really rare watch! My father will kill me! You will fucking pay to get it repaired, bastard!” Pig shouts in rage.   

“I will pay for it!? Oh, then…”  

I raise my foot and stomp it down hard on the watch. Instantly, the glass completely shatters, and a loud crunching noise comes from under my shoes.   

“NOOOOOO!!!!!” Pig screams, his pudgy face turning red from anger.   


Hearing me laugh at his pathetic scream, Pig’s rage reaches its limit, and he starts struggling hard to free himself from the restrains of the women holding him in place— clearly intending to attack me.   


Suddenly, a loud noise of a gunshot resounds in the room, freezing everyone up in shock. Next to me, Reagan is standing up, her smoking gun held high— pointing straight towards Pig.   

For a moment, I thought that she has actually shot Pig, but then I notice that there is a small blackened hole on the floor, just a couple of inches in front of Pig’s legs.   

“Remember, you are standing in front of our leader, filth. Next time, the bullet won’t miss,” Reagan says in cold anger, sitting back down.   


“Nice… Nice shot, Reagan,” I compliment her, recovering first.   

Slowly, others also come out of the shock. Though Pig and Neustadt look as if they have just seen the embodiment of death itself— they are terrified out of their minds.  

“Anyway, it’s time for Neustadt’s punishment. And for that, we will be reversing our roles today!” I announce once everyone is somewhat settled again.   


Neustadt opens his mouth to speak, but no voice comes out. He coughs a few times to wet his throat, before speaking again.   

“R-Revering our roles? Can you please tell me what does that mean?” he asks, sounding extremely polite (by his standards).   

“It means, for the next couple of hours, I will be the teacher and you will be my student.”  

“O-Oh, okay. A-And what will you teach me… s-sir?” he asks stutteringly, eyeing the gun that’s still in Reagan’s hand.   

“Fucking, of course,” I answer promptly.   

“E-Excuse me?”  

“Don’t look so confused, Neustadt. I will be teaching you how to fuck a woman properly. And your wife, who’s tied up in the next room, will help me with this lesson,” I say with a grin.   

“WHAT!? What did you say!?” Neustadt yells, outraged at this revelation.   

“Oh, you don’t be angry, my lesson will be much better that your pathetic ones. I will even let you practice,” I tell him with a smile.   

“Though not on your wife or any other women present in this room, of course— all of them are mine. But well, we do have this big fat pig standing right next to you— you will be using his asshole.” 

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 60: Image Revamping (Part-4)

  1. Great chapter.

    But the idea was predictable that you would make them fuck each other or have male prostitutes fuck them.

    It would be better if you make them fuck dogs or any other animals.

    Now that would be a new type of punishment and clearly much better.

    Or perhaps a male animal rapes their asses.

    Now that would be an unbelievable punishment.


    1. Yeah that would be going into a whole different ballpark. one which would most likely make it impossible for him to finish his story. Your idea is creative, but still crosses a line that most people wouldn’t want to cross. So instead of animals why don’t you try vegetation. Women and cucumbers are a well-known combination, so why not give both the boys something to play with like I don’t know one of those long narrow cactuses with the hair like quills that embed themselves into your skin so deeply you can’t pull them out you know the soft quills not the stiff ones that are easy to pull out. after something like that both of them would have to spend extended time in the hospital most likely having their large intestine short and reattached to their asshole. The doctors would probably not be able to get all those spines and quills out so they would just have to throw part of it away. If you’re going to be cruel and merciless and downright torturous you might as well do it right LOL. And the best part is it doesn’t become bestiality. Though I seriously doubt the author wants to go down that dark rabbit hole either.


    1. Without even reading down to your comment I knew you were not going to follow that direction LOL I have no expectation of you following mine either, but at least mines doable without crossing the line into bestiality.


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