Chapter 48: To The Shabby Place (Part-1)

“Smile a little, Cady. You look like an ugly little worm when you are angry…” Ava says with a smirk.   

“Shut up…” I snap at her.   

“Heh~ is that how you to talk to your girlfriend? Be nice or this thing won’t get any pussy again…” she says while grabbing my crotch.   

“Yeah, like I want your pussy, bitch. My cock will die if it even comes near that stinky filth…” I say viciously while slapping away her hand.   

Instantly, the smirk gets wiped off of her face and a murderous glare takes over.   

“You better watch your mouth, jackass. Something much worse than your nudes getting leaked can happen inside if you talk to me like this…” she warns while pointing forward.   

Right now, me and Ava are standing right in front of a small, shabby-looking building located in the outskirts of the downtown area. Both of us just got dropped here in a black sedan after a half-an-hour drive from my house.   

“Yeah, I will obviously keep that in mind. Anyway, this must be your house, right? It’s perfect… for trash-people like you,” I say, intending to provoke her even further.   

I know I shouldn’t do this right now, but for some reason, I am feeling a strange and savage pleasure in making Ava mad.   

But unexpectedly, she doesn’t get angry this time…   

 “Fufufu… this is not my house, idiot. Believe me, you will piss your pants after knowing what this place is,” she says while chuckling lightly.   

“I will piss my pants, huh? Yeah, sure…” I mutter.   

After the stuff I have seen with the gang, I don’t think there is anything that can make me piss my pants anymore.  

“Anyway, let’s go inside. He is waiting…” Ava says while hugging my hand and starting to pull me towards the building.   

“And who is this “he” you want me to meet?” I ask.  

“You will see…” she replies, a strange grin forming on her face.   

Even though being tempted to, I don’t repeat my question and simply start walking alongside her.   


Reaching the front door of the building, Ava knocks loudly.   

“It’s me, Ava! Open up!” she shouts loudly.   

After a few seconds, an eye appears in the peep-hole and the next instant, the door gets opened.   

Standing on the other side of the doorway is a short man with spiky blond hairs and murky brown eyes. He is wearing a purple-colored T-shirt with a large white-colored cross printed across it and loose denim jeans. There is also a heavy-looking gold chain around his neck, though it’s most probably fake.  

Overall, he looks like those road-side ruffians you can find all around the city…   

“It’s an unusual hour for you to show up, Miss Ava…” he says.  

Wait, why is ruffian taking so politely to Ava?   

“I know, ” she simply answers.   

“Is there any reason for this visit? Maybe this guy needs his ass beaten?” he asks, looking at me from top to bottom while cracking his knuckles.   


Ava raises her eyebrows at me while giving a dirty smile.   

Say what you want, cunt. I don’t care…   

“… no, he is my boyfriend,” she says.   

“Y-Your boyfriend, you say?” the man asks, looking greatly surprised.   

“Yes, my boyfriend,” Ava repeats, hugging my arm even more tightly and thus, making it bury between her soft tits.   

“T-Then, you must be here to introduce him to Boss, right?” he asks.   

“Yup, exactly. So, where is he?” Ava asks.   

“W-Well, upstairs. In his office” the man answers.   

“Oh, okay then. We will go there,” Ava says before pulling me through the door.   


This sounds strangely familiar… I just hope that this is not what I think it is.   

“Try not to get killed, kid…” The man mutters the moment I pass by him.   


I try to turn around and look at him again but as Ava keeps dragging me ahead, I couldn’t.  

On my way towards the stairs at the end of the hallway, I notice that this place actually looks completely different from inside than outside. The wall looks newly whitewashed, the tiled floor is spotlessly clean, and even wooden doors in the hallway looks recently made.   

It’s almost as if the shabby look of this place from outside is intentionally made just for show.  

Though even inside, one thing is really unsettling to me…  

Around 20 dangerous-looking men and women, dressed in the same purple T-shirt like the man at the doorway, are scattered all across the huge hallway.  

It seems that they were doing their work previously, but our arrival has taken their complete attention.  


What the fuck is this place?   

It’s almost like Zoe’s underground base… No, it can’t be something like that, right?   

Completely unperturbed by the gaze of the people around us, Ava pulls me to the stairs and together, we both start climbing up.  

“Listen, don’t speak by yourself when we get to him, okay? Just agree to whatever I am saying,” Ava says, turning her head sideways to look at me.   

For some reason, she has suddenly turned really serious.   

“No, I don’t like to agree with ugly bitches on anything at all…” I tell her straight.   

“Shut the fuck up, idiot! Don’t even try to mess with me now. I am telling you; I will send your girlfriend’s nudes to everyone in town and turn her into a cum-slut for blackmailers,” she threatens in a slightly panicky voice now.   

Hmm? What happened to her? Why is she sounding scared all of a sudden?   

“So, just do what I am telling you,” she continues.   

“Fine…” I say in a low voice.   

There is no point in going overboard with her right now.   

“Good,” Ava says, taking a breath of relief again.   

 Climbing up three more stories, we reach the top floor of the building. And surprisingly, there is only one door here which is at the end of the corridor.   


“It’s me, Ava. Can I enter inside?” Ava asks in a loud voice.   

“Yes,” a male voice responds from inside.   

Hugging my arm tightly again, Ava opens the door and we enter inside.   

The room is rather large in size, and it is mostly filled with cupboards similar to an office. In this middle of this room, a tall middle-aged man is sitting leisurely on a cushiony chair, with his legs resting on top of the desk in front of him.   

He is an average looking guy with short black hairs and dull golden eyes. Though he is dressed in a purple velvet coat above a pure white shirt, black pants, and shiny black shoes.   

“What are you doing here this late, Ava? And who is this guy?” the man asks.   

Rather than focusing on my face, his eyes are fixed on my hand which is being hugged by Ava right now.   

“I was informed that you are in the city for some work today and also, that you will leave early tomorrow morning. So, I decided to take this opportunity and introduce you to my first boyfriend… papa,” Ava says while getting up on the tip of her toes and kiss my right cheek before I can react.  


This guy is Ava’s father!?   

“Your boyfriend, huh? You do remember that I have forbidden you from making one of those, right Ava?” he calmly asks while taking out a cigar from his pocket and lighting it up.   

“Yes, papa, I remember. But I know that you will allow my relationship with Caiden,” Ava answers with a triumphant smile.   

“And why do think that?” the man asks, raising his eyebrows over Ava’s confidence.   

“It’s because I stole him from that Lily. You know, Harrison Storm’s daughter?” Ava answers smugly.   

Instantly, her father’s calm expression changes to a genuinely surprised look.   

“Has he broken up with her, or is he cheating with you?” he asks in a really serious tone.   

“Fufufu… Of course, he is cheating,” Ava replies with a small laugh.   

The next moment, a sinister smile forms her father’s face as well.   

“Interesting… very, very interesting,” he says, his eyes shining brightly.   

“Tell me everything…” 

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 48: To The Shabby Place (Part-1)

  1. This is how a weak MC sounds like. Instead of calming their minds and try to figure something out to solve their problem they just keep on blaming and cursing the fuck out of evryone that may or not have anything to do with their problems smh

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Really, if anything like this happened to me, I wouldn’t care and try to hit/kill all of those bitches or die trying, why? Simple, I don’t even care about my parents, and if they do that to a girl I love, I dare say that I might lose my mind and start a massacre by trying to steel a gun from one of these bitches, and if I’m successful, I’ll go straight for that mother fucker and mercilessly torture him before killing him, and probably kill the one I loved and myself as well(you might think I’m boasting, but this is seriously what I’ll try to do. I don’t care if you think I’m crazy)


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