Chapter 47: Breaking (Part-2)


“W-What are you saying, Lily?” I say, separating her body from mine, and staring at her empty eyes.   

“Rape… my mother and sister… please, Caiden…” She repeats in a toneless voice.   

What the heck!? Why is she telling me to—  


No, there is no reason behind this. Lily is clearly not thinking properly right now. She is in a state of trauma and is spouting anything which is coming into her mind.   

I will have to take things carefully from here on, or Lily’s mind might break even further…  

“Let’s talk about this later, okay?” I say soothingly while hugging her tightly again. I even kiss her forehead and start caressing her back lightly.   

Though she again doesn’t return any sort of reaction…   


“You need to hold yourself together, Lily. I know that this must really hard for you, but please… try to think about something else. Try to recollect your mind…” I tell her desperately.  

I need to take her mind off of this at least for now. The longer she keeps thinking about the stuff she has just watched, the more her condition is going to deteriorate. And I won’t let that happen no matter what…  

But there is a problem; it doesn’t seem like Lily is listening to me at all…   

“She said… my family will be saved… if you rape them… so please, do as she says…” she mutters to me again.   


“Who said that to…” my voice trails off.   

No, she doesn’t have to tell me. I think I already know the answer to that.   

There was only one person here other than Lily before I came… Reagan.   

“Reagan told you that, didn’t she?” I ask.  


Suddenly, Lily’s body gives a small jerk in my arms, and the spot on my shirt where her face is buried right now starts to get a little wet.   

“Y-You will… You will do that, right Caiden? You will rape my mother and sister, right? S-She will save them if you do that… She… She promised me…” Lily says in a broken voice while starting to sob lightly.   

“It’s… It’s all my fault that this is happening… M-My mother suffered all these years because of me… E-Even today… She was beaten because I didn’t listen to Reagan…”  


That Reagan… she probably spoke to Lily before showing her the video and told her these things.   

My job to kill every thought of retaliation inside your minds, she said.   

Yeah, good job, you stupid bitch.   

“Lily, let’s just calm down for a moment. See, it’s not your fault at all. Harrison abused your mother, not you. She suffered because of the evil deeds he performed on her. Please don’t blame yourself…” I tell her strongly.   

“N-No… It was all my fault… I-It was because of what I did…” Lily repeats while disagreeing with me.   

Her sobbing is continuously growing heavier and her body is also starting to shake now. I can tell that the thing I was fearing is the most is happening… her condition is getting worse…   

I need to do something calm her down right now…  

“B-But they can be saved from my father, Caiden… Reagan will save the… I-If you just do what she says… If you just rape my mother and sister… Please…” She begs, her voice growing hoarse now.   


“Okay, I… I will…” I say, looking straight into her blue eyes with a reassuring smile… even though I am getting crushed myself from within.  

But still, there is no way I can deny her anything right now. With her condition, I don’t know what she will do otherwise.   

“T-Thank you, Caiden… Thank you… I love you…” Lily says, crying even harder than before.   


“I love you too, Lily.”  


“What am I going to do now?” I mutter to myself while staring at the ceiling of my room.   

Lying on top of the bed, I cannot stop thinking about what happened today.   

While I somehow managed to calm down Lily after promising to save her mother and sister, her mind was clearly not healed at all…   

And because of that, I was even planning to stay with her for the whole day today and try to do something about it… but well, that fucking bitch Reagan came into my way again.   

Almost as if listening to our conversation all along, the moment I made that promise to Lily, she came to the backside of the van again and with a smile, ordered Lily to go back home.  

I obviously tried to protest against this but well, it was all in vain. Lily almost immediately listened to her and got out of the car. She didn’t even stop to look back at me once while slowly walking back to her house.   

And right then, it became painfully clear to me that Reagan got what she wanted… Lily’s obedience.   

Aarrgh! I literally felt blood-lust when that bitch smirked at me afterward…  


Though seriously, I don’t know what to do anymore…  

I want Lily to get normal as soon as possible, but I don’t know how to do that. I guess I will have to try talking to her again in school tomorrow…   

“Well, I should at least try to sleep for now…” I mutter while picking up my phone lying next to the bed.   

Already 11:30, huh?   


Suddenly, my phone starts ringing and an unknown number gets displayed on the screen.   

Who is calling me now?   

Please don’t fucking let it be the gang again. I don’t want to see those bastards again today…  

“Who is this?” I ask, reluctantly accepting the call.   

“Hey, little Cady the asshole, it’s me…”  

A familiar voice if a female comes from the other side.   


“I don’t want to talk to you now, Ava. It’s almost midnight and I am going to sleep. Get lost…” I say angrily.   

“Wait! End the call and I will upload all the nudes I have of you and Lily on the internet,” she threatens.  

This cunt…   

“Speak,” I say in a cold and rough voice.   

“Fufufu… Good. Though work on your tone a little as well. Anyway, you remember what I told you, right? That I will call you in a few days?   

“Well, something happened earlier than I was expecting, so, here I am…” she says excitedly.   

This damned bitch…   

She is choosing a time like this to fuck with me when I cannot afford to worry about anything or anyone except Lily…  

“And?” I ask exasperatedly.   

“And… I want you to get off your ass and sneak out of your house right now. I am waiting for you outside in a black car. You will be coming together with me,” she tells me.   

What the fuck!?  

Sneaking out of the house and going somewhere in a car shit is happening to me a lot these days. And while it seems normal with the gang, I cannot think of a reason why Ava would want me to come with her like this… especially at midnight.   

“What do you want me to do, Ava? Tell me clearly…” I ask.   

“Oh, nothing much. I just want you to meet someone… as my boyfriend.” 

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