Chapter 49: To The Shabby Place (Part-2)

“So, you made this Jacob fall for you using your charms, huh? And you are saying that he cannot resist you anymore?” Mr. Leawitt asks.   

“Yes, papa. Even right now, I can feel his raging desire for me,” Ava answers, looking complacent.   

What raging desire, bitch?   

Anyone would get a hard-on if you rub your ass on their cock.   

A few minutes earlier, Ava’s father asked us to sit down in front of him and while I did exactly that, Ava decided to be a cunt again and sat down on my lap instead of the empty chair.   

And since then, she has been constantly rubbing her ass against my crotch, resulting in me getting a boner.   

Surprisingly, even her father doesn’t seem to mind this at all. He is too engrossed in listening to Ava’s false story of how she seduced and took me away from Lily.   

And honestly, just listening to her telling lies and bad-mouthing Lily is enough to make me want to slap her. Especially after what happened today, I am way past being just pissed off about things like these.  

In fact, I am seriously considering to throw her off of my lap this instant and kicking her ass hard for a few minutes in front of her father…  

“Good, that’s really good. You snatched that girl’s lover right under that her nose and she doesn’t even know about it. I am sure she gets her ignorance from her bastard father,” Mr. Leawitt says while chuckling.   

“Yup, she totally does, papa. She is a cow with no brain at all,” Ava agrees happily.   

This cunt…  

Though honestly, anger aside, I am really confused about this situation as well.

Why is Ava and Mrs. Leawitt talking shit about Lily and Harrison like this?   

It’s been like this for a while. Ava keeps insulting Lily, and her father keeps correlating it to Harrison and insults him along with it. I mean, I can understand Ava insulting Lily but why her father as well?  

Why are they talking about Harrison at all?  

“This is really amazing, my child. You don’t know how proud I am feeling right now,” Mr. Leawitt says, making Ava blush.   

The fuck? What kind of father feels proud of his daughter stealing boyfriends, huh?   

This is just sick and infuriating.  

“A-And that’s not all, Papa. We also do “that” every day at school. Lily keeps waiting for Caiden at lunch breaks and after school, but I keep him busy with my body,” Ava says, clearly wanting to get some more praise.   

“Ha… Hahaha… Really? That’s damn hilarious! Harrison’s daughter waits on her boyfriend while he fucks another woman… Hahaha!” he says while roaring in laughter.   

Okay, so this man doesn’t care about the fact that his daughter basically just declared that she is sexually active. And not to mention, that she’s doing stuff like this at school.  

Sigh… I don’t even know what to think anymore.   

I am just angry. Really fucking angry at both of them for making fun of Lily.  

“So, Caiden, you tell me…” suddenly, Mr. Leawitt turns towards me, “Have you fucked that Lily?”  



Seeing me not reply, Ava hits me in the stomach with her elbow.   


I close my eyes for a couple of seconds to calm down. I will be just digging my own grave if I lost to my anger now.  

“Yes, we have made love many times. In fact, we even lost our virginity to each other. It was really passionate, beautiful, and amazing…” I say with an innocent smile.   

Ava looks as if she can literally murder me right now.   

Yes, make that face. It’s making me feel better.   

“Hahaha… But it’s better with my daughter, right? Or else, why would you be with her instead of that Lily?” Mr. Leawitt asks while starting to laugh again.   

“Y-Yes, isn’t that right, Caiden? I am much better than Lily, am I not?” She asks while glaring at me.   

Yeah, in your dreams, bitch.   

Ava elbows me again.   

“Well, I guess…” I say in a low voice.   

“I guess?” she hissed in a really low voice.   

“Yes, you are much better than Lily…” I say again like a robot.   

“S-See, father? He agrees that I am much better than Lily,” Ava says, sounding a little scared for some reason.   

“Obviously. I can see that he’s head over heels on you, ” he says while continuing to laugh.   

Oh, really?   

Ava, I think your father is blind.   

“Anyway, I am feeling really delighted after a long time, and it’s all thanks to you, Ava. Ask Stoney for anything you want and he will get it for you, okay? Consider it as a reward from me…” he says.   

“T-Thanks, papa. Anyway, I guess you must be really busy, right? We should take out leave…” Ava says while standing up from my lap.   

“Come on, Caiden. Let’s go,” she says while grabbing my arm and pulling me off the seat as well.   

Wait, what!? We are done here?  

“Wait a second,” Mr. Leawitt stops us.   

“Y-Yes, papa?” Ava asks while turning to face him again nervously.   

“Make sure that this Lily doesn’t finds out about you two, understand?” he says with a strange smile.   

“O-Okay,” Ava answers stutteringly before turning around and leaving the room together with me.  


“This is bullshit…” I say as both of us start to make our way down the starts.   

“What!?” she snaps.   

“You fucking dragging me here in the middle of the night just to get praised by your father and have him reward you! You know what? I just pity you…” I say while looking at her pathetically.   

“Shut the fuck up, asshole! You don’t know anything. And actually, I didn’t get the reward I wanted because you ruined everything,” she says accusingly.  

I can actually see her face getting red from rage right now.   

“Hey, what did I do?” I ask with a frown.  

“Oh, you don’t remember? Well then, let me remind you, dickface. What about that “making love with Lily”, and “losing our virginity to each other passionately” stuff you told my father, huh?” she asks, literally shaking with anger.   

“Well, your father doesn’t even care about that, does he? As long as his daughter is the “better one” anyway,” I say with a shrug.  

“Ahh! Idiot! It’s not about him caring for that stuff. What if he realized they we both are lying to him because of this!?” Ava asks furiously.  

“He didn’t realize shit, okay? According to him, I am head over heels for you,” I say while shaking my head lightly.   

“Okay, you need to understand, asshole. My father is a really cunning man. What he says and what he actually thinks, differs greatly.  

“And while he was looking and sounding really happy to us, there is a chance that he didn’t believe even a single word we said, okay?” she says. A slightly worried expression covers her face again.   

“He seems pretty convinced to me. And it doesn’t matter anyway. You got what you wanted. Case closed. Drop me home now,” I tell her.   

“Seriously, didn’t you hear what I just told you!? I didn’t get what I wanted! Thanks to you!” she says, getting even angrier.   

See, I am not going to lie, seeing this bitch getting angrier actually makes me feel really good. But I seriously don’t understand why she is getting angry…   

“I mean, didn’t he told you to ask for anything you want and this Stoney guy will get it for you?” I ask.   


Giving out a huge sigh, Ava stops moving downstairs and turns back to look at me.   

“I can get all the stuff monetary stuff I want without going through these lengths to please my father. No, what I want can only be given by my father, and I couldn’t ask for it because of the possibility of him suspecting my intentions,” she says with a serious expression.   

“And do you mind if I ask about the thing you want?” I ask while raising my eyebrows.   

“I am not telling you, bastard,” Ava says angrily.   

I keep staring at her without replying.   



“Well, you know what actually? I think I should tell you. It might make you realize how big of an opportunity you ruined for me. And how dearly you are going to pay for that,” Ava spits at me.   

“Yeah, yeah. Sure, now tell me,” I say while rolling my eyes.   

“Hmph… I want a token. A golden token,” Ava says while folding her arms and looking away.   

“A golden token? And only your father can give you that? Does he own a gold shop or something?” I ask.   

I mean, he does look rich enough to own one.   

“Gold shop!? Seriously!? No, idiot! Can’t you tell who my father is? Even after seeing this place and meeting him personally?” she asks exasperatedly.  


Well, I do have a guess… but I really, really hope that it isn’t true.  

“No, you tell me,” I say, already getting a bad premonition.  

“He is the leader of the second-largest gang in Yreles; The Royals.”  

… fuck. 

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