Chapter 46: Breaking (Part-1)

“Pa… pa… why…” Lily mutters in a low voice, her gaze transfixed on the Laptop screen, where Harrison has just thrown Mrs. Storm on the floor.   

Tears are forming in her empty-looking eyes and are flowing down her extremely pale face in streams. Her body is also trembling heavily and she has a totally devastated look in her face.   

W-What is happening? Why is Lily watching this? How come she got here?  

No… now is not the right time to think about these questions. I need to do something to support Lily as fast as I can. This must be really traumatizing for her…   


Being shown the true colors of her father, whom she reveres so much. And on top of that, knowing about the horrors her mother has been suffering, just to save her daughters…   

Not just Lily, anyone would be utterly devastated. The picture of the happy family she has in her mind is breaking right in front of her eyes…   

And because of that, I need to do something to lessen the impact this is going to have on her. I need to comfort her. I need to make sure that she doesn’t do anything bad…   


“Wait a second, boy.”  

Suddenly, a voice interrupts me and the next moment, I find the back door of the van being closed shut right in front of my eyes… by none other than Reagan.   

“No, Lily!”   

Shouting Lily’s name, I start moving forward to open the backdoor again, but Reagan blocks me by putting her sturdy hands on my chest.   

“Don’t fuck with me! I need to talk to Lily!” I snap at Reagan.   

“Oh, I will fuck with you as much as I want. What are you going to do about it?” She asks while raising her eyebrows.   

“I… I will…”   

“The truth is, you cannot do anything. You might think you can, but you cannot…” she says, giving me a pathetic smirk.   


I grit my teeth in frustration.   

“Tell me, why are you showing that video to Lily!? You could have just told her about this verbally!” I ask angrily.   

“Hmm… true, I could have just told her this. But you see, this is her punishment. So, no can do,” Reagan answers.   

“P-Punishment? Why? What did Lily do!?”  

To my question, Reagan raises her eyebrows sharply.   

“You are really asking me this, boy? Your girlfriend went against my orders and refused to listen to me anymore. She even threw away the earpiece we gave her and did things which might have totally ruined my plan…” She says in cold anger.  

“B-But do you even understand what you are doing to her!? She will break… Lily will break! This is just too much! At least allow me to be next to her,” I ask desperately.   

“Hahaha… You don’t want your precious Lily’s mind to “break”, huh?” Reagan asks while laughing lightly.   

“What are you fucking laughing about!?” I ask angrily.   

“I am just laughing at your stupidity, boy. Why do you think I am showing her the whole unedited video, huh? Even the torturous part that isn’t even important in any way?   

“You see, I want her mind to break. This is her punishment. This is how I am making her pay for her disobedience. And also, maybe after that, she will stop making her petty little schemes against us as well…” she says.   

“W-What schemes are you talking about? There are no schemes,” I deny her.   

“Oh, really? Then tell me, wasn’t that attempted rape a few days ago and Lily hating you for it, a farce?” she asks while raising her eyebrows.   

“Don’t think that I am a stupid person like you, boy. Lily would have never have reacted like she did to her mother’s rejection if she truly hated you. And even right now as well, aren’t you being a little too considerate for someone whom you tried to rape once?  

“Sigh… seriously, I don’t even know what this idiotic plan might have achieved but well, my job to kill every thought of retaliation inside your minds. And I am doing just that right now…” she says with a nasty grin.   

This… This fucking bitch…   

“Don’t you feel even a little bit of sympathy for others!? Forget about being affected, your voice didn’t even shooked on the ear-piece after you saw what that bastard Harrison did to Mrs. Storm. And now, you are even trying to break the mind of the daughter, she was suffering all those horrors to protect!? Don’t you feel any remorse or guilt at all!?” I burst out.  

“Remorse? Guilt? Hahaha… You are funny, you know?” Reagan says while starting to laugh again.   

“I belong to one of the biggest international criminal organizations in the entire world, boy. I have seen and done things you cannot even imagine in your worst nightmare.   

“Something like this is not enough to affect me in sort of way, boy. Much less make me feel any kind of sympathy for them. And anyway, I am just doing my job. There is no need for me to feel guilty or remorseful about anything…” she simply says while shrugging.   

… Fuck.   

I cannot even retort back with anything because what she is saying makes a sense. Obviously, being a member of an international crime organization, this much is nothing for her…   

Damn it!   

I don’t want to do this, but I have no other choice. I won’t be able to save Lily otherwise…   

“P-Please, I will do anything you ask. Just let me talk to Lily. I cannot let her be on her own right now…” I say pleadingly while clasping my hands together.   

I am even willing to beg to anyone if it’s for Lily’s sake…  

“Don’t show me a pathetic face like that, boy. And you will do anything I ask anyway. There is no reason for me to listen to any of your requests,” Reagan replies with a little disgusted look on her face.   

“Just… Please, don’t do this to Lily. Let me talk to her,” I plead again.   

Without saying anything, Reagan raises up her right hand and looks at her wristwatch there.   

The next moment, a strange sort of smile forms on her face…   

“You know what? You can go inside and talk to her…” she says while removing her hand from my chest and stepping aside from the backdoor of the van.   

… w-what!?   

I continue to stare at Reagan in surprise without moving even an inch from my place.   

“Why are you suddenly agreeing to let me talk to her?” I ask suspiciously.   

“You will see…” she says laughingly, before turning around and moving away to the front of the van.   

What does she mean by that? What will I see?   

Ahh~ fuck it… I don’t have time to think about this…   

Quickly moving forward, I open the back door of the van. To my slight relief, Lily is still sitting here… but something is different from before. Something is worse.  

Even though Lily is still staring at the Laptop screen, there is nothing playing on it anymore. Tears have also stopped flowing from her eyes and they now look completely empty and lifeless.   

And worst of all, she is completely silent…  


Hurriedly getting inside the van, I take Lily into my arms.   

“L-Lily, are you okay?” I ask worriedly while hugging her tightly.   

She neither replies nor hugs me back.   

“Please, speak to me, Lily. Are you alright!?” I ask again.   

Still, she doesn’t reply.   

“Don’t be like this, Lily. Just say something. Please, just say—”  


Suddenly, Lily whispers in a small, toneless, and hoarse voice.   

“… rape my mother and sister please.” 

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  1. What… ?

    Also, fuck Caiden, is have tried to hit her a few times already if I were him(not that an amateur like me would hit her, but still)!


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