Chapter 45: Lily’s Mother (Part-6)

Harrison slowly walks closer to Mrs. Storm.   

“And I think you might have guessed what I want you to do now, right ugly?” He asks while roughly putting his right foot on her face.   

“You will tell Lily that you changed your mind about her relationship with that boy, is that clear? And let me warn you… If you ever try to do something like this behind my back again…”  

He says while puts some more weight on his right leg, almost trying to crush Mrs. Storm’s face under his shoe.    

“… I will make sure you regret it for the rest of your life,” Harrison says.   

“I… I won’t… Please… I really won’t…” Mrs. Storm replies in a really faint voice.   

“Oh, don’t lie. You sure will. I am perfectly aware of the fact that you don’t care about your life at all. No matter how much I kick you, punch you, or choke you… in the end, things like these don’t affect you at all, do they? But well, there is nothing to worry as I know about the other half of your weakness as well…” Harrison says with a wicked smile.   

“W-What are you talking about?” Mrs. Storm asks in a low and scared voice.   

“Huh? You cannot guess, ugly? I am, of course, talking about our elder daughter, Elena. You see, I don’t think I want her anymore…” Harrison says while shaking his head a little.   

“You don’t… want her?”  

“Yeah, that little cunt is already 20 and still haven’t made a single boyfriend to date. There is no doubt that she is as useless as her mother… But well, now that my cute Lily is close to fulfilling my dream, I guess I can finally make Elena an expendable piece… so that I can tame you,” Harrison says grossly.   

Even though Mrs. Storm is silent right now, I can see fear reflecting in her eye.   

“So, heed my warning, bitch. If you ever try to destroy my dream again, I will sell your elder daughter to the cheapest brothel in town, and I will pay men to fuck her raw day and night till all her holes break.”  

“And I won’t even stop at that, once she gives birth to loads of children belonging to unknown men, I will auction her off as a sex slave to some rich bastard with perverted fetishes, who will destroy the leftover remains of her mind and body through many degraded plays,” He threatens her with a grin.   

“And you know what the best part is? I will make sure that you watch the ruin of your daughter with your own eyes… live.”  

Raising his foot momentarily, Harrison brings is down again to stomps on Mrs. Storms’s face hard.   

“Aaahn…” she gives a faint painful cry.  

“So, I will let you decide what you want to do. Just be prepared to face the consequences…” he says while cracking the knuckles of his hands, before turning around and finally leaving the room.   

The instant the door closes, I start running towards Mrs. Storm in a hurry.   


She has already lost consciousness and her nose is heavily spurting out blood, all because of that last brutal stomp on her face.   

That filthy motherfucker! That could have really killed her…   

Even though feeling greatly nauseous from witnessing the cruelty just now, I still manage to somehow lift Mrs. Storm’s body off the ground and rest it on top of the bed.  

Damn it! What should I do now? Her nose is bleeding like crazy. It’s might even be broken…   


Suddenly, the door of the room opens again.   


Thinking that that bastard Harrison has returned, I slowly turn around in fear.   

But to my great surprise and relief, it turns out to Bella instead.   


She says to me instantly after entering the room.   

For some reason, she gives no particular reaction to me being here. In fact, she barely even gives me a glance before hurriedly moving towards Mrs. Storm along with a huge first aid box in her hand.   

“C-Can I help in any way?” I ask worriedly.   

“No. Leave,” She says while putting the first aid box next to Mrs. Storm and taking out some cotton balls from within.   

“I-I think her nose is broken. We should take her to the hospital immediately,” I tell her.   

“Just leave!” Bella angrily says while turning toward me with a jerk. Her expressions have suddenly turned extremely furious and her face etched with hate and contempt.   

“You have already done enough damage. And if that man finds out that you were here, only God knows what will happen. So, just leave! Please!” she says with tears forming in her eyes.   


“Fucking hell…” I mutter to myself.   

I left Lily’s house just a few seconds ago, and right now, I am on my way towards Reagan’s van which is parked at the opposite end of the road on which we came here.  

Fortunately, on my way out, I didn’t encounter that bastard, Harrison. Or otherwise, as Bella mentioned, it would have been really bad…   


I am feeling so fucking angrily at that shitty cock-sucking motherfucker!   

After what he said and did to Mrs. Storm, I literally feel like punching the shit out of him until he dies.   

Even if for a moment I omit all the things he said in regards to Lily, there are still a lot of fucked up shit which is enraging me like hell.   

Especially what he said about doing to Lily’s older sister, Elena, if Mrs. Storm tries to break up me and Lily again. It’s so sickening…  

I mean, how can a father even say something like that about his own daughter!? No, not just say, I am sure that that son of a bitch didn’t just threaten Mrs. Storm. He will actually follow through it…   

And not only this, I still cannot get the image of him stepping on Mrs. Storm’s face out of my mind. While he was obviously really angry at her, his face showed clear signs of enjoyment in crushing her face under his foot.   

Damn it!   

What just happened was just beyond inhumane. That person is an actual monster… an actual fucking monster…  

But man, there is a thing which has been really bugging me for a while…   

It didn’t came to my mind at that moment, but how come Bella came in so quickly after Harrison left? And that too, with a first aid box already prepared…   

Was she outside the room all along? Waiting for that bastard to finish up?  

I mean, with what Bella said in the end, it is clear that she is aware of everything that has been going in this house. Actually, now that I think about it, it would have been a bit weird if she wouldn’t have known.   

It is obvious this isn’t the first time Harrison has beaten Mrs. Storm like that. So, like now, Bella or some other servant must have surely given first aid to her before as well.   

But then, it raises another question: Why is Lily so utterly unaware of the truth about her father? At least Bella, her personal maid, should have told her about the danger she is in.  

Sigh… all of this doesn’t make any sense.   

After walking for a few more minutes, I see a black van, similar to the one in which we came here, parked at the left side of the empty street.   

I move all the way around the back of the van, where the door is already open for some reason…   

“What the…”  

Sitting right in front of my eyes is Lily, sobbing her eyes out while staring at the laptop placed in front of her.  

Involuntarily looking down, my gaze falls upon the video playing on the laptop which, to my shock, turns out none other than the one I just recorded… of Harrison viciously beating Mrs. Storm.   

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