Chapter 44: Lily’s Mother (Part-5)

“N-No… He won’t do that… He cannot do that… It’s his own daughters…” I say, appalled.   

“I already told you that my husband’s entire life is consumed by his fetish. Do you really think he cares whether it’s his daughters or not?” Mrs. Storm asks with a hollow laugh.   


I don’t want to, but after hearing what that monster did to Mrs. Storm, I am forced to believe that no evil deed is out of reach for him.   

These bruises on Mrs. Storm’s body and the past she just recounted are the proof of how low that excuse of a human being can fall.  

Maybe, he really will—  

“And if you still find it hard to believe, then let me tell you this; Harrison himself has said this numerous times, that his greatest desire is to make my daughters experience the same things as I, their mother, did.   

“That he wants to see enjoy the betrayed look on their face, as the father they trusted so much mercilessly rapes them in front of their lover…” She tells me tonelessly.   


That… That fucking… bastard…  

That shitty motherfucking asshole…   

What the hell is wrong with his head!? Is he insane or something!? How the fuck can he even think of doing something like this!?  

To be honest, the anger I was feeling towards that bastard after hearing what he did to Mrs. Storm was still expressible until just a while ago.   

I mean, of course, Mrs. Storm’s past is heart-breaking and rage-inducing to anyone who hears about it. And not just her past, her present is also full of the pains she is enduring to protect her daughters.  

But fucking hell! Now that I know what that shit-fucker is planning to do to my Lily, my brain literally feels like it will explode from anger…   

I don’t even care what will happen to me if this relationship continues, but how dare that cock-sucker even think about touching my Lily that way!?  

That filthy son-of-a-bitch deserves to die in the most brutal way possible…   

“So, I think you understand the situation you are in, right Caiden? Even if you don’t care what happens to my daughter, you at least care about your own life, don’t you?  

“And I think you already know that my husband particularly dislikes you. Believe me, he won’t hesitate at all to torture you to death just for his fun. I have seen the horrors that man is capable of with my own eyes.   

“So, answer the question I asked you earlier; will you continue your relationship with Lily, or will you save your life by breaking up with her and leaving this house right now?” Mrs. Storm asks seriously.  


“I… I don’t think—”  

[Shut up and say exactly what I tell you to. The situation is turning unexpectedly in our favor. Don’t ruin it.]  

Regan interrupts me again. For some reason, her voice sounding triumphant already.  

What the hell does she mean by that!?   

Lily’s bastard father will kill me and rape her. How is this situation in our favor!?   

[Repeat after me…]  

Reagan tells me what to say…   

W-What the fuck!? Are you serious!?   

[Say it!]  


“I-I think you are making things up again, Mrs. Storm…” I say in a low voice.    

“You… You think what?” she asks while opening her eyes wide in astonishment.  

“I-I think that are just trying to scare me away. I don’t believe you…”   

Damn it…  

Why the fuck would she make anything up!? There is no reason for her to do so…   

What is Reagan thinking!?  

“Are you really saying that, Caiden? Even after hearing about my past and seeing my bruised body? Is this not enough of a proof for you?” she asks.  

“I-I am not saying that everything you told me was a lie. It’s clear to me that you are facing extreme domestic violence, but everything other than that…” I say while giving her a shrug on Reagan’s command.   

Mrs. Storm is looking at me as if she couldn’t believe her eyes.   


Even an idiot can tell that Mrs. Storm didn’t lie to me. The hatred I felt in her voice when she was recounting her past was so dense and real, that even I shivered for a moment there.   

[Quickly, continue before she can say anything!]  

“B-But don’t worry, Mrs. Storm. Y-You just want me to break up with Lily, right? I am ready to do so…” I say.   

“You are?” Mrs. Storm asks, surprised.   

I can tell that she didn’t expect me to say this after my previous statement.   

“Yes, I will, but you will have to do a few things for me in exchange…” I tell her while forming a fake sly smile.   

“What? Tell me. I will do anything you want…” She says while giving me a determined look.   

“W-Well, as you guessed earlier, one of the main reasons I became Lily’s boyfriend is because of her m-money, and as I will be leaving her, I need some compensation in return. So, my first demand is for you to give me 5000 bucks every month,” I tell her.  

“Fine, money is no problem. You will get that amount. Just make sure to never come close to my—”  

“Wait a second, didn’t you hear me correctly? It’s was my first demand. I want you to do another thing for me,” I tell her.   

Mrs. Storm doesn’t say anything but waits for me to speak further.   

“You see, it’s not just the money which comes with Lily, it’s her beautiful face and her sexy body as well. And to tell you the truth, we both are already sexually active with each other.  

“And as I will be losing my means of getting sexual relief by breaking up with Lily, I want you to… you to…”  

My voice trails off before I can repeat what Reagan said through the earpiece.   

Damn… so, this is why she was sounding so triumphant before…  

 “You want me to take care of your sexual needs instead of my daughter, right?” Mrs. Storm asks in a toneless voice.  


Now that she knows about Mrs. Storm’s past and the fear she has for her daughters, Reagan is confident enough to make me demand such a thing…   

“Okay, I will let you use my body as much as you like, just promise me that you will break your relationship with my daughter and that you will never even come close to her ever again…” Mrs. Storm says expressionlessly.  

Even though it looks like she is agreeing really easily to this, there is no doubt that there is a feeling of deep loathing for me behind this expressionless face of hers.   

[Do it.]  


“I… I promise,” I say while gritting my teeth in frustration.   

“Good. Then, once you end things will Lily and my bruises heal up, inform me about the place where you want to meet—”  


“Adeline, open the door. I know you are in there.”  

Suddenly, a deep voice of a male comes from outside the room.   

And I recognize this voice…   


“Quickly! Hide behind the cupboard!” Mrs. Storm says.   

There is no need to tell me twice. I quickly run behind the cupboard and crouch down there to hide myself.   


“Open up!” the voice says angrily while banging the door again.   

Mrs. Storm quickly wears her underwear and her white robes, before hurrying towards the door.   


The instant the door gets open, a hand shoots inside and grabs Mrs. Storm’s throat strongly.  

As I already identified from the voice earlier, this hand belongs to none other than Lily’s father and Mrs. Storm’s husband: Harrison Storm.   

He is a rather well-built man with tall stature. Adding his straight posture and sharp black eyes to this, his present becomes really intimidating.  

In fact, it wasn’t for his silvery-white hairs and his wrinkle face, no one would be able to guess just from his body that he is in his late fifties.  

“Let’s get private, shall we?”  

He says while dragging Mrs. Storm inside the room by her neck before kicked the door shut behind him.   

“I know what you did earlier, you know?”   

He says after reaching the center of the room.   

“What… are you—”  


Suddenly, he slaps Mrs. Storm across her face so hard, that her cheeks get swollen.   

“You ugly little cunt! You thought that you can outsmart me, huh?” He asks.   

“No… I—”  


He again slaps her strongly.   

[Sit down!]  

I instinctively start to stand up in rage but Regan orders me to sit back down.   

Fuck… this shitty bastard…   

“Do you know what just happened, bitch?” he asks Mrs. Storm.   

“N-No…I… I was—”  


Another brutal slap.   

“Lily came crying to me, and told me that you refused to accept her relationship with that boy…”  


“… What do you have to say about that, huh?”  

Mrs. Storm tries to speak, but no voice comes out due to being choked. She even desperately taps Harrison’s hand, but instead of releasing her, he manhandles her entire body roughly.   

“I have told you about my dream many times, didn’t I? And you still tried to ruin it when the time for its fruition came…”  


Because of this slap, Mrs. Storm’s lips start to bleed really badly. Her eyes are also starting to flutter weakly, indicating that she is close to losing her consciousness.   

The next moment, Harrison jerks his hand and throws down Mrs. Storm’s body hard on the floor.   

She gives a short cry of pain before starting to breathe heavily.  

“But fortunately, your pitiful little scheme didn’t work. I just came upstairs after assured my beloved daughter, that I won’t let anyone come between her love…”  

Suddenly, a really disgusting grin creeps up his face…   

“Well, except me, of course…” 

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 44: Lily’s Mother (Part-5)

  1. This MC is getting more and more irritating.
    I can’t even tell the difference between him and a puppet.
    He can’t even grow a spine always obeying what others tell him.
    A part of me questions whether he enjoys this situation or not ?
    Another part of me wonders whether he really loves Lily or not?
    I really liked him when he was pissed at Zoe after she revealed to Lily that it was the the MC who raped her.
    But then he becomes a pussy again after everything.
    I think it’s better to replace the MC with a puppet as I think that there isn’t much difference between them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sigh… This is a story, it won’t go like you want it to always. And more importantly, unlike you, Caiden understands that there is a large difference between Zoe and Reagan. The latter is capable of doing a lot worse things.


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