Chapter 43: Lily’s Mother (Part-4)

I am completely speechless right now…  

[Hmm… Again an unexpected turn of events.]  

Reagan says in a serious tone.   

That’s… an understatement…   

The white robes have fallen off of Mrs. Storm’s body and now, she is wearing only a set of black underwear. Though her figure is even more curvaceous than that of Lily’s, I cannot focus on it because of the numerous grotesque-looking bruises covering her entire body.   

“H-How…?” I whisper.   

“Are you happy now? Satisfied seeing your girlfriend’s mother like this?” Mrs. Storm says while looking away in anger.   

“I am sorr—”  

[Shut up!]  

Reagan stops me from apologizing.   

[Don’t do or say anything by yourself or everything will be ruined. Now, move closer to her.]  

“C-Closer to her?” I whisper.   



Slowly, I walk towards Mrs. Storm and stand right in front of her. To my surprise, she continues to look away without giving any sign of stepping back.   

[You have a handkerchief with you? Move your right hand in front of the camera for a yes, do nothing for a no.]  

I pat my pocket to check and move my hand in front of the camera.   

[Good. Now, wet that handkerchief with water placed on the bedside table, and wipe off all the makeup on her face.]  

Damn… I can already guess what’s under all this makeup.  

I take out my handkerchief and thoroughly wet it by dipping it inside the water jug.   

[Wait, take off the sunglasses first.]  


I move my hand towards Mrs. Storm.   

“What are you doing?” she snaps.   

“Taking off your glasses… a-and wiping off your makeup,” I reply while flinching a little.   

Mrs. Storm grits her teeth and snatches away the wet handkerchief from my hand.   

“I will do it myself…” she says before removing her sunglasses and starting to take off her makeup.   


Her eyes are deep blue in color like Lily’s, but they not nearly as beautiful because of the huge dark circular rings around them. As the dark red lipstick comes off, I start to see her partially blackened lower lip as well.   

And not only this, as I already guessed earlier, Mrs. Storms’s entire face and neck area have similar bruises like her entire body.   

W-Why is Lily’s mother like this…?   

[Sigh… Domestic abuse. And a rather bad case of it too.]   

Lily’s bastard father did this!?   

No, there is no question here. Who else could do something like this to her?   

Now that her makeup is completely removed, Mrs. Storm once again turns her face away from me in anger. I can tell that she is now feeling a little self-conscious about her body as well.   

[Remove her bra and panties as well.]  

Reagan says casually.   

… are you serious right now?   

You are not even feeling a single ounce of pity after seeing all these bruises, Reagan? You want to shame her even more?  


[Do it.]  


I move my shaky hands behind her and unhook her bra.   

“Even after seeing me like this… you still…” Mrs. Storm says in a low voice.   

I can see her eyes getting wet from the sides, but she doesn’t resist me at all. She must have guessed already that something like this would happen.   

Without saying anything, I move the straps of the bra sideways and pulling the thing off of her breasts completely.  


Even though the shape and size of her gravity-defying tits are amazing, I cannot look at them with anything other than pity in my eyes. Like her entire body, her breasts are also bruised badly.  

[Hmm… Continue.]  

Regan says.   

How ruthless is she?  


Next, I lower my hands and grab the sides of Mrs. Storm’s black panties. This time, she balls up her fists in anger but still, doesn’t do or say anything to resist me.   

Let’s get this done with quickly…  

I lower her panties down in a flash.  


Even though I seriously don’t want to look, my eyes automatically get fixed on Mrs. Storm’s naked crotch.   

Her brown colored pubic hairs are not bushy at all but they clearly haven’t been trimmed for a significant amount of time. Even so, I can still see the lips of her pussy between the gap of her thighs.   

Man, I thought that she will at least try to hide her privates with her hands, but she is giving no signs of doing so.   

[Good. Now, back off a little and slowly walk around her body. Make it seem like you are checking her out like a pervert. Just remember to keep the camera always pointed towards her.]  

Fuck… this is just bullshit…  

Pasting a fake grin on my face, I stand up and slowly start revolving around Mrs. Storm’s body. All while making my gaze wander all over her naked body as if trying to lick it with my eyes.   

“I never thought… that Lily will choose such a disgusting man like you…” she says in a low voice filled with loathing.   

Damn it…   

Even though there is a grin on my face, I feel like burying myself alive right now. It really pains my heart to hear my girlfriend’s mother say something like this to me.   

[Okay, you can stop. I have seen enough.]  

Reagan says.   

[All the bruises in on her body are at least a week or two old. None of them are too severe but even with proper treatment, it will still take around two more weeks for them to heal completely.]  

Wait, she was observing the bruises? But why?   

[Now, one final thing and you are done there. Just say exactly what I tell you to.]  

“Fine…” I whisper.   

Just the thought of getting out of this situation is enough to make me agree to anything Regan says.   

[Okay then, repeat after me…]  

“How did you get all these bruises?” I ask, repeating after Reagan.   

Mrs. Storm doesn’t reply.   

“Tell me, or I will—”  

“I… I got in a road accident a few weeks ago,” she says in a small voice.   

“Lying again… Your husband did this to you, didn’t he?” I ask.   

Mrs. Storm’s whole body flinches and she finally looks at me.   

“N-No, I am telling you. I-It was a small accident,” she insists desperately.   

“Really? But I remember Lily saying that you never leave the house. How did you get into a car accident then?” I ask while raising my eyebrows.   

“I-It’s not like I never leave the house. I-I just do so rarely…” she answers while stuttering a little.   

Mrs. Storm doesn’t know about this, but the gang has been keeping a close watch on this house for the past 2 months now. And they know that she hasn’t left the house even once in that period.   

“Even if I believe you for a second, then can you please explain to me why you only have bruises? And why so many?” I ask.   

“What do you mean by that?” she asks with a frown.   

“Well, if you were in a car accident, shouldn’t there be many cuts and scratches on your body as well? I cannot see any of them. And also, the number of bruises you have doesn’t seem possible to get from a single accident,” I say.   

“That… that is…”   

Mrs. Storm becomes unable to deny these simple facts.   

“So, I will ask this again. Why does your husband abuse you regularly?” I ask.   

According to Regan, there are some bruises that are much fainter than others, indicating that the violence is done frequently.   

“This… This is my personal life. I do not wish to speak about it to you,” Mrs. Storm says in a low voice while looking away again.   

To be honest, fuck the gang, I too want to know the reason why her asshole husband would do this…   

“I think you don’t have any choice, Mrs. Storm. You either tell me the reason, or I go downstairs and tell your husband about my relationship with Lily,” I threaten.   

Mrs. Storm looks down without replying.   

“I will really—”  

[Don’t say anything! Just wait a while…]  

Regan says, interrupting me.  

Ahh~ fuck it… I feel like urging her some more, but well, I have no choice but to follow what Reagan says…   

After a couple of minutes of silence, Mrs. Storm suddenly looks up again. There is a strange sort of determination in her eyes which wasn’t there before.   

“Fine… I will tell you. I think that it will be the best way to make you understand…” she says in a strong voice.   


“You also wanted to know why I didn’t approve of your relationship with Lily, right? Well, I will tell you the real reason behind it as well. And after I finish, I will let you chose: whether you want to continue your relationship with Lily… or run away from this house immediately,” Mrs. Storm says while sounding really intimidating all of a sudden.   

Why would I be running away!?   

No matter what she tells me, I will always choose to be with Lily…  

Mrs. Storm takes a deep breath and opens her mouth to speak.   

“I will say this now; my husband is a really inhuman person. I won’t tell you about everything which makes him inhuman, but there is one thing that concerns both of us.   

“It’s a fetish of his. Or, I should say, a sexual fetish of his. He only has one, but he cherishes it to the extreme. In fact, his whole life is consumed by this fetish. And he spares no resources in his hands to fully indulge in it…” she says.   

A sexual fetish of that old fart!? How come we are talking about this!?   

“You see, my husband only likes to have sex with women who belongs to another man. Consensual or not? He doesn’t care…”  


“It was the same case with me. My late father used to work in Harrison Storm’s company and on one unfortunate day, he invited him over to our house for dinner. I didn’t knew about that arrangement beforehand, so, the 16-year-old me also planned to introduce my first ever boyfriend to my parents that day.  

“After that awkward dinner was over, I knew that Harrison Storm has taken a strange sort of liking to me, but seeing the difference in our age, I didn’t think much of it…” Mrs. Storm.   

“Well, I should have thought more about it, because one week later, me and my boyfriend were abducted from the park we went for a walk, only to find ourselves gagged and tied up in the basement of Harrison Storm’s mansion.”  

“I won’t go into details, but there, I was brutally raped by Harrison amidst my boyfriend’s screams and pleas to stop. That day he enjoyed his fetish in its truest sense… as he mentioned to me later,” Mrs. Storm says.   

“After he was finished with us, only I was allowed to go home with a warning of not telling anyone about anything, or else, he will kill my boyfriend. Well, missing reports were filed by my boyfriend’s family, but as the police were already bought with money, no real investigation was ever made.”  

“And while all this was happening, Harrison regularly called me to his mansion, and raped me in front of my boyfriend, who was kept alive using minimum necessities…”  

“After a few months like this, I found out that I am pregnant with Harrison’s child and that he has managed to fool my parents into believing that it’s the result of us falling in love. This then leads to our marriage which would have otherwise been impossible because of the difference in our age…”  

“Personally, the reason why I complied with this marriage was because I thought that I could somehow steal a chance to rescue my boyfriend by living in the same mansion every day. I always felt that it was my fault that such horrid things were happening to him and that I should do everything in my power to save him…”  

“Well, I lost this reason a few months after my second daughter, Lily, was born, and when I found out that he has finally given in to death. In grief, I thought of finally revealing the truth about Harrison Storm to the world, to at least give justice to my late boyfriend.  

“I didn’t even care about dying myself in this process… until I saw the faces of my sweet and innocent daughters again. I knew that there was but a really small chance that Harrison will actually be punished for his crimes. But my death will be finalized once I go against him.”  

“And well, I just couldn’t leave my daughters in the hands of such a person, so, I decided to continue bearing the pain of living with Harrison for their sake. But then again, to my surprise, he had already lost interest in me after my boyfriend’s death, because he couldn’t fulfill his fetish anymore. In fact, he hasn’t used my body even once for his sexual gratification since then.”  

“But well, I did get a new role in his life. I became a perfect human hitting bag for him that never gets angry or show any type of emotions. I became someone on whom he can easily let loses his anger and frustration from time to time during his fits… and as you can see, these bruises on my body are a result of his anger,” Mrs. Storm finishes while gesturing at her own naked body with a sad smile.   


I am just… completely speechless.   

I cannot even identify the feelings I have for Lily’s father anymore. Is it rage? Anger? Frustration? Disgust? Repulsion?  

Well, I just know one thing; the man called Harrison Storm is evil. He is pure fucking evil.   

“Now Caiden, I will tell you the reason why I cannot let Lily be with you, or in fact, why neither of my daughters can be with any man,” Mrs. Storm says seriously.   

Wait… don’t tell me…  

“It’s because the day they find themselves a lover, is the day history will repeat itself…” 

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