Chapter 39: Fk’ed Up Life

Man… yesterday really was a crazy day…   

Right now, I am lying on top of my bed and watching the sunrise through the window while being lost deep in my thoughts.   


I cannot believe that the least fucked up thing that happened to me was the extension of my grounded period for another month.   

Obviously, my mother’s switches were flipped last night and the moment I entered the house, she started yelling at me on top of her lungs.   

The lecture started from the importance of rules and how I am a trouble-child for not following through my punishment properly and continued till she started heavily doubting that my “animalistic” urges might have exploded again and I ran off from home to attack some innocent young woman.   

Knowing that my mother won’t stop till she is finished letting off her anger, I just stood there listening with a neutral face and went to my room after dinner was also refused to me.   

Well, at least I already anticipated that something like this will happen and planned to eat on my way home. And thankfully, it was Nora who was dropping me and she is somewhat nice to listen to my request.   

But still, what am I going to do from now on…   

Reagan had ordered me to come to the gang base on every alternate day of the week, directly after school. And if some emergency comes, I will have to leave anything I am doing and go straight to them.   

Sigh… I don’t even want to imagine what mom is going to do to me…   

And fuck! This is just a speck of my worry. There are other things as well which are bound to fuck my life way worse than this…   

First is raping Lily’s mother, which Reagan wants me to do today.   

As I guessed before, me and Lily got no chance yesterday to discuss about anything we might be able to do to prevent this. Our only hope is that we might be able to come up with a plan at school.   

Though I doubt we would be able to come up with something solid, as Reagan hasn’t told us much about the plan. Well, even she is going to command us using earpieces on the spot.  

But to be honest, I think the possibility of me actually raping Lily’s mother is extremely low. I might not even reach her house, let alone do something else.  

And don’t be mistaken to think that I have thought of some genius plan to delay all of this.   

No, it’s because I am sure that I will be assassinated before the school ends today…   

Why? It’s because of what Reagan said last night at the end of the meeting.  

About how I can do whatever I want to make every woman in the gang used at being intimate with me.   

Though I understood what she meant at once, at that moment I didn’t think that it is something to be worried about much.   

I mean, she wants me to do anything I want, right? What if I don’t want to do anything? Nothing will happen then, right?  

Sigh… how wrong I was…   

What she basically told me is to train the girls. And well, what comes after the training?   

Obviously, their test…   

And she clearly stated that those who will fail to meet her expectations in front of Chloe will be given a punishment.   

And that punishment is sleeping with me on the same bed for a whole week… completely naked.   

Like, fuck!!!  

With how Zoe was looking at me, I am sure she will be the first to send assassins to kill me. What I saw was pure bloodlust in her eyes.   

And not only her, but Clara was also looking like she wants to stab every inch of my body. In fact, all the other women were looking really tense as well.   

And Lily…   

Well, her anger was directed to everyone else except me. The very least I can say is that she wants them to perform their best in front of Chloe, or she might do something really bad.  

But still, I am confused about how this punishment will work.  

I mean, they won’t be sending any girl to sleep in my house, right?   

My mom will really call the police on me if that happens…  


Well, fuck it. I don’t even want to know…   

I look at the alarm clock beside my bed.   

It’s 7:00 already, huh?   

I stand up from the bed and start moving towards the bathroom.   

Let’s get ready for another fucked up day…   

“Here…” Abigale says while putting a pen inside the pocket of my shirt.   

“A pen? Why?” I ask, confused.   

“It’s not a simple pen. There is a small camera hidden in its cap which will allow us to see what’s happening inside the house…” she answers.   

So, it’s like those spy cameras they use in the movies, huh?  

Well, I guess they really did complete all the preparations Reagan asked…   

Right now, I am sitting in the back of a big van and I am on my way to Lily’s house. Sitting alongside me are Lily, Abigale, Nora, while Valerie is driving the van.   

School got over a couple of hours ago and nothing much of concern happened except the usually dickfuckery by Pig and Neustadt. Even in my first detention with Principal Steele went fine as I just simply sat there in her office and watched her work silently.  

And when I finally got of the school; I found this black van waiting for me with Lily already sitting inside it.    

“Now, both of you, take this and plug them inside your ears…” Abigale says while taking out two black colored earpieces from a pouch and handing them to me and Lily.   

“There is a microphone inbuilt inside them, so we can hear you more clearly.”  

Hmm… Due to the color and small size of these things, I don’t think anyone will notice them that easily.   

“Okay then, we will be reaching out destination in a few minutes. Madam Reagan is already in another van parked close to the house, along with a few other people. And yes, she wants me to remind you that you both have to strictly follow her each and every command. And that any defiance will be punished severely.  

“Also, we won’t be able to drop you directly in front of the house because of security cameras, so you both will have to walk a bit…” Abigale tells me and Lily.   

Both of us simply nods without saying anything. We are a bit too overwhelmed with nervousness right now to say anything…  

A few minutes later, the van stops. I look outside and see a familiar-looking street.   

“We have arrived. You both can get out of the car now…” Abigale says.   


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2 thoughts on “Chapter 39: Fk’ed Up Life

  1. Too short for my heart!!!
    Also why Mother.
    Why must you have zero trust in your son?
    At this point, this whole fucked up situation Caiden is getting worse and worse, and his mother isn’t making things any easier with her “crounded” and constant accusation of him being a rapist.
    She’s doing the one thing a parent should never do.
    That is never even letting children explain themselves or trusting them.


  2. 🌟/๑\/\/\✅ READ ✅/\๑/\/\/\/\✅ ENJOYED ✅/\/\/\/\/\/๑\/\✅ COMMENTED ✅/\/\/\/๑\/\/\/\/\/\Thank you for your you see what I see (do you see what I see,) above, in my comments, a Christmas tree. LOLthis looked really cool on Royal roads, unfortunately it’s not as impressive anywhere else.


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