Chapter 40: Lily’s Mother (Part-1)

“Here, take this as well. Give this to her mother,” Abigale says while handing me a bouquet of flowers.   

Me and Lily are already out of the car and are waiting for Abigale and others to check the functioning of cameras and microphones for the last time.   

“Okay, everything is good. You can go now,” Abigale says while giving us a nod.   

Haa~ Let’s do this.   

I grab Lily’s hand and both of us start to move forward. I personally know this street very well as I have been to Lily’s place many times. It shouldn’t take us more than a couple of minutes to reach the house.   

After a few seconds, my head unconsciously turns sideways to look at Lily and find her staring back at me.  

For a moment, I get tempted to talk to her but remembering that we have to maintain the act of being angry with each other, I stop myself. The same thing seems to happen with Lily as well and she also does not initiate any conversation.   

I guess we can be a little normal when we reach the house…   

As I guessed, in a minute or so, Lily’s House comes into my view. And like every time, it takes me a few seconds to come out of awe from its grand sight.   

Even from outside, the house seems to tell the richness of people living inside it. With its well designed modern structure, spacious garden, huge swimming pool, and other luxurious amenities, it’s like a dream house of anyone.   

And as someone who has been in it many times before, I can confidently say that the inside of the house is equally amazing.   

Well, if only the man who owns this house would have been as wonderful, me and Lily would never have been in the shitty mess we are right now…   

“Good evening, Miss Lily, Mr. Caiden.”  

The moment we reach the huge front gates of the house, a male voice greets us politely from the speakers attached to the wall. And instantly after that, the gates open up slowly with a small clicking noise.   

[Okay, can you both hear my voice?]  

Suddenly, Reagan’s voice comes from the earpiece.   


Me and Lily together reply in a low voice. I can sense how tense Lily instantly got just from her voice.   

[Good. Proceed inside the house now…]  

Damn… I am getting more nervous for some reason.   

After walking on the paved path, me and Lily reach the front door of the house, which also gets instantly open from inside.   

“Welcome back, Lily,” a female voice greets us.   

Standing behind the door is a really beautiful woman. Her jet black hairs are long and lustrous. Her wonderful light brown eyes are striking. Her white skin is flawlessly smooth and her alluring face contains delicate features. She even has an amazingly curvy figure with big and bountiful tits and a round peachy ass.   

But well, the thing which is making her sexiness tenfold is her outfit… her maid outfit…   

“Bella, is mum in her room?” Lily asks.  

“Yes, she is resting right now,” Bella answers.   

This is Bella Theresa, Lily’s personal maid and also her friend. She is a 20-year-old woman and was previously working as Lily’s older sister’s personal maid. Though she has been in Lily’s family since she was born as both her parents also work and live here.   

[Lily, ask this maid to call your mother downstairs.]  

Suddenly, Regan’s voice comes from the earpiece again.   

I can see Lily getting slightly shaken up from getting her first command.   

“C-Call mum downstairs, please. Me and Caiden want to talk to her about something…” Lily says while slightly stuttering.   

As Lily mentions my name, Bella’s gaze turns towards me for the first time.   

“Oh, so you are back here again, huh?” she asks in disdain.   

Oh, I forgot to mention… Bella doesn’t like me that much. No, she completely hates me.  

“Yeah…” I answer in a low voice.  

“Hmph… probably up to no good again,” she murmurs while eyeing the bouquet in my hand.   

Hey, I can hear you…   

After giving me a final glare, Bella turns to Lily again.   

“Sure, I will call her…” she simply says before turning around and walking away.   

“Come on, Caiden…” Lily says while lightly pulling on my hand and urging me to come further into the house.   

We make our way to the living room and sit down on the luxurious cushiony sofas. Like the whole house, the living room is also big and has a modern feel to it with brightly colored walls decorated with artistic paintings, craft items placed on small wooden tables, and thriving plants in small pots.   

I look sideways and notice Lily looking down while holding her head. I can tell that she is desperately trying to think of a way to stop Regan’s plan but is failing.  

Damn… Seeing Lily like this and not being able to support her really pains me.   

[Hey, boy, listen.]  

Reagan speaks again from the earpiece, making Lily sit up straight again with a jerk.   

“Y-Yes?” I say in a low voice.   

[I want you to show your best behavior in front of Adeline Storm. Your impression on her matters the most in our mission, am I clear?]  

“O-Okay…” I say.   

[And Lily, I want you to act more confident. It is your own house, not someone—]  


Reagan stops speaking in the middle of her sentence as a female voice enters my ears.  

I look up and see a woman standing at the entrance of the living room.   

Wait… what is this?   

The woman is wearing really weird clothes. Her long white skirt is reaching her ankles. Her white top has really long sleeves and its collar also is elongated such that it covers her entire neck.   

Adding the white socks and gloves, the only part of her body I can directly see is her face which is also lidden with heavy makeup for some reason.   

Heck! I cannot even see her eyes because of the huge black glasses she is wearing.   

At least I can see her long hairs which are dark brown in color and can trace her curvy figure with huge tits and meaty ass.   

“Mum…” Lily suddenly says while addressing the woman.   

What!? This is Lily’s mother!?   

[Boy, give her the bouquet. Fast!]  

Hastily, I stand up from the sofa and move towards Lily’s mother with quick steps.   

“T-These are for you, Mrs. Storm,” I say stutteringly while presenting the bouquet to her.   

[Boy, speak properly!}  

Reagan says angrily.  


“Oh, you much be Caiden, right? It’s nice meeting you after such a long time. Though Lily regularly shows me so many photos of yours that I haven’t forgotten your face,” Mrs. Storm says while taking the bouquet and handing it to Bella who is standing beside her.   

Well, it might sound really weird but even though I have known Lily for many years and have visited her house numerous times, this is probably the third or fourth instance I am actually meeting her mother. In fact, the last time I saw her was years ago.   

Hmm… Though I don’t remember her dressing sense to be this bad.  

And anyway, who wears clothes like this at home!? Is she planning to outside?   

But the gang said that she never leaves her house…   

“You and Lily wanted to talk to me about something, right? Well, let’s sit down first, shall we?” she asks with a smile while moving towards the sofas.   

I follow her and sits down next to Lily again. Mrs. Strom sits in front of us and Bella stands next to her.   

“So, what is it?” she asks with a smile.   

Lily opens her mouth to speak.   

[Lily, wait. The boy will tell her. And remember, be as direct and confident as possible.]  

Reagan says.   

Fuck… I never thought that I will confront Lily’s parents as her boyfriend like this.  

I inhale deeply.  

“Mrs. Storm, I… I proposed to Lily a few days ago and she said yes. We are a couple now,” I say quickly in a single breath.   

Bella gasps and her eyes open up wide in shock, but Mrs. Storm doesn’t say anything.   

I can feel my heartbeat rising and ears going numb from anticipation.   

Damn it… I cannot even see her expressions to guess what she is thinking.   

After a few seconds of complete silence, Mrs. Storm’s lips get thin for a moment before she opens her mouth to speak…   

“I am sorry but I cannot allow this…” 

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 40: Lily’s Mother (Part-1)

  1. Of course she cant

    The two are still in high school.
    If they were just dating, then okay.
    But proposing.
    That’s still the only thing I dont get since the start of the novel.

    Welp, another hoty introduced, yet why am I not surprised that she hates Caiden.


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