Chapter 38: The Supervisor (Part-4)

“So, where were we…” Reagan says while turning around and looking at Zoe again.   

“Oh yeah, you told me that you won’t kiss this boy, right? That you will not follow my direct order? Are you sure about that?”   

She lightly blows away the smoke from her gun.  

Zoe remains silent. Her whole body is shaking and she is staring at the dead man with her eyes wide open.   

And she is not the only one. Everyone is in shock about what just happened. Some of us didn’t even see that man’s face properly and now he is lying dead in front of us.  

But the one who is probably affected the most is me…   

My heart is pounding like crazy and my breathing is roughened to its limit. And even though this place is air-conditioned, I feel sweat forming on my forehead.   

What… the fuck…   

This is the first time I have seen a person die in front of my eyes, let alone being murdered. And to tell the truth, before this, I don’t think I had realized the full extent of the danger I am in.  

I can easily be there instead of that man, with a hole in my head…   

“See, I am getting weary of all of this, okay? I have other matters to discuss as well. Just give me your final answer, Zoe. And remember, I have no need for people who cannot follow orders,” Reagan says while rubbing the barrel of her gun.  

Damn… it is clear as day that she is threatening her.  

Zoe’s expressions turn even more severe and she turns around to look at me.   

“I will… kiss…” she says.   

What!? But you said… You sounded so determined not to…  

Zoe starts to move towards me and with each step she takes, the fear on her face decreases and gets replaced by utter revulsion. There is so much hate in her eyes that even I find it hard to look back at her.  

“You are going to regret this…” she whispers to me in a calm yet scary voice.   

Hey! Why the fuck am I going to regret this!? It’s not me who is forcing you!  

The next moment, Zoe roughly grab my hairs and pull me closer into a kiss. Though the instant our lips touch, she jerks my head away.  

“Ahaa!” I cry painfully.   

It’s almost as if this bitch is trying to pull my hairs out.  

“Hey! What the fuck are you doing!?” Reagan asks angrily.  

“Kissing him…” Zoe answers simply.   

You fucking cunt!  

“Kissing him? You are trying to make him go bald! Your kiss is even worst than Clara’s,” Reagan says while giving her a pathetic glare.   

“I am sorry for not meeting your expectations, madam,” Zoe says while moving away from me.   

“Oh, so, you are sorry…” Reagan says.   

The next moment, a nasty smile appears on her face.   

“Well, don’t worry then. I will help you so that you won’t keep failing my expectations.”  

Zoe’s expression hardens again. I guess she doesn’t like the sound of that.  

“Anyway, clear this filth away from here, will you?” Regan says while pointing towards the man.   

The two women who bought the man in, hurriedly grab his dead body and drags him out of the room. Their expressions clearly show how relieved they are to leave.  

“Now, you four, go back to your seat as well,” Reagan orders me, Zoe, Abigale, and Clara.   

Thank god…   

Slowly, I return to my seat as if coming home after fighting a war. Though I can still feel the hateful glares of Zoe and Clara, trying to pierce through my back.   

I was also dreading looking at Lily again but to my relief, she doesn’t look that angry with me. Actually, she looks really scared.   

Damn… She is also traumatized after seeing a murder and I cannot do anything about it right now…   

Once we all settle down on our seats again, Regan speaks again.   

“Okay, even though I really want to and you all deserve it, I am not going to waste any more time on scolding all you. We are going to go straight to the mission which I am here to supervise and see through its completion.   

“Saying it most simply, Harrison Storm’s wife and older daughter will be raped by that boy as well, and it will be done while remaining totally inconspicuous to the king,” Reagan says.   

Fuck… she really is here for that…  

Suddenly, Lily, who is standing beside me, places her hand on my shoulder and grips it strongly.  

“Well, it’s not exactly a simple mission, as it might sound or, it would have been left to useless people like you all. So, I want to say this beforehand: those who won’t show obedience and follow my orders exactly will be punished severely by me. And believe me, you don’t want to know how I punish people…” Reagan says with a smile.  

“Now, about the first part of the mission which is raping Harrison Storm’s wife, Adeline Storm. According to the information we have gotten from our spies, she rarely ever leaves her house. In fact, we haven’t seen her go outside even once.  

“And this makes the situation much difficult for us as the security of that house is really strict and there is no way of abducting her while she is inside.   

“But we have already decided upon the plan to counter that. We will send this boy disguised as Lily’s boyfriend and try to lure her mother out of the house through any means necessary.   

“As this situation mostly depends upon the actions and decisions of a third party, I cannot say that our plan is absolute beforehand. Though I will be in full contact with Lily and the boy through earpieces and command them on every step.   

“Now, because we will do our first attempt in the evening tomorrow, I want all the preparation done by the afternoon. And remember, everything should be—”   

“Tomorrow!? We will be doing it tomorrow!?” I ask loudly in shock.   

Reagan raised her eyebrows and look at me with a dangerous face.   

Shit! I unconsciously spoke out!   

“S-Sorry…” I quickly say.   

“Yes, we will be doing it tomorrow. Got any problem with that?” Regan asks.   

“N-No,” I answer.   

“Well, it doesn’t matter even if you do. So, as I was saying, I want everything to be done perfectly. I won’t tolerate any mistakes from anyone,” Reagan says sternly.   

Fuck… How are me and Lily going to counter this now!? Tomorrow is too soon!  

“Now, one more thing and we are finished for today,” Reagan says. A nasty smile returns on her face for some reason.  

“I already told you how important it is for us to maintain our cover in front of the King. In fact, the success of all our missions depends upon that. Even the one we will do tomorrow.  

“And after seeing your uselessness when Chloe was there and how the three squad leaders kissed that boy, I can say that our cover is in great danger of being exposed.   

“And well, we cannot let that happen…”   

Reagan’s smile widens even further and she turns around to look straight at me.   

Fuck… Look away! Look away from me!  

“From today onwards, I am allowing this boy to do anything he sees fit, to make every woman present in this room grow accustomed to being intimate with him.   

“And by anything, I mean anything…”   

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 38: The Supervisor (Part-4)

  1. A shame Reagan is a fictional character.
    I could hug her right now!!!
    First thing first, rape the shit out of Zoe, and spank clara till she orgasms!!
    The grab Abigail give her a long gentle love making session right in front of Zoe and Clara, just to infuriate the two!!!!!

    But damn, plan must be executed a day after her arrival, gonna be rough on Caiden.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a little late to comment but here’s an opinion on why Zoe is like this, I think that because of the little that was shown to her I think she didn’t want this plan of the rape that the bosses did, then I think that Lily’s first rape she left pass and was not angry with the MC, but the second was not, since after that she was even worse with him.


  2. Wow, so he gets to choose how he wants to die. He can either piss off the supervisor and get shot or piss off the three squad leaders and who knows what’ll happen or if nobody kills him and he does what he’s supposed to do then his girlfriend will probably kill him for cheating so much. It was nice knowing you mr. MC LOL

    Liked by 1 person

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