Chapter 37:The Supervisor (Part-3)

“Lessons? What lessons?” Clara asks up in a little scared tone.   

“Oh, I am going to give you all some acting lessons,” Reagan answers, her smile widening.   

“T-There are so many important things to do, madam. We cannot waste our time on things like acting…” Clara says, her voice turning a little accusing.   

I cannot help but notice that there is some hate in Clara’s eyes for Reagan. And also, that this hate is directed at her chest.  

Suddenly, Reagan’s glare intensifies, making Clara flinch.   

“Let me remind you, Clara. You are just a simple squad leader while I am in a much superior position here than you. So, you will just do what I say. Is that clear?” Reagan says menacingly.   


“I asked, is it clear!?” she asks, louder.  

“Y-Yes, madam,” Clara says while gritting her teeth.   

“Good. Now, I want to ask something to all of you…” Reagan says while looking around the room.   

“Just moments ago, when King’s granddaughter was here, what was your role in convincing her that this boy here is our leader?” she asks while pointing at me.   


No one answers her. There is a confused look on everyone’s face.   

“So, no one will volunteer to answer? Fine… Clara, you will answer me. What was your role?” Reagan asks.   

“W-What role? I didn’t have to do anything…” Clara says in a low voice.  

“Oh, really? Then do you think I, who arrived here just a few hours ago, shouldn’t have done anything as well?’ Reagan asks.   

Clara remains silent and looks down.   

“No answer… Okay then, recount what I did when the boy arrived,” Reagan orders.   

“W-What you did?” Clara asks.   

“Yes, tell us,” Reagan says.   

“Y-You kneeled down to him and k-kissed his hand…” Clara says in a low voice.   

“And then?” Regan asks.   

“T-Then you started to back off but then he… then he…”   

Clara’s face turns red and she seems unable to speak further.   

“He groped and kissed me. And how did I react to that, huh?” Reagan asks further.   

“Y-You k-kissed him back…” Clara responds while blushing further.   

She is surprisingly shy in saying things like these.  

“Yes, this boy showed a commendable presence of mind by following through his fake personality of a perverted playboy leader, to which I reacted accordingly. It also gave me a chance to tell his boy a way to get Chloe out of this room.   

“And not only me. But these two girls also acted perfectly to make Chloe believe that they are in love with him. And forget not, Emily is just a subordinate under you. And also, after reading that report, that girl, Lily, should hate him now. But still, she acted perfectly…” Regan says, her voice growing louder with every word.   

Well, she got this wrong. Lily reacted like that because she simply forgot to act hateful towards me in anger and Emily is just a really perverted woman who leaves no chance to grope my cock…  

“But everyone else? You all just sat on your dirty asses and watched the show unfold. The thought of participating in the act to make it more believable never even entered your small minds.  

“And I think everyone here understands the severity of the situation, am I right? You all know what will happen if Chloe starts to doubt us, don’t you? Though let me tell you anyway. She will start working on that doubt and will eventually find out about our true identity… King will find out about our true identity…   

“And then, who will take responsibility for that?” She asks while looking around.   

No one says anything.   

“Again, no reply… Abigale, stand up!” Reagan says in a strict tone.   

“Yes, madam,” Abigale says while standing up from her seat.   

“You are a squad leader, right? Will you take responsibility if that happens?” Reagan asks.   

Abigale looks down and does not reply.   

“No reply… Clara, stand up!” Reagan shouts.   

“Y-Yes, madam,” Clara says, standing up from her seat with a jerk.   

“You are a squad leader as well. Will you take responsibility?” she asks.   

Clara also looks down and doesn’t reply.   

“Tch, useless… Zoe, stand up!” Reagan shouts again.   

“Yes… madam,” Zoe says.   

“You are a new squad leader, huh? But still, a leader is a leader. Will you take responsibility?” Reagan asks.  


Zoe also looks down.   

“I see… I see…” Reagan says while moving around.  

“So, no one answers my question. No one acts where it’s necessary. And no one is ready to take responsibility if something goes amiss because of it…”   

The smile on Reagan’s face widens.   

“By the way, do you all know why I am smiling even though I am seeing all this incompetence?” she asks.   

Again, no one says anything.   

“Let me tell you why. It’s because I find it easier to control my feelings when I am smiling. I also find it easier to control a particular urge of mine this way… The urge to kill…   

“And that’s what I want to do right now… I JUST WANT TO PULL OUT MY GUN AND FUCKING SHOOT YOU ALL TO DEATH,” Reagan bellows.   

Everyone shakes from her sudden explosion of anger.   

“But sadly, I cannot…” she whispers.  

“Anyway, now that I am here, everything will be changed. Starting now…”  

Reagan turns around and looks straight into my eyes, making me flinch under her intense glare.   

“You, come here…” she says to me.   


I seriously don’t want to go but I feel like it will be worse if I don’t. And even though she praised me earlier, I cannot help but think that I am fucked…  

Lily and Emily have already stopped fighting and both are now hugging me closely. Lightly, I place my hand on their backs, urging them to move.  

Emily stands up at once but Lily does so reluctantly. I can see the concern in her eyes as she stands aside.   


Slowly, I stand up as well and move towards Reagan.   

“Okay, you three come here as well,” Reagan says to Abigale, Clara, and Zoe, the moment I reach her.   

All three of them moves closer to us.   

I am having a bad feeling about this…   

“Now, as squad leaders, I am going to have you learn to act first. One by one, all three of you… will kiss this boy,” Reagan commands.   

What the fuck!? Seriously!?   

“W-What!? I-I won’t! I hate him!” Clara says loudly.   

“This… This bastard? No way in hell…” Zoe says while looking appalled.  

Yeah, like I want to kiss bitches like you!  



I look around and see Abigale looking at me with a smile.   

“If this is the command of the supervise, I will do it. And to be honest, I am a little interested in this man as well,” she says while moving closer to me.   

What the fuck!? I haven’t even talked to you that much and you are interested in me!?   


Before I can say anything, Abigale comes close. Too close… And our lips meet.   

I can smell light fragrance whiffing off from her body. Her soft lips feel warm and moist. And even though it’s a simple kiss with no saliva exchange and no tongue involved, my brain still feels a little mushy.   

After a few seconds, Abigale separated her mouth…   

“That was my first…” She whispers before distancing herself from me and standing next to Zoe and Clara with a rather happy expression on her face.   

“At least one of you is quick enough to act on orders. But this was not enough. It didn’t look like you both were used to kissing each other, much less being intimate, which we are trying to make Chloe believe. Well, I guess you will need more practice and I have a plan for that as well…” Reagan says.   

More practice!?  


“But I will tell you all about it later. First, Clara, you will kiss him now…”   

“B-But I don’t want to!” Clara says loudly.   

Even I don’t want to kiss this small flat chested women.   

“Hey! You just thought that I am flat-chested, right!?” Clara shouts at me angrily.   

How the fuck did she read my mind!? And anyway, it’s not like she not flat-chested…   

“There is a little bulge! And I am still growing!!!” Clara yells.  

You are 22 years old. They won’t grow…  

“I won’t kiss this disrespectful man!!!” Clara shouts.   

“I am not taking no for an answer, Clara. Kiss him right now or suffer the consequences!” Reagan says threateningly. Her eyes glints even more menacingly than before.   

Not just Clara but everyone flinches again.   

“Aargh… Fine,” Clara says while looking at me hatefully.   

The next instant, she runs towards me at full speed. Before I can even realize what is happening, something soft touches my lips and vanishes after a split second.   

“You should be grateful!” Clara says angrily while moving back to her place.  

“That was the most pathetic excuse for a kiss I have ever seen…” Reagan says with a glare.   

“Hmph… That was the best I can do,” Clara says, looking away.   

“Your best is really pathetic then. But well, I won’t make you kiss him again… for now. My plan will take care of all of this,” Reagan says with a smile.   

Damn… I don’t feel like hearing her plan at all.   

“Now, Zoe, your turn…” She commands.   

Zoe does not move.   

“I said, it’s your turn, Zoe. Kiss this boy,” Reagan says again.   

“I won’t…” Zoe whispers.  

“You what!? Say it out loud!” Reagan says.   

“I won’t kiss a man! Especially this bastard asshole!” Zoe says strongly while pointing at me.   

I can see absolute loathing in her eyes for me. I can tell that she really doesn’t want to kiss me at all costs.  

Well, I don’t feel bad at her rejection as even I don’t want to kiss this bitch…   

“You will kiss him and you will do it now!” Reagan says threateningly.  

“No, I won’t!” Zoe refuses again.  

“So, you won’t follow my order?” Reagan asks. Her voice turning low all of a sudden.  

“I am sorry but I cannot—”  

Suddenly, the door of the room opens up and two women enter the room…   

Wait, what!?   

And both of them are holding a man by his arms.   

Damn… he looks as if someone has beaten him really badly.  

His face is bruised and his eyes are puffy. There are also torn places in his clothes from where I can see open wounds leaking blood.  

“He was trying to break inside the base, madam. And though he refused to tell us anything, it looks like he is a spy from how he is dressed,” the first woman speaks.   

“He also tried to resist and run away, so we had to subjugate him harshly,” the second woman says, explaining the wounds.   


Suddenly the man speaks up. Slowly, he raised his head and looks at us.   

“I will never tell you anything even if you—”  


Suddenly, an extremely loud noise fills the room and in the next instant, the man drops to the ground. There is a hole in his head now and blood is spurting out from it.   

What… the…   

“You see…”  

A voice enters my ears.   

I look around and see Reagan standing there with a gun in her hand.   

“… I never hesitate to pull the trigger.” 

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 37:The Supervisor (Part-3)

  1. This crazy chick means business.
    Unlike Zoe who heistate.
    Man I like her already.
    Especially how she plans to force them to be Caiden’s flirty maidens.

    And Zoe, seems to have a really intense hate bonar for man, male phobia?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s fairly obvious that she has had some problems with men. It might have even been mentioned earlier but I’m not sure. It may have just occurred to my mind from her actions back then. Let’s hope that our MC can break through that somehow and at least let her act properly if not really feel it.



      1. Oops, I forgot I was writing a reply instead of just a message LOL I guess I’m getting to the point where I automatically put my little thank you for the chapter tag on the bottom of everything LOL


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