Chapter 36: The Supervisor (Part-2)

Reagan’s kiss is swift and she leaves my hand instantly after. Though she does not rise but keeps kneeling on the floor with her face down, as if waiting for something.   

“Address her,” Emily whispers from behind.   

“S-Superv— *Cough* Reagan,” I say.   

Shit! I almost slipped out there.   

Instantly, Reagan stands up with a jerk and after giving me a little bow, she starts backing away to her seat.   

“Wait!” I loudly say, making her stop on her track.   

Shit! I can see Chloe now. She is sitting on the other side of the throne-like chair, looking curiously at me.   

Because of what Reagan did so suddenly, I totally forgot to start my acting. I need to make some amends.   

And seriously, I am scared as hell to do so…   

With a little difficulty, I form a confident smile on my face and move forward to close the distance between me and Reagan.   

Fuck… Here I go…   

First, I look at her body from to bottom gleefully like a pervert. She is wearing a tight black tank top and shorts. Her fit figure looks extremely alluring in these tight clothes.  

I move my right hand up…  

“I missed these tits…” I say, just before starting to grope her bust.   

Damn… These things are soft as hell…   

Then, I move my other hand behind her back.   

“And this meaty ass as well…” I say while grabbing her butt and massaging it hard.   

The reason why I am saying that I missed these things is because of what Reagan said earlier-  

I am back, Leader.  

It probably means that she isn’t going to act like my new woman like Lily, but an old one.   

But fuck! I don’t know anything about this Reagan. I hope she don’t kill me for doing this later…   

“Leader, my body missed your touch as well…” she says in a coquettish voice.   

What the fuck!?  

I look up at her face with a jerk and find her looking back at me with a revering face…   

The next instant, out of nowhere, she wraps her arms around me to hug tightly. And before I can even realize what is going on, she moves her face forward as well and crashes her soft lips against mine.   

What the heck is she—  

No, she is acting as well. I need to up my game as well or I won’t look like playboy gang leader anymore…  

Come on!  

While roughening up my grip on Reagan’s tits and ass, I also invade her mouth with my tongue, to which, she responds with equal vigor. We entangle the tongues and exchange our saliva as well.   

Shit! This is going too far! But I cannot stop now…  

After staying like this for a solid minute, we finally separate our lips. Though Reagan don’t stop there and goes on to kiss my chin, my cheeks, and then, my ears…   

“Get this Chloe out of this room as fast as possible…” she whispers.   

What the…   

Reagan’s voice is totally different from the revering one before. Her tone is commanding and there is a strange sort of authority in it which, for some reason, made me shiver.   

Anyway, what the heck does she mean by that!? How am I supposed to get Chloe out of the room!?   

And heck! Why is she even here if you don’t want her to!?   

Before I can ask these questions back, Reagan separates her body from mine…   

“That was amazing, Leader. I cannot wait to be ravished by you in bed later. After all, we have seen each other after so long. I hope this would end fast…” she says meaning and rather loudly.   

Oh, I get it. So, this is how you want me to do this, huh?   

Again, Reagan turns around to move to her seat…   


I slap the ass of her returning figure…   

“Just wait, baby. I am going to wreck your pussy good…” I say while licking my lips.   

Shit! It’s what an eve teaser said in a movie I watched. I shouldn’t have used it here, fuck.   

But no one else except me seems to think much about it. Even Raegan just giggles lightly before moving to her chair and sitting down.   

Hmm… It looks like that grand one in the middle is mine. Let’s go—  

Suddenly, an intense chill creeps up my spine, making me instinctually start to shake from fear. And it takes me no time to guess the source of it…  

S-Shit… I forgot for a moment who is here with me right now…   

Slowly, while sweating furiously, I turn around, only to find Lily… smiling at me.   

For a second, relief spread inside me… till I see her eyes. Her cold, lifeless eyes.   


There is not even a trace of fear left on her face. And this is making me fear a lot.  

I know she told me that she didn’t mind what happened in the king’s meeting but still, she sounded really jealous back then. And now, she has seen me in action live…   

Slowly, Lily starts moving towards me one step at a time. I too slowly start to back away from her in fear.   

Fuck! The creepy smile on her face looks like someone has permanently pasted it there!    

Please, god! Don’t have me murdered by my girlfriend!   

Like this, Lily keeps moving forward, I keep moving backward… till the throne-like chair comes on in my way.   

Fuck this chair! There is nowhere to go now!   

I look sideways and see Chloe looking at me. Though her face is blushing a little, her eyes show confusion from seeing this behavior of mine.   

Damn! This situation is so fucked up!   

But still, I cannot lose my ground in front of Chloe…   

I take a deep breath.   

Let’s do this!   

The moment Lily gets close enough, I grab her hand in a flash and pull her towards me.   


The next instant, both of us fall down on the chair behind me, such that Lily gets seated on my right thigh.   

Even in this situation, I cannot help but notice how soft and plump her ass feels…   

Fuck! I need to focus!  

Without giving any time for Lily to react, I wrap my arms around her and kiss her on the cheek…   

“You know I am not doing all this because I want, Lily. Please understand…” I quickly whisper.   

Lily looks at me again. I can tell that she doesn’t like this at all but still, her cold eyes start to soften and her dangerous smile also vanishes. Instead, a pout takes its place…   

“You act a bit too good, idiot,” she says while hitting me on the shoulder lightly.   

I take a breath of relief.  

At least, Lily is fast to recollect her mind. I know that she understands the situation we are in but I think, seeing her boyfriend kissing someone else so passionately really flipped her switch for a moment there.  

Okay, now let see…   

I take a glance around the room. And now that I finally look properly, it is as Emily told me earlier.    

Everyone I know from the gang is here: Zoe, Natalie, Abigale, Clara, Nora, Valarie, and some other girls whom I seen but never talked before.   

All of them are looking at me with different types of expressions. Zoe and Clara: anger. Abigale: amusement. Nora, Valarie, and Natalie: indifferent.   

But my main focus right now is—  

“Shower me with lots of love as well, master!”  

Suddenly, a heavy body falls on top of me and wraps itself around. Instantly after, I start getting stimulations all over my body.   

Who the fuck—  

I look down and the first thing which enters my vision… are green hairs.   


Fuck you, Emily.  

It looks like she has returned full on to her lewd bitch mode again and I can do nothing but keep going with her right now because of Chloe…  

Now, both my thighs are occupied. On my right is Lily and on my Left is Emily. And I am sorry to say, but neither of them is exactly light in weight.   

“Ahh~ my body missed you the most, master! Please let it serve your first!” Emily says lewdly while rubbing her body against me.   

She even starts to kiss my neck while her right hand starts to grope my crotch.  

Why the fuck are you calling me master!? And where the fuck are you keeping your hand!?   

Fuck! I cannot even swat it away or it will look weird in front of Chloe—  

Suddenly, Emily’s hand gets forcibly taken off my crotch… by Lily.   

Her angry look has returned and she is glaring at Emily threateningly.   

“Whaaat? It’s just acting~” Emily whispers singingly before going for my crotch again… but Lily beats her to it.   

“I will do it then…” Lily whispers back before starting to rub my crotch lewdly.   

But Emily isn’t the one to give up this quickly. She smiles back and her hand starts fighting with Lily’s over the right to rub my crotch.   

Fuck! I am getting erect now!   

Wait, I think I can use this chance…   

“Hahahaha…” I start to laugh.   

Looking sideways, I see that Chloe’s doubtful look is again converted into a curious one. Her face is also bright red again.   

“You see? The moment I return, my women starts fighting over my cock…” I say smugly to Chloe.   

“A-A-And why are you telling this to me!?” she shouts, her face changing its color to that of a ripe tomato.   

“Just wanted to know if you want to join the fight, baby,” I say with a wink.   

“I want to— I-I mean, I don’t want to! And don’t call me baby!” she bellows.   

“Hahaha, such cutie. Anyway, tell me, how come you are here?” I ask.  

“Don’t call me cutie as well! And what do you mean by that!? Have you forgotten that I am told to stay here with you!? You are the one who goes disappearing on me for 5 days!” she says angrily.   

“Just busy with school, my love,” I answer.   

“Don’t call me that!!! And how come you go to school even though you a gang leader?” Chloe asks suspiciously.   

Fuck! I shouldn’t have mentioned school!   

But Lily and Emily’s fight over my crotch is distracting me!   

I need to think of something…   

“Obviously, I got to school. Where do you think I hire new girls with tight virgin pussies, huh? Like this one here…” I say while lightly slapping Lily’s plump thigh.   

Though Lily is busy with Emily and doesn’t notice it.   

“Y-You pervert…” Chloe says angrily.   

“Of course, I am a pervert, baby! A big one at that. Now, if you don’t mind, can I ask you to leave? I am going to have a big orgy with all my women present here…” I say while grabbing Lily’s tits and shaking them.   

“Hey! Mine as well!” Emily hisses and places my other hand on her tits by herself, before continuing her fight with Lily.   

“H-Hey, what orgy!? I want to ask you a few other things as well!” Chloe says.   

“As I said before, everyone waits until I finish playing with my women. We will talk tomorrow unless…” I say while forming a fake creepy smile.   

“…you wish to participate in the orgy and agree to keep it a secret from the king,” I tell her with a wink.   

Damn! I am a goner if she says yes…   


Holy fuck!  

“— I-I mean, no. I don’t want to participate!” Chloe shouts. Though her face has turned even redder.   

“Oh, so, do you want to watch me plow all these pussies?” I ask.   

“O-O-Of course not!” she answers with a shout.   

“Then leave, ‘cause we are about to have some fun now,” I say while pointing at the door.   

“Aargh! Fine! But you will have to talk to me tomorrow, no matter what!” Chloe says while getting up from her seat and moving out of the room… somewhat.   

For real, Chloe? I can clearly see you standing next to the wall and peeking inside. At least try to hide properly…   


Suddenly, Reagan who’s been sitting beside me silently all this time claps her hand and the next instant, two of the women who are standing around the room as guards move in the middle.   

“Escort Miss Bosi to her room. She might get lost,” she orders.   

I can see Chloe jumping from surprise behind the door before running away for real this time.   

I guess she really wanted to see the orgy…   

“Okay, so, you passed…”   

Reagan tells me while standing up.   

“…and all of you fail,” she says looking at Zoe and other gang women.   

All of them look back at her in surprise.   

“What? We fail?” Abigale asks in confusion.   

“Yes, you all did except those two women sitting on his lap. And this calls for me to give you your first lesson here…”  

A nasty smile forms on Reagan’s face, completely different from before.  

And it scares the shit out of me… and everyone else as well.   

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 36: The Supervisor (Part-2)

  1. True enough.
    I mean would Zoe and Clara who are supposed to be part of his harem be a pissed off with their harem master.
    If Chloe wasn’t so engrossed on watching all the lewd play, then she’d notice the oddity of the situation.


    1. They could be seen as jealous(or tsundere), but yeah I get what you mean. Anger from jealousy would have them act differently than anger from disgust.

      Kinda funny that Chloe is a closet pervert though. Usually, this would be a good thing, but since her grandfather would murder our MC if he did anything it will probably cause trouble in the long run.


  2. Why do I get the strange feeling the orgies going to happen just like he said it was? the overseers going to decide that the only way she’s going to be able to get proper acting responses out of these girls is to get them hooked on his dick…


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