Chapter 69: An Ally

“Kate?” I say while putting my hands on her shoulder lightly.   

Instantly, her whole body jumps up and she looks at me with a jerk.    


Even though her nose and cheeks are bright red and tears are running down her face, I cannot help but think how beautiful she looks.   

“Leave me alone!” Kate shouts while slapping my hand away.   

Normally, I would have left already, but me and Black system have already scripted all my speech and actions for this moment forth…  

“I am sorry but I overheard a little bit of your conversation with Riley. And after looking at these photos…” I say while raising the photos, which she threw earlier, in my hand “… mostly everything became clear to me.”  

Well, I cannot just tell her that I was followed her here and because of it, I have heard their entire conversation from the start.   

“Tell me, Jacob… are you here to mock me? Because if so… then just leave me alone… you cannot make me feel any worse…” Kate says in a heavy voice while covering her face again.   


Well, me mocking Kate in this situation does makes a lot of sense. There are numerous incidents when Alex decided to fuck with me, just to show off in front of her.   

And even though she had never participated in the bullying itself, her tendency to turn a blind eye to all the shitty things Alex does is really infuriating.   

But well, now is not the time to call upon her for past events…   

“I am not here to mock you or make you feel worse, Kate,” I say while sitting down next to her.   

“Alex has done something much worse than to you than just bullying. He has deceived you and betrayed your trust. I cannot even hope to understand the pain you are in right now…”   

I stretch out my hand towards her, and slowly start to caress her back. She flinches again from my touch but this time, my hand doesn’t get slapped away like before.   

Like this, we both keep sitting silently for a few minutes.   

“Is that slut… is she… more beautiful than me?”   

Suddenly, Kate asks in a low voice while continuing to sob.   

“Wait, what? No! You are obviously more beautiful!” I say earnestly.   

And I am not even saying this just to please her. To be honest, even though Riley is hot, she is nowhere near the level of Kate’s beauty. Well, there is a reason why Kate is one of the most sought-after girls in our school.   

No man in his right mind would choose Riley over Kate.   

“Then… why would he do this to me? Why!?” Kate says while breaking down even more.   

I take a deep breath…   

“There is a thing which is bugging me for a while, Kate. It’s what Riley mentioned earlier… What is this promise that you took from Alex?” I ask gently.   

“I… I just… It’s…”   

Hmm… Kate seems reluctant to tell me.   

“You don’t have to say if it makes you feel uncomfortable. I am just wondering what could tempt a man to cheat on a girl like you,” I say.   

“N-No, I… I will tell you. You must know that me and Alex started dating just a few months ago, right?” she asks.   

“Obviously, it was a big deal…” I answer.   

Almost every guy in school has a crush on Kate. Her dating a guy, especially Alex, created a huge uproar.   

“W-Well, you see, there was a condition on which I said yes to his proposal. I asked him to promise that he won’t make any sexual advances on me at least until our first anniversary,” Kate says.   

Damn… I suspected something like this…   

“I put this condition because I first wanted to know about him better, and see if we are compatible together before investing my whole self into this relationship.”  

Hmm… That’s fair, to be honest. One year in a relationship without sex shouldn’t be that big of a deal for someone of our age.   

“Damn… So, that’s what that Riley meant by Alex fulfilling his needs from somewhere else,” I say.   

Kate does not say anything but starts sobbing even more loudly.   

“Well, at least you understand that he is a scum now,” I say.   

“B-But I still cannot believe… that he would cheat on me, then break up by sending his new girlfriend to shame me like this… I never knew that he can fall this low…” Kate says in-between her heavy sobs.   

“No, he didn’t send Riley to break up with you. She just came by herself. She is even going to tell Alex that you accidentally found out about him cheating on you,” I tell her.  

“W-What?” Kate looks up again in shocked.   

“You see, his plan must be to keep you as his official girlfriend to show everyone and Riley as his secret fuckmate for a year. Then, after you agree to have sex with him, he will probably dump Riley and continue his relationship with you like nothing happened.   

“Well, as Riley is a slut, he must have thought that she wouldn’t mind this setting at all. But his assumption turned out to be completely wrong. Riley seems to want him all for herself…” I say.   

Of course, this is what me and Black system concluded after hearing the conversation earlier. But well, I think it exactly on the mark…   

“Kate, Alex is even a bigger scum than you thought. He not only cheated on you but wanted to continue doing so for an entire year,” I tell her.   

“He… He is…”   

Kate’s voice is literally shaking from anger now. Her tears have stopped flowing and she is now looking like she can literally murder someone. Well, more specifically, Alex.   

“I… I really hate him… more than anyone else…” she says.  

“Well, I really hate that fucker as well. Do you know what he did to me yesterday?” I ask.   

“Those fireballs? But that was an accident, right?” she asks while wiping her wet cheeks.   

“No, I saw him look right into my eyes before he launched those fireballs at me. And on the way to the infirmary, he even threw my unconscious body off the stairs,” I tell her.   

“He threw your body!? B-But that could have killed you…” she says, looking scandalized.   

“Do you think he cares? He, along with his hoodlums, have beaten numerous people to near-death state. Sometimes, even in front of you…” I say.   

I couldn’t help but sound a little accusing towards her.   

“B-But Alex always said that those people attacked him first. That he is only paying them back for what they did to him earlier…” Kate says.   


“Obviously, that fucker lied. He bullies people just for fun. And to be honest, with how infamous he is, I am finding it hard to believe that you remain oblivious to this,” I say while shaking my head.   

“To tell you the truth, I wasn’t totally unaware, Jacob. I think I just didn’t want to believe the truth myself…” she says regretfully.   

“Well, I cannot blame you. Sometimes, you need to experience things yourself to see the truth…” I tell her.   

But man, I really used to think that Kate is a bitch for being with Alex even after all the fucked up things he does. It’s somewhat nice to find out that that filthy son of a bitch was lying to her.   

“I guess… But this is really frustrating. While I am relieved that I didn’t let Alex do anything to my body, I am also extremely furious at him, and that Riley as well. I feel like doing something…” she tells me while tightening her fists angrily.   

“Well, as I already told you, I share these feelings, Kate. And I am not going to lie to you. The reason why I approached you today is because I thought that you can help me with a particular thing I desire… And well, I think you desire as well now,” I tell her seriously.   

“Something I desire?” Kate asks, confused.   

I turn my head and look straight into her eyes.   

“Revenge, Kate. On Alex, and on Riley… I want your help to get revenge on them,” I say.   

“I… I want to get revenge on them as well. I will help you…” she answers instantly.   

Damn… Now comes the important part…   

“Don’t be so hasty, Kate. Let me tell you this first, you will have to do things that you probably won’t like, no… things that you surely won’t like, but which are extremely important to get our revenge.   

“Please bear this in mind before telling me your answer. I cannot afford you to quit once we start on my plan,” I say importantly.   

While continuing to look back into my eyes, she moves her hands forward and holds my left hand in-between them.   

“I won’t let that scum and that slut get away with nothing. I am willing to do anything to get revenge on them…” Kate says.   

I can see a strange determination in her eyes. To be honest, she even looks a little scary.  

“So, my answer isn’t changed. I will help you to get our revenge.”  

“Don’t you think we should wait, Jacob? There will be many students around Riley on the grounds…” Kate says worriedly.   

“We have no choice. We need to talk to her before she can meet with Alex,” I tell her.   

Me and Kate are descending down the stairs right now. I have already finished telling her about the new plan me and Black system devised, and following it, we are on a mission to find Riley.   

But fucking hell… I cannot believe that Kate actually agreed to the plan even after hearing all the details…   

She must be really pissed off…   

Suddenly, Black miasma erupts in front of my eyes.   

{Master, I would like to suggest you to check out Alex’s classroom first.}  

Alex’s classroom? Why?   

{I think that there is a high possibility of finding Riley there.}  

What!? Why will Riley be in Alex’s classroom?   

Even if she’s bunking the lesson, shouldn’t she be in her own classroom?   

{Think carefully, master. Riley must be desperate to talk to Alex as fast as possible. And she cannot do so on the grounds. So, the only place where he will eventually come is either the boy’s washroom or his classroom.}  

{And if I remember correctly, the boy’s washroom is on the same floor as the second year’s classrooms, right master?}  

Yeah., you are right…   

“We are going to your classroom,” I say while grabbing Kate’s hand to stop her from moving.   

“My classroom!? But shouldn’t we hurry to the grounds right now!?” she asks, confused.   

“Riley might be there,” I answer.   

“What!? Why?”  

“You will see. Come,” I say before getting down the last few sets of stairs and entering the third floor where our classrooms are.   

And in just a few seconds, we reach our destination.  

“Look, the door is already open…” I say while pointing at the classroom of section B.   

The moment me and Kate enter inside, a bizarre scene enters our eyes.   

As Black system expected, Riley is in the classroom. Though…   

“Get down from the teacher’s desk, slut!” Kate shouts angrily.   

“Ara? Kate? Already feeling better?”  

Riley is lying on top of the teacher’s desk, with her skirt lifted up, and her red-colored panties clearly visible. But well, this is not the bizarre thing about the situation.   

“A-And stop doing… that!” Kate says while looking away with a bright red face.   

One of Riley’s hands is inside her panties and is moving really furiously.   

Damn… She is freaking masturbating in the classroom…   

“Ahh~ and I was so close to cumming…” Riley says while slowly taking out the wet and sticky hand from her panties.  

Though she still doesn’t close her legs…   


“And who is he? Your new boyfriend?” Riley asks while licking her love juice covered fingers lewdly.  

That’s… That’s freaking hot…   

“Why do you care even if he is?” Kate asks angrily.   

“Hahaha… And people call me a slut. Anyway, if you are here to beg me for Alex, forget it. He is my boyfriend now. I am not leaving him,” Riley says clearly.   

After she finishes licking all her fingers, she turning her thick ass in my direction before getting down from the desk.   

I know she is my enemy, but God damn… That ass is fine as hell…   



Kate sharply hits me with her elbow.   

Oh, shit! I need to speak now…   

“What boyfriend are you talking about, Riley? Because Alex isn’t your boyfriend, is he? At least…yet,” I say.  

The effect of my words is instant. Riley’s careless expression changes to a serious one immediately.   

“What do you mean by that? Alex is my boyfriend,” She says.   

“Oh, really? And here I was thinking that you still haven’t told Alex how Kate “accidentally” found out about him cheating on her,” I say wonderingly while doing a quotation mark sign with my hands.   

Riley’s eyes open up wide in surprise and color drains from her face.   

“Y-You… H-How do you know?” she asks while heavily stuttering.   

“I just do. By the way, tell me one more thing, you took these photos secretly without telling Alex, right?” I ask while taking out the photos she left on the roof.   

“I-I… No,”   

“Oh, then, I guess you don’t mind if I show these to him, do you?” I ask.   

“No! Don’t do that!” Riley says desperately.   

“Hmm? You don’t want me to show him his own sex photos?” I ask.   

“Please! Don’t do it!” she begs.   

Damn…it’s unbelievable how quickly her tone and behavior changed.  

“Then, I guess, you also don’t want me to mention to him that you showed these pictures to Kate, do you?” I ask while raising my eyebrows.   

“I-I don’t! Please! He will be really angry with me! I will do anything! Just please don’t tell him!” Riley says, looking really scared.   

“Oh, anything, huh?” I ask.   

A smile forms on my face.   

“That’s exactly what I wanted to hear…” 

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