Chapter 68: At The Rooftop

“Ma’am! May I please go to the washroom!” I ask Miss Laura while raising my hand.   

“Wow, you are going to form water this way?” Leo says while laughing loudly.   

“Concentrate on your glass, or next time, you will crack someone’s balls instead of the glass…” I retort back.   

Leo silence up and looks back at his water glass with a red face.   

I look at Miss Laura and see her gesturing at me to go.   

{I request you to hurry up, master, or we might lose her sight.}  

I know…   

I start to jog my way to the school building. Luckily, the instant I enter inside, I get a glimpse of someone moving upstairs.   

Because the whole school should be almost empty right now, it can be no one other than the girl black system saw. Alex’s girlfriend; Kate Bailey.   

{We don’t want her to see us yet, master. Please be as stealthy as possible till then.}  

Got it.   

Silently and with quick steps, I start climbing the stairs. Even though I remain at a considerable distance to prevent Kate from noticing me, I also make sure that my eyes don’t lose her.   

But man, where is she trying to go?   

We just passed the floor our classrooms are located at and the girl’s washroom was a floor even below that.   

Damn it… this might ruin everything…   

Me and Black system came up with a plan last night to make Kate mine. It is a simple, yet brilliant plan involving the use of Beast’s Scent in a really unique way.   

Because the magic learning period consumes almost all of our time at school, all the students mostly remain in the grounds all along. The only instances when someone goes back to the school building is for using the washroom, re-filling their water bottles, or to take something from their backpacks.   

Using this to our advantage, we planned to wait for Kate to go inside the school building, and then follow her to the classroom or the washroom. Once inside a closed space, I would have used Beast Scent to make her extremely horny towards me.   

But that’s not it. Because of the open windows in the classrooms and the exhaust fans in the washroom, the beast’s scent wouldn’t have been able to manifest enough for her to let me do anything I want with her body.  

And that’s what we wanted…   

My goal is not just to have sex with Kate, but to make her mine. I don’t want her to be unconscious, or unwilling when she do it with me.   

In fact, our plan includes me breaking her phased-out state by touching her before anything serious can happen. This way, she will retain her horny state for me while being completely conscious about it.   

I know that this won’t provide any spontaneous results. And that I would have to use all the three activations of beast’s scent on her every day, till she herself given in to the temptation, and begs me to have sex with her.  

But fucking hell! She just passes the top floor, and there is no doubt anymore that she going to the roof…   

And if there isn’t a closed room, beast’s scent won’t work on her…   

{Don’t fret yet, master. Let’s wait and see why she is going to the roof. There shouldn’t be any reason for her to be there right now.}  

You are right. I am also wondering about that…  

Wait, what if it isn’t Kate? It can someone else as well.  

I haven’t seen her face yet…   

{I am confident that it is the same girl whose photo you showed me last night, master.}  

… well, we will find out in a few minutes.   

Kate quickly climbs the last set of stairs and goes through the door of the roof.   

{Let’s hide behind that door, master. There is no point in following her to the roof. We won’t be able to do anything anyway.}  

Damn it!   

I also climb up the last set of stairs and hide behind the roof’s door.   

“Tell me! Why did you call me here!?”  

Suddenly, a female voice enters my ears…   

Damn… You were right, black. This is Kate’s voice.   

But who is she talking to?  

Slowly, I move my head sideways and look through the door.   

Standing a few feet away from me is Kate. As one would expect from that rich and handsome bastard’s girlfriend, she is one of our school’s top beauties.   

Her long light brown colored hairs are tied up in a side bun, with a few bangs purposely being let loosed on the forehead. Her beautiful eyes are ocean blue in color and have a strange fierceness to them. Her face also contains delicate features including a pert nose, thin rosy lips, and glowing white skin.   

Even her figure is alluring with perfectly sized breasts that are neither big nor small, slender waist, and well-rounded hips.   

But man… seeing scums like Alex getting beauties like Kate, life does seem unfair.  

Wait a second, there is someone else here as well…  

My gaze moves from Kate to the person standing in front of her…   

“What the fuck!? What is Riley Cooper doing here!?” I mutter to myself in shock.   

Riley Cooper; more commonly referred to as the “Gold-digging slut”, is one of the most infamous students in our school. True to her nickname, she will sleep with any man (or woman) as long as it’s beneficial to her.   

She is a third-year student and a senior of mine, who was first thought to have gotten a sex-related system in her system ceremony, but she later revealed herself that her system is nothing like that and that she does this only for fun.   

And well, with a face and body like that, she can have as much fun as she wants…   

Her neck-length black hairs are straight and loose. Her captivating brown eyes have a mischievous look to them. Her smooth skin is dark and spotless. And with a permanent seductive smile, her face looks beautiful and bewitching at the same time.   

And though she is only moderate in the chest area, her ass, which is considered to be one of the thickest and juiciest ones in our school, is more than enough to compensate for that.   

{Do they know each other, master?}  

Well, as far as I know, they shouldn’t…   

“It’s good that you didn’t ignore my call, Kate,” Riley says with a nasty smile.   

“The class is still going on. Hurry up and tell me about that “important thing” you mentioned,” Kate replies while folding her arms frustratingly.   

“Oh, I don’t have anything much to tell you. I just wanted to show you something…” Riley says while talking out an envelope from her pocket and holding it out towards Kate.   

“What’s in there?” Kate asks while eyeing the envelope suspiciously.   

“Something you will find really interesting…” Riley says, her smile widening.   

Kate looks at Riley with a frown for a few seconds before reluctantly taking the envelope, and opening it.   

From inside, she takes out a thick wad of photos…   

And the instant Kate’s gaze fells upon them, her eyes get widened to their limit, and her hands start trembling uncontrollably…   

“Fufufu… They are nice, aren’t they?” Riley asks while laughing happily.   

Without replying, Kate moves the photo on top and looks at the one below it. Her body again trembles as if someone is giving her a shock.   

Damn… I cannot see them from here…   

Whose photos can they be?  

{I don’t have any clue either, master. Shall we try reading Kate’s mind?}  

Good idea!   

“Beast’s mind read, activate!” I mutter while staring at Kate.   



“Beast’s mind read, activate!” I mutter again.   


Why is the skill not activating?   

{It is already activated, master.}  

What!? Then why can’t I hear—  


Suddenly, Kate’s voice resounds in my mind.   

*No… No… This cannot be… He cannot… to me….*  

What is she saying? I cannot understand anything…   

Kate has already stopped going through the photos and she is now just staring blankly at the bundle.  

“I personally like the one where he is on top. It was so amazing! I felt him really deep…” Riley says ecstatically.   

Who is on top of what?   


Kate screams loudly while throwing away all the photos on the ground, and scattering them everywhere. Some of these photos even fall close to me and become visible.  

“Wait…” I mutter, my eyes slowly widening in shock.   

No way in fucking hell…   

All the photos have a guy and a girl in them, buck naked and doing various sexual acts with each other, including giving oral to each other and having sex in various positions. There are even other less explicit, but still intimate photos of them hugging, cuddling, and kissing together.   

And I have no doubt at all, that the girl in the photo is Riley Cooper and the guy is…   

“Alex…” I say.  

“Huh? Who’s lying? Your boyfriend cheated on you with me. We fucked. That’s the truth,” Riley says smugly.   

“No, these photos… they are fake,” Kate says in a low and heavy voice.   

“Fake? Really? Well, I have a video him plowing me from behind with his huge cock as well. If you want, I can send it to you once I get home. And yes, you have my permission to masturbate to it…” Riley says while laughing.   

“You… You bitch…You whore…” Kate says.   

I can see tears starting to stream down her cheeks.   

“Hahaha… Insult me all you want. The truth is; it’s your fault that your boyfriend cheated on you,” Riley says with a shrug.   

“My fault? MY FAULT!?” Kate screams.   

“Alex told me everything, you know? About that childish promise you took from him, and the other fucked up shit. A man has certain needs, you see? And he fulfilled his from somewhere else…” Riley says while giving Kate a nasty smile.   

“I… hate you… and I hate him…” Kate says in a rough voice.   

The next moment, she drops down to the ground on her knees and starts crying in earnest while covering her face with her hands.   

“Hate us all you want, I don’t care…” Riley says, her voice turning serious all of a sudden.   

“But carve it in your mind that Alex is mine now, and that you should stay away from him.”  

She gives the crying figure of Kate a final triumphant look, before turning around and walking towards the roof’s door.   

{Master, hide! Quickly!}  


I back away from the door instantly and stick myself close to the wall.   

“Fufufu… That was fun…” Riley says gleefully while passing the doorway, oblivious to my presence.   

{Master, can you active beast’s mind read on her for a second?}  

Hmm? Sure…   

“Beast’s mind read, activate!” I murmur while staring at the back figure of Riley.   

*Sigh… Now, I need to convince baby that his girlfriend accidentally found out about us… I hope he doesn’t pry about it much—*  

Her voice cuts off as she turns around the stairs and disappears below.   

Damn… She is a sly one…   

{I agree, master. Though she has done something really useful for us.}  

Useful for us? Isn’t our chance to get Kate completely gone now?   

{No, master. In fact, she has made it much easier to get her. And now only that, because of her, Kate’s role in our plan has completely changed as well.}  

Her role has changed? How?   

{Master, originally, she was nothing but a pawn for us to use against Alex. But now, she will be our ally…}  

You mean… I have to…   

{Yes, master. It’s time for you to heal the broken heart of Miss Kate, and while doing so… ignite the flames of revenge inside it.} 

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