Chapter 45: I Like You

 I keep looking at the closed door for a while, in shock of what happened just now.   

[You are fucked up, buddy…]  

F-Fucked up… B-But why? Why did Rebecca run away?   

[I am sorry to say but I guess she probably hates you. I cannot think of any reason other than that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯]  

Rebecca… hates me?   

[Buddy, you had sex with her once and didn’t contact her for days after. You don’t think any girl would like that exactly, do you? And please don’t misunderstand, I am not saying that it’s your fault. You were in pretty fucked up situation.]  

I-I guess. But still, how come I am not dead yet? My poison…  

[Hmm… The most possible reason for that is the glitch.]  

Glitch? Even in a death poison?   

[Yeah. I think it means that you won’t die even if any permanent woman stops loving you, or even if she cheats on you.]  

R-Really… I guess it’s good then…   




Woah, Woah, Woah! Calm down, okay? I never said that it’s good if any of my women cheats on me! I just meant that it’s a good thing that I am alive and all.   

I will never let my woman cheat on me… Ever.   

[Oh, sorry…Just… just try to be a bit clearer, okay? You really angered me there. You already know what my motto for women is: Stealing is good, getting stolen from is bad.]  

Yeah, I know.   

[And losing your woman is really bad in general as well! So, think about something to make Rebecca love you again. Let me help you with the first step: talk to her.]  

I know that. But the question is, How?   

[Hmm… How about entering through the window you escaped from last time?]  

That… That is a good idea!   

[I know, right? Just hope someone doesn’t see you and call the cops…]  


I start running forward in full speed towards hedges.   

[Hey, hey, wait! What the fuck are you doing!?]  

What? I am jumping over the hedge.   

[Idiot, you are not in beast awakening right now. You will just break your neck if you go in this way! And why are you even bothering to do this? Just enter through the freaking front gate.]  

Oh… I-I am just a bit stressed.  

[Yeah, right…]  

I move sideways and enter through the front gate.   

Fortunately, the window in question is wide open like it was that day I ran away from here. I peek inside and it looks like there is no one here.   

Rebecca much be in her room upstairs…   

With a little difficulty, I climb inside and thus, enter the house.   

This place is exactly like I remember it, neat, clean and beautiful. The television seems to be on, so I decide to take a look at the living room but there is no one there as well.   

I guess Rebecca must be watching it before…   

[Don’t waste time snooping around! Go to her room!]  

I am not snooping around or anything! I was just checking if Rebecca was there!   

[Yeah, yeah. Move your ass.]  

Slowly, I move up the stairs while trying to be as quiet as possible. I don’t want Rebecca to hear me and just close her room from the inside.   

Fortunately, it doesn’t take me much time to find Rebecca’s room as there are only 3 rooms upstairs and I also remember in which one I woke the other day.   

I put my hand on the doorknob…  

Please don’t be too angry with me Rebecca.  

… and open the door to enter inside.   


Rebecca jumps up from the bed as soon as she sees me entering inside. Her long blond hairs are loose and her beautiful blue eyes are tinged red with tears flowing and running down her smooth cheeks.   

It looks like she was trying to cry herself to sleep…  

Fuck! This is bad… I need to apologize to her fast.  

I took a step forward…   

“Rebecca, I am really—”  

“Don’t come near me!” she shrieks loudly while jumping back on the bed.   

I stop moving, shocked by this extreme reaction.   

Seriously? Does she hate me so much that she won’t even let me come close?  

No, in need to somehow explain things to her.   

I again take a step forward with a bit more determination this time.   

“See, Rebecca. A lot of things happened—”  

“No! Don’t come near! P-please…”   

Rebecca again says loudly while quickly backing away even more.   

Please? Did she just say please?   

Don’t tell me…   

Shit! She is thinking that I am here to rape her again! She must have got a trauma…   

I do agree that the behavior of Rebecca was really strange the next morning after my first beast awakening (giving me a blowjob and all) but I guess it was all just because her thinking ability got messed up at that time…  

“… o-or you will hate me as well,” she continues in a much smaller voice.   


What? I will hate her?   

This doesn’t make sense according to what I was thinking.  

Why would I hate Rebecca?   

“I don’t hate you, Rebecca. In fact, I really like you,” I tell her as earnestly as possible.   

“Y-You like me?”   

She asks but before I can even confirm again, she covers up her face and starts crying even harder than before.   

“Don’t… Say that…” She says.   

“Why, Rebecca? I really do like you! I am not lying” I say again.   

“Don’t…it will just be… harder for me… when you start…hating me…” She says while sobbing between every few words.   

Hating her? Why would I hate her?   

“I don’t hate you, Rebecca. See? I just confessed that I like you,” I say.   

“No… you will… if you get… close to me,” She says.   

Her tears are literally forming a wet spot on the bed now.   

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I need to do something…   

Without making any noise, I slowly start moving towards the bed. Rebecca doesn’t notice me as her hands are covering her eyes (and also because of her continuously welling up tears).   

And the instant I get close enough…   


I leap forward and lands on top of Rebecca, pinning her down on the bed.   


Rebecca starts screaming and thrashing wildly, trying to push me away but I hold my ground.   

“Listen, Rebecca, I am touching you,” I say.   


“REBECCA!” I yell loudly.   

Rebecca gets silent from my sudden outburst and she even stops thrashing for a moment.   

“See? I am touching you and I still like you very much,” I tell her while caressing her cheeks.   

“Y-You… don’t hate me?” She asks in a low and fearful voice.   

I don’t reply but just simply lower my head and kiss her soft lips which are salty with tears. Like this, I keep kissing her for a few minutes till she calms down before separating my mouth…  

“Now, do you think I hate you— Argh”  

Before I can speak; Rebecca pushes me sideways on the bed and sits on top of me.  

And instantly after, I start feeling her soft lips raining down kisses all over my face. I too put my hands on her slender waist and start kissing back with equal enthusiasm.   

Thought her tears are still coming out and dripping down on my face, I know that they are the tears of happiness.   

To tell the truth, I have many questions to ask Rebecca about what happened just now and why was she so scared to let me close to her but first… we are going to have some “intimate” reunion.  


Suddenly, the door of Rebecca’s room opens with a bang, forcing us to separate our lips, and a girl walks in.   

“What are you doing with my sister, bastard!?”  

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