Chapter 44: Night With Layla (Part-3)

Layla puts her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist, holding onto me tightly as I start penetrating her.   

With the force I put in, my cock slowly moves forward and the wet walls of Layla’s tight and virgin vagina wrap around its head portion. The damped warmness already feels really amazing to me but I still continue to push forward.   

And in the next moment, I meet an expected resistance; Layla’s hymen. Her proof of virginity… which she is going to lose to me.   


With a small grunt, I forcefully push my cock in, tearing through Layla’s surprisingly thick hymen and making my whole length penetrate inside.   

I keep waiting for a painful scream to issue from Layla’s mouth but it never comes; making me look at her face again in a surprise.   

Though I can see tears forming and leaking from her eyes, there is still a smile on her lips.   

“I am so happy…” Layla whispers.   

I am really happy as well but I know that you are in a lot of pain right now.   

I have read that the thickness of the hymen differs from woman to woman. In the case of Rebecca, her hymen was really thin so the pain was very less. She even reached an orgasm back then. But Layla’s hymen was thick and accordingly it is really painful for her.   

And unfortunately, because of the side effect, my horny mind is telling me to just start plowing her pussy right now.   

What is I lose to my urges?  

“I think we should stop, Layla,” I say while trying to pull out my penis.   

Suddenly, the grip of Layla’s limbs strengthens around my body and she desperately shakes her head left and right.   

“But you are in so much—”  

She again shakes her head intensely.   

Fuck! I know she won’t listen…   

Then, I need to somehow control myself and finish this fast as possible. There will be loads of time in the future to properly enjoy the intercourse with Layla.   

Slowly, I move my hips and give a weak thrust. Layla still doesn’t raise a voice but her face greatly convulses in pain.  


“Layla, just bear for a while. I will finish this soon,” I tell her.   

She again says nothing but simply nods. I think she is not speaking because of the fear of leak out a painful scream.   

Let’s do this…   

I lower my face to Layla’s tits and start strongly sucking on her cherry-colored nipples. With my right hand, I also start stimulating her clit while supporting my weight with the other.   

I hope this lessens her pain a bit…  

And instantly after, I start roughly banging her pussy with long, hard and frequent thrusts.   


And this time, Layla’s threshold gets crossed and a loud, ear-splitting scream erupts from her mouth.  

Desperately, I start stimulating her nipple and clit even more furiously. I also increase the power behind my thrust to make myself cum faster.   

The warm walls of Layla’s pussy tightly coil around my cock as if trying to keep it inside forever. The wetness of her pussy also increases suddenly but I have a bad feeling that it’s her blood.   

Layla also keeps screaming loudly though shows no resistance to me going roughly. She even hugs me tighter.   

Suddenly, to my relief, I finally start feeling pressure building at the base of my cock.   

“Aargh… I am going to… Cum…” I say with a grunt.   

I start to take my cock out but Layla doesn’t let me by tightening her grip further.   

“Inside… Me…” she says in a pain-filled voice.   

Fuck it!   

I move both my hands and grab Layla’s meaty ass, pulling it towards my cock. I also give a strong thrust at the same time such that a loud slapping sound resounds from where our genitals connect… and I start shooting out semen.   

“Hot…. It feels so hot…. Inside me….” Layla says.   

I continue to squirt out semen for a few seconds before it stops completely.   

Then, I move my face up and level it up with Layla’s again. Her face is red and tears are leaking out from the corner of her eyes… but she looks extremely happy and satisfied.  

“I love you…” she whispers to me.   

“I love you too,” I whisper back.   

We kiss once again before falling sleeping like this…   

[Ahhh~ Last night was amazing, wasn’t it?]  

Wait, you saw that?   

[Oh, yeah. How could I have missed it!? I just didn’t disturb you…]  

Well, that’s surprisingly nice of you…   

Right now, I am putting on my clothes as fast as I can in preparation to go outside.   

I am still in Layla’s room and she is sleeping on the bed right in front of me. Even though she usually wakes up way before me but seeing that she lost her virginity just yesterday and how tired she was even before that, I decided to turn off the alarm and let her sleep.   

But well, I cannot rest. I have work to do…   

[Yeah, like fucking more chicks.]  

Tru—shut up!   

Finally getting ready, I give one last kiss to Layla before getting out of the room.   

Damn! I am fucking hungry.   

I thought that using the whipped cream and chocolate last night will somehow calm down my hunger but well, I was wrong.   

I enter the kitchen and quickly starts to move towards the fridge but something catches my eyes… making me stop on my track.   

“M-Maya?” I say in surprise.   

Maya is standing against the kitchen platform with a bowl of cereal and milk in her hands. She is still wearing her nightclothes and slippers.   

She neither replies nor gives any particular reaction to me being fully ready this early in the morning.   

“Y-You woke up early? Today isn’t school, you know,” I say with a nervous laugh.  

I know I am early as well but I see no reason for Maya to so as well.  

“Got any problem with that?” she asks in a toneless voice.   

“N-No. I was just asking—”   

“Don’t ask.”  

“O-Okay,” I say.   

What happened to her?   

I open the fridge to take out something to eat…   

“What the fuck? Where did the food go!?”   

Last night, I saw many dishes kept in the fridge which Layla made for me, but now, none of them are here.   

I look back at Maya and see her eating her cereal without even looking at me this time.   

“Do you know where the food is?” I ask her.   

“No.” she simply answers.   

“How can that much food vanish in just a single night!?”  

“I don’t know”  

“B-But Layla made those dishes for me…”  


Fuck! Now what I will do…   

“Hey, is there any cereal left?”  


“But you are eating them right now!”  

“I emptied the last box.”  

“What!? Then, is there any milk left?”  

“No, I emptied the last bottle as well.”  

“Fuck! Can I have a little from your bowl?”  


Damn it! My stomach is killing me!   

I desperately look inside the fridge again and after searching for a few minutes, I finally find two wrapped sandwiches in the corner of the fridge.   

“Yes!!! These are not even spoiled!” I exclaim in triumph while waving the sandwiches in the air.   

“Damn it… Didn’t saw those two…”  

A frustrated voice enters my ears but when I look back, I only see Maya standing there with an unusually expressionless face.   

Hmm… I must have imagined that.   


“Okay, Maya. I am going out. Tell Layla that I might get late,” I say after quickly finishing the sandwiches.   

“I hope a bus runs over you on the way.”  


“I said, I will tell Layla,” She answers.   

“O-Oh… Okay…”  

I move out of the house and start walking towards the train station.   

[Well, that was a bit weird. Last night—]  

Not just weird, that was really weird, alright?   

[Yeah… Well, are we going to have some fun on the train again?]  


[Come on, buddy! You don’t want to see the naked asses of dozens of women again!? You are disappointing me…]  

W-Well, it’s not like I don’t want to but aren’t you forgetting that I might get caught if I try to do something like that again?   

[… okay, fine. We are going to have fun today anyway so I will let this one go… Fufufu.]  

I reach the train station and enter the men’s coach of the next train going to our destination. And in little more than half an hour, I reach a familiar-looking station.   

[Do you even remember her house?]  

Hmm? Yes, I actually do.   

[Good! Always remember the house of the chick you nutted!]  


After just a few minutes of walking, I start seeing the house in question and to my surprise, a familiar woman with light blond hair is walking in its garden. This scene reminds me of the night of my system ceremony.  

[Hey! Is that…]  

Rebecca! It is Rebecca!   

Before I can call Rebecca out, her eyes also fall upon and open up wide in shock.  

I excitedly take a few steps towards her but stop in confusion.   

Rebecca is running…. away from me. She quickly enters her house and slams the door shut.   


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