Chapter 17: Buying The Remaining Skills

[Now, our theory might raise many questions in the public’s mind, like, how would a student exchange program help to secretly study their systems? Wouldn’t it be easier and less suspicious if each country study the systems of their own children?]  

[The answer to this is easy… most of us are simply not advanced in magic enough to do so by ourselves…]  

[While anyone can guess the basics of a system if they observe it carefully, the information they would get will be really vague and unreliable. Only an advance magician with a high level in their own system can exactly tell the contents of the system of another person…]  

[And out of all the races which use the WST, only a handful are those who intensively try to raise up their levels…]  

[Now, it would have been really difficult before to actually get these magicians around the other less magic advanced countries like ours because of the long-standing restrictions placed by almost every country on the entry of people of different races, but through this treaty, these restrictions are also lifted completely.]  

[While all of this is our speculation and there is also a slight possibility that it’s not true, but we don’t think that’s the case…]  

[When we asked the minister of foreign affairs directly that if the situation at WST was discussed, he just said that everything is under control there now and will be solved really fast. He also said that the meeting was only for the signing of this treaty…]  

[Well, I should not give my own opinion on national television, but I think he could have at least thought of a better lie. Whom is he trying to kid? An emergency USDCA conference to sign a freaking treaty? Yeah, right. That’s bullshi— I mean, that’s nonsense! Does he even know how much risk they are putting these people, whose systems are going to be secretly studied, into? If this information somehow gets into the wrong hands, god knows what will—]  


Suddenly, I hear Layla’s voice cuts in-between the angry voice of the reporter’s…  

I remove my gaze from the television and look around at her. Her body is slightly shaking and a fearful expression I’d on her beautiful face.   

“About yesterday’s ceremony…” another voice enters my ears.  

I look around towards the voice and to my surprise, not only Layla but Maya is also staring at me with a similar fearful expression.  

“…t-there is nothing wrong with your system, right?”  


[Come on! Hurry, or we will be late!]  

I know, I know!  

It’s the next day after I heard the news about the new treaty and right now, I am trying to dress up as fast as I can.  

[We won’t be able to make it in time if we don’t leave right now!]  

I am doing as fast as I can! At least let me grab the money!  

I quickly put the money lying on the bed into my pocket and almost run downstairs to the kitchen.  

I see the sexy figure of Layla in an apron, cooking in the kitchen.  

“Layla, I am going out!” I tell her.  

“What? This early? Are you going to Leo’s house?” She asks.  

“No, just to earn some life points.”  

“What? To earn points?” Layla almost screams in surprise.  

Shit! I shouldn’t have said that!  

“But didn’t you get them after the ceremony? Why are you getting more this early?” she asks.  

“T-That’s just…ah… I-I thought to get some at once in a bulk,” I lie nervously.  

“In a bulk? Jacob… you didn’t lie to us last night, right? Your system is fine, right?” She asks with fear returning to her face.  

“O-Of course not. There is nothing wrong with my system at all!” I lie again.  

“Okay, believe you… but please come back before dinner, okay? And yes, have some breakfast first.” Layla says.  

“But I am getting late!” I say.  

“Nope! I won’t let you go out with an empty stomach!” Layla says defiantly.  

“Haa~ okay…” I say with a sigh.  

[I would be so much better if she would have said, “I won’t let you go out without a quickie.”]  

True, that would have been bett— Shut up!  

After quickly finishing my breakfast of eggs and bacon, I move out of the house and start jogging on the road.  

[Why don’t we take the train again? Let’s try fucking some more chicks with the beast’s scent!]  

Yeah, so that they can report me to the police, right? And what do you think we are going to be doing in a few minutes?  

[Then… taxi! It would be faster! Though I hope we get a female driver… fufufu.]  

The place we are going is close to my house and I don’t want to waste my money right now…]  

[Well, I too believe that money spent on anything other than fucking chicks is a waste…]  


[By the way, aren’t you worried about that treaty in the news yesterday?]  

So, you were listening… wait, I was wondering, how can you listen to anything other than me?  

[Well, I can listen like I can talk, idiot, and answer my question first!]  

You can’t talk to anyone other than me, right? Then why can you hear them?  


Alright, it’s a bit shocking to me that the foreign travel restrictions are lifted but if talk about the treat, it is not confirmed that the government is actually trying to study the system, okay? And even if it is true, then I am not scared of them at all! I am even a bit happy that they are trying to find out about the defected systems themselves. Maybe, they can help me if they get to know that you, my system, are broken.   

Hmm… I think I will even try to send hints their way when they come to know about my system…  

[No! Don’t do that!]  


[J-Just don’t…]  

You are not telling me something…  

[Anyway, when will you buy the remaining skills?]  

You are trying to change the topic…  

[We are going to reach the brothel, you know? You should buy them now!]  

….don’t change the topic!  

[Imagine the hoes laughing at your small willy when they see it…fufufu.]  

Buy all the skills right now!   

[Okay! Incoming!]  


[Oh, I again forgot the official way!]  

[Do you want to unlock all the three remaining skills?]  



[Congratulations! Your stamina, penis length and semen volume are increased!]  


[Beast’s Scent] (Max Usage: 2 times/day)  

Note: Passive skills are not shown in the skill list.  

I tap the front of my pants…  

Hey! It does not seem bigger at all!  

[Man, it gets hard first…]  

Oh… sorry, I got a bit too excited to see my new size…  

[Who wouldn’t?]  

But man, I just lost 1,500 points and only around 6,000 are left now after we deduct the points I lost since yesterday… 

[We are going to earn some more, buddy, don’t worry!] 


I increase the speed of my jogging a bit and in the next minute, I start seeing my destination.  

[Woah! I thought you were talking about a single brothel!]  

I know, it’s amazing, right?  It’s a whole freaking red-light district!  

We enter through a small gateway and various different kinds of brothels, bars, strip clubs, and various other sex-related shops come in my view.  

[Woah! This is the best place ever!]  

I know, right? I always wanted to go inside one of these shops and now I got the reason!  

[Btw, I cannot see any half-naked chicks trying to lure us in their shop here… where are the hoes?]  

It’s the morning. See? There is almost no one here except us right now and as this is not the time of the day when the crown comes, so, all the girls are inside the shops. Well, you should see this place at night…  

[Really? Then we can get any babe we like! So, in which shop are we going to go?]  

Which shop?  

I look around and my eyes stop at a familiar name.  

The Nux… Fufufu, I am going to go to the best brothel there is!  

Let the fun begin… 

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