Chapter 16: The International Treaty

Fuck! I can’t do this!

I am already out of the closet and my hand is resting on the doorknob of the bathroom.

[Don’t be a pussy now, okay? Just do it! There is a great treasure inside!]

You sound exactly like some villain of a pirate movie… Anyway, what if they notice me? I have never looked inside the bathroom before…

[Well, I won’t say there is no risk, but don’t you want to see those hot bodies of Layla and Maya glossy with soap and dripping wet with water? Don’t you want to see them lewdly rub their tits, ass, and thighs? They might even spread their pussies a bit to clean them properly…]

Okay, here we go!

[That’s more like it!]

Very slowly and carefully, I turn the knob.

Yes… That’s right… just a little push and I can finally see…

The door slightly opens and I take a step forward to look inside…




Fuck! It seems like there was water on the floor and my foot slipped…

Wait… what is this feeling?

It seems like I have fallen on something really soft and squishy. It is also really wet as well. I cannot see anything right now because my face is buried in this soft thing, but there is a small and slightly hard thing poking on my lips. I move my hands to feel the thing I have fallen onto.

Wow, it’s unbelievingly soft and smooth…

“Aaahn…” a female voice speaks from beneath me.

A female voice?

Suddenly, a realization comes to me…I thought I fell in the changing room… but this is… 
I lift up my upper body quickly with the support of my hands which are still resting on these soft things.

Holy shit!

Below me is a naked and thoroughly wet figure of Maya. Our faces are just inches away from each other and both my hands are grabbing on to her tits which are softer than a marshmallow. Her nipples, which are a bit hard, were poking on my face before and now palm as well.

I look down a bit and to my further shock, see that my right knee is tightly pressed against her naked crotch, rubbing it.

I look at Maya’s face and our eyes meet. She is just staring at me with pure shock in her eyes but her white cheeks are red and her breathing is also a bit rough. Her thin and rosy lips are slightly parted as if someone has stopped her in the middle of saying something.

“J-Jacob?” Another voice comes from above me.

I look up with a jerk and see a glossy, soap covered, and busty figure of Layla, also staring at me with shock. She is not even covering her huge wet tits or her crotch which are fully visible to me.

We all keep staring at each other for a while before suddenly, Maya yells-



“500…600…700…” I mutter to myself.

Right now, I am sitting on the bed of my room, counting some cash. It is an average sized room with a wide single bed placed in the middle. It is mostly empty with only a few things other besides the bed which includes a small closet where I keep my clothes and stuff, a studying desk and a few cardboard boxes lying here and there.

“1900… 2000…” 

[Your fall would have been even softer with Layla, right?]


[Oh, don’t misunderstand! I am not saying that it was not good with Maya. Those tits and ass of hers with that small body are no joke and I must tell you, it’s your loss that you didn’t suck her nipples when you had the chance…]


[But man, the dinner was also awkward as hell. You—] 
Can you please stop disturbing me? I am trying to do something here. 

[Okay, okay…geez!]

A few hours have passed after that bathroom incident. After Maya yelled at me to get off of her, I quickly ran out of the bathroom while apologizing to them along the way. After that, I stayed in my room the entire time before the dinner which, as my system just said, was awkward as hell.

The first thing I did after reaching the dining table is to tell them the pre-planned lie that I forgot something inside the bathroom and that I didn’t think that Layla would get inside the bathroom so fast after I called her out.

Though I think Layla bought this pathetic lie of mine because she became normal afterward, I don’t think Maya believed me as her expressions were l really strange then. She didn’t speak much like she usually does and turned red every time I asked her to pass something.

Ahh~ she must be really angry with me…

Well, at least the T.V. saved me from talking after dinner. Neither Layla nor Maya had heard anything about what happened at the WST last night or about the emergency USDCA conference and both of them almost glued themselves to the television after expressing their shock about the situation.

“Okay, so, I have around 5000 Yeux…” 

[5000 Yeux? I don’t know the currency’s value. Will this much be fine to buy some hoes?] 
Should be… it’s a lot of money which I have been collecting this for the last 3 years. 

[For what?]

T-To secure my future… 

[Don’t lie to me! I can already guess… You were actually collecting this for what we are going to do tomorrow, right? To buy some hoes to lose your virginity?]

… yes. 

[I am so proud of you!]

This does not feel good coming from you… 

[By the way, I have to talk to you about leveling up a—]


Suddenly, the door of my room opens with a bang and Layla enter inside with an extremely worried expression on her face.

“Jacob… come down with me!” she says in an urgent voice. Her face is looking very anxious.

“What happened?” I ask, confused.

“Just come down!” she says while grabbing my hand and pulling me off of the bed.

Woah, it’s rare for Layla to be this forceful…

I start moving along with her while trying to match her pace. Getting downstairs we quickly move to the living room.

I see that Maya is still standing beside the sofa and watching the T.V. with the exact same

worried expression like that of Layla’s.

With increased confusion, I too look at the T.V. and see the familiar face of the reporter I already saw twice today.

I can already tell that something big has happened as the reporter’s face looks the tensest since the morning.

[The emergency USDCA conference had finished an hour ago and the government has just issued some documents to the press, informing us about the matters which were discussed in the meeting…]

The reporter stops a bit, drinks some water and take a deep breath before continuing again…

[A new international treaty has been signed according to which, the children living in all the countries which are a part of USDCA and who have acquired their systems, that is, are 17 years of age or above, are required partake in a new foreign student exchange program where they will be visiting the schools of the other countries to learn for a few months.]

[Now, the government’s information about this treaty ends here and they did not give any specific reason for this sudden and strange decision of theirs, other than telling us that this is done for improving foreign relations between the countries, but according to our experts, the situation is clear…]

[…we think that the leaders are doubting that the situation at the WST has something to so with the System Ceremony yesterday like it was anticipated by most of us and that they might be able to get some clues from the systems that were given yesterday…]

[… and this student exchange program? Well, we think that this is just their way to secretly study the systems of these children…]

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