Chapter 141: Meeting The Parents (Part-2)

For a few seconds, I just stare at Mrs. Bailey in shock. Not until she actually starts stroking my cock, do I realize that I have to do something here.   

“Hey! What the fuck!?” I exclaim, slapping away her hand and standing up with a jerk.  

For some reason, there’s an astonished look on Mrs. Bailey’s face. Though when she notices me glaring at her, she lightly shakes her head before smiling again.  

“This is what I want in exchange for my help, Jacob. If you just agree to have sex with me regularly, I will make sure that my husband doesn’t interfere in your relationship with my daughter,” she tells me.   


“What are you even saying!? You’re Kate’s mother, for fuck’s sake,” I say accusingly.  

[Oh, shit. Not now…]  

“I know, I know. But I cannot help it. Ever since I was young, I have been extremely attracted to strong men. In fact, that’s why I got together with my husband— the strongest man I have met in my life!   

“But that was only until today… until I saw you defeat the Elf princess. You’re much stronger than my husband, Jacob— and thus, much more attractive to me. And don’t misunderstand, I honestly think that you’re perfect for my daughter. I am willing to help both of you in any way possible. It’s just that I want you to satisfy me as well,” she says, sounding really passionate.  


So, she has such a fetish, huh?   

I mean, I am stronger than Mr. Bailey— but only magically. He can probably crush me with his fingers if we only use physical strength.   

Well, I guess that doesn’t matter to her…   

[H-Hey buddy, just accept her offer, okay? And be quick about it. You just need to fuck her. That’s easy.]  

The hell!? Didn’t we just discuss this!? No matter how hot she is, I am not sleeping with my girlfriend’s mother!   

[Well, we did. But it’s not like you have a choice anymore. After all, in about a minute— ]  

Wait, who says I don’t have a choice? Just let me handle her.  


“I don’t care about your fetishes, Mrs. Bailey. If you think I am good enough for Kate, then, as her mother, you should just help me out without asking anything in return.   

“And even if you don’t want to help— it’s fine. I will just ask Kate to move in with me. I am sure she wouldn’t mind once I tell her that her mother wants to fuck me,” I tell her rudely.   


“… Is that your final answer? Are you sure you don’t want this body of mine?” Mrs. Bailey makes one last attempt, acting as seductively as she could.   

One of her hands moves up to her shapely tits— squeezing them strongly. While the other one rests just an inch above her crotch— suggestively rubbing that spot.   

“Kate will never know about this, you know? You can have both of us— mother and daughter— as your sexual partners. Just imagine how amazing that would be,” She continues, licking her lips.   


I gulp down the saliva in my mouth, my face feeling hot. Being a huge pervert, it’s really hard for me to resist temptation from such a beautiful woman. But well, I somehow manage to do it anyway.   

“It’s… It’s not happening,” I say, looking away from her.   

“I see…”   

Mrs. Bailey’s seductive expression vanishes all of a sudden. Fixing up her clothes, she stands up from the bed while giving me a warm smile. For some reason, she still looks quite happy.   

“Congratulations, Jacob. I had my doubts, but you’ve actually passed my test!” She tells me excitedly.   


“What the—”  

                      [Beast Awakening]  

Suddenly, pink light flashes in front of my eyes, forcing me to stop speaking. And I see my worst nightmare hovering in the air— Beast Awakening has activated.   

The next instant, my heart starts hammering inside my chest and my breathing gets rough. I can feel the explosive strength flowing inside my body, along with the immeasurable lust that’s characteristic to my Poison.  

And most importantly, I’ve lost control over my body…   

“What happened, Jacob?” Mrs. Bailey asks in concern, looking at my troubled face.   

Oh, shit…   

My lecherous gaze falls on Mrs. Bailey once again, but this time, I am not holding back on fantasizing about her— well, I basically can’t.    

An intense and unrestrained urge steadily rises within my body. An urge to fuck this busty woman… To make her beg for my cock… To drown her in pleasure… to devour her…   


I really didn’t have a choice, did I, Pink?   

Before Mrs. Bailey could ask me again, I start moving towards her. She frowns a little but doesn’t back off, either.   

“That was just a test, Jacob. And you passed! You don’t have to look so angry,” she says.   

I am not angry, I am horny…   

“Okay, I should apologize— Kyaa!”   

The next instant, before Mrs. Bailey could finish speaking, I jump on top of her— making both of us fall down on the bed behind. She raises a small scream, but my lips crash on top of hers before it could get loud.    

“Mhmh! Mmhm!”   

Her eyes wide open, she taps my back as if saying “time out”. But well, there’s no way I can do that now. My body is out of my control, after all.   

As I continue to kiss Mrs. Bailey fiercely, my left-hand reaches under her skirt, grabbing the base of her panties.   



With a small jerk of hand, her panties get ripped off as if they’re made of paper.   


To my surprise, I notice that these panties feel a little wet and sticky.   

Wait, is she getting turned on by this?   

No, that’s impossible. It’s just been a few seconds, at most.   

But then, was she already like this…?   

Even though I am confused, my body isn’t. Once my hand is done removing the panties, it starts pushing down my pants and underwear as well— taking out my throbbing hard cock from within.   

Fuck, I need to get it inside a cunt…   

Acting upon my urges without seconds’ delay, I place my cock against Mrs. Bailey’s bare pussy (shaved) before dropping down my waist.   


As my cock parts the lips of her womanhood and invades inside, Mrs. Bailey releases a scream-like moan. Though fortunately, it gets muffled by my mouth again.   

Damn, why is she so fucking tight!?   

Not only Mrs. Bailey’s pussy is really wet, but it’s extremely narrow as well. And although it’s quite pleasurable to be inside her, my dick is having a hard time going balls-deep.   

Seriously, no one would expect a mother (and the wife of that gorilla) to have such a tight pussy.  

But well, during Beast Awakening, my cock doesn’t care if a pussy is tight or loose— it’s just going to fuck it like a beast regardless.   

“Argh,” I issue a low grunt, thrusting down my cock even harder.  

Though even when it gets completely buried inside, I don’t pause to enjoy the feeling— I immediately start pounding her pussy. Synchronized with my hard thrusts, Mrs. Bailey also keeps leaking out muffled moans continuously.   

At the same time, above, I finally seem to have my fill of Mrs. Bailey’s plump lips, moving my face towards her jiggly tits instead. Though, unlike what I expected, she doesn’t start screaming immediately. In fact, she even covers her own mouth, not letting the moans escape.   

I have no idea why she isn’t doing anything, and to be honest, I couldn’t care less about it at the moment…   


Just like her panties, I rip apart the chest portion of Mrs. Bailey’s dress along with her bra— making her beautiful knockers pop out. Then, while kneading these magnificent fun-bags with my hands, I attach my mouth to her slightly darkened nipples as well.   

For the next few minutes, we continue like this. Mrs. Bailey sucks the life out of my cock and I do the same with her tits. Though after a series of merciless thrusts, my pleasure finally reaches its peak and I feel semen starting to rise up my cock.   

But all of a sudden, something much more interesting than my first ejaculation happens…   

Mrs. Bailey wraps her sexy legs around my waist, and place her hand on the back of my head.   

“I am… I am cumming… Go harder…” she whispers in her sweet voice, her body starting to convulse heavily.   

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  1. Well, this chapter remind me of the ads. Guy visit girlfriend home and got seduce by younger sister. Not making move on her, walk outside to his car. Father and others came, hug him and conguralate him for passing their test. Actually, guy going to take condom inside his car, but got safe. Moral of the story, always prepare condom in your car.

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