Chapter 140: Meeting The Parents (Part-1)

[This is awkward.]  


Currently, I am sitting inside a car along with the Bailey family— going to their house. Mr. Bailey is driving in utter silence, while I am sitting in the passenger seat beside him. Mrs. Bailey and Kate are sitting behind us.   

Obviously, this seating arrangement was decided by Mr. Bailey— no one else had a say in it. But I don’t mind this at all. In fact, I couldn’t be happier about it.   

At least I don’t have to sit with Mrs. Bailey. She really creeped me out earlier at school…   

[Wait, you shouldn’t judge her by that, buddy. Maybe touching someone’s ass is not that big of a deal to her. For all we know, it can be like a greeting or some shit! I think you should grope her ass as well and see how she reacts.]  

… Yeah, and then get my hand ripped off by her monster-like husband, right? No, thanks.   

Anyway, I clearly saw the change in her expression at that moment. I can tell that she knew what she was doing. And well, that’s not all, is it? She’s literally fucking staring at me right now through the rear-view mirror.   


[Okay, I cannot defend this woman anymore. What would you do now? Give in and fuck her? She’s quite hot, not gonna lie.]  

Are you crazy!? She’s Kate’s mother! And the wife of this giant next to me! He will fucking eat me alive if he finds out!  

I can just hope that she doesn’t do anything like that again…  

[Tch, what a bummer.]  

“We’re here,” Mr. Bailey suddenly grunts, stopping next to one of the big houses in a suburb area.   

Mrs. Bailey, Kate, and I step out of the car, heading inside the house. Mr. Bailey also follows behind after parking the car in the garage.   

“I will bring water for everyone,” Mrs. Bailey says once we all settled inside the cozy-looking living room.   

“No need for that. You’re not thirsty, are you brat?” Mr. Bailey asks coldly.   

Here we go again…   

“No,” I answer with a forced smile.   

“Good. And neither are—”  


“But I am!” Kate says, standing up while stomping her feet.   

She was already annoyed because Mr. Bailey talked so rudely to me, and he’s just making it worse. Glaring daggers at him, she makes her way to the kitchen, bringing back a tray full of water glasses.   

“I am sorry, Jacob. Even if you’re not thirsty, drink some for me,” Kate whispers apologetically, presenting the tray to me.   

I give her a nod, taking the glass. She serves water to Mrs. Bailey as well and takes a glass for herself— conveniently skipping her father.  

Mr. Bailey harrumphs, looking at me as if it’s my fault that he didn’t get any water.   

“Alright, enough formalities. Let’s get straight to the point now,” he says, his voice sounding even deeper for some reason.   

Enough formalities? Seriously?   

“Before lunch, my wife and I would like to speak to you privately. You don’t mind, do you?” he asks right up.   

“No, absolutely not,” I answer confidently.   

I saw this coming a mile away…  

“Good. Mila, you want to go first?” He asks Mrs. Bailey.   

“Sure, why not? Come on, Jacob. Let’s head upstairs and talk,” she says without giving it a second thought.   

Wait a second…   

“Both of you are going to talk to me separately?” I ask, surprised.   

“Yup, one of us will have to make sure that Kate doesn’t sneak up and listen to our conversation, right? She will definitely do that if left unchecked,” Mrs. Bailey answers with a chuckle.   

… Shit.  

Gorilla is still fine, I am actually scared to be alone with Mrs. Bailey.   

Looking sideways, I see Kate giving me a small thumbs up and mouthing the words “best of luck”.   

Yeah, I need a shit-ton of luck right now…   

Reluctantly, I stand up and follow behind Mrs. Bailey. Climbing up the stairs, we walk to the room that’s farthest away and enter inside.   


Suddenly, I hear a clicking noise. Turning around, I find out that Mrs. Bailey has locked the door.   

… Wonderful.   

“Eh, is it necessary to lock the door?” I ask suspiciously.   

“Absolutely,” she answers with a smile.   


Okay, so I am fucked. I hope not literally.   

“Don’t look so tense, Jacob. My husband is planning to interrogate you, not me,” she says, sitting on the bed.   

“Then what are you planning to do?” I ask, raising my eyebrows.   

“Oh, I just wanted to warn you about something. Come here, sit next to me and I will tell you about it,” she says invitingly.   

Still a bit skeptical, I move forward and sit next to Mrs. Bailey— maintaining a healthy distance. For some reason, her smile widens suddenly.   

“So, I think it’s obvious to you by now that my husband doesn’t like you, right?” she asks.  

I think “hate” is the right word here, but okay…   

“Yeah,” I say, giving her a nod.   

“Well, you shouldn’t take this personally. The truth is, my husband doesn’t want Kate to be in a relationship with anyone right now. He’s afraid that guys will try to exploit her in her vulnerable state,” she says.   

“That’s a fair concern, but I am not trying to exploit Kate or anything— I seriously like her! And anyway, I think you guys should respect her decisions as well. I mean, as an adult, she has the right to make them for herself,” I say seriously.   

“I agree, Jacob. But not my husband. He doesn’t listen to anyone once he makes up his mind. Of course, he cannot actually force Kate to break up with you, but I am sure that he’s going to take indirect measures to do so,” Mrs. Bailey tells me earnestly.  

“What indirect measures?” I ask, frowning.   

“Well, like not allowing you two to meet that often, or constantly telling Kate that she should leave you. He even told me that he’s planning to make Kate change schools,” she answers.   

… The heck!? That fucking Gorilla is going too far now!   

“There’s no way I am letting that happen! I will just ask Kate to move in with me. I am sure I will be able to pay for her needs,” I say resolutely, feeling quite angry.   

“Oh? You will be able to afford that? And will your parents allow it?” Mrs. Bailey asks, looking quite surprised.   

“Yup,” I reply with confidence.   

Fortunately, Evelyn just offered me a job earlier today. And there’s no way Layla will refuse to keep Kate if I ask her seriously.   

“I see… Kate has chosen the right man this time, huh? But still, don’t you think that all of this will make Kate really sad? Who wants to be on bad terms with their family? I sure don’t want that,” she says.   

True, I also don’t want Kate to be sad, but…   

“It can’t be helped. I won’t let Mr. Bailey separate Kate from me,” I say, shaking my head.   

“Okay, just listen to me. Right now, my husband is being paranoid. I already told you, he loves Kate too much and doesn’t want to see her get hurt again. But once he realizes that you’re good for our daughter, I am sure he will accept you. So, you see, we just need to stall for time until then. And I can help you with that,” she tells me.   

“You can?” I ask.   

“Yes, but I need you to do a small favor for me first. If you agree, I will make sure that my husband is unsuccessful in all his attempts. In fact, you will able to spend even more time with Kate than you do now,” she says.   


“Really? That would be the best! What do I have to do?” I ask eagerly.   

“Oh, nothing much…”  

Before I realize it, Mrs. Bailey covers the distance between us in an instant. Then, leaning her soft body against me, she places her small hand on top of my stomach.   

“… Just lend me this little fella down here and we’re all set,” she says, sliding down her hand inside my pants and grabbing my limp cock.   

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