Chapter 14: Whole Family

Fuck! Maya came at such a bad timing…  

Layla quickly moves out of the kitchen and I follow behind her while dragging my feet.   

Reaching the door, she quickly opens it.  

The next moment, Maya comes inside. She is wearing a white T-shirt with tight fitting and denim shorts. She is a beautiful girl with dark blond hair and pretty brown eyes. Her face has delicate features which include her thin lips and pert nose.   

Though her height is small, her body is fully developed with fairly large tits and a nice, round ass. It can be said that she has the perfect balance of cuteness and sexiness of a woman.  

But… there is something wrong with this beauty right now. Her beautiful brown eyes are red with tears forming at the end of them. Her breathing is also really rough as if she has been running for a while.  

“I-I couldn’t find him,” Maya says to Layla. Tears are finally starting to drip down from her eyes  

What? Maya is crying for me?  

“I looked everywhere. He was not even near th—”  

Suddenly, she notices me standing at the kitchen’s entrance and our eyes meet.  

“Jacob came just now. He said that he got late because of his system,” Layla tells Maya.  

She doesn’t look at Layla but keeps staring at me for a few more seconds.  

“You idiot!” Maya shouts before starting to run towards me at full speed.  

Getting close enough, she instantly grabs my collar and starts shaking my body.   

Woah! Where is she getting this strength in this small body of hers?  

“You fool! You asshole!” she yells while continuously shaking my body. She is also crying in honest now.  

“You could have called me… You could have messaged me…” She says.  

“You know how worried I was for yo—”  

Suddenly, she stops speaking as if remembering something else. The shaking of my body also stops and Maya quickly removes her hands from my collar. She then wipes the tears from her eyes before speaking again…  

“I-I mean, do you know how worried Layla was? Don’t misunderstand, I was not worried for you at all, okay?” she says, her voice still shaking.  

Maya, you are not sounding convincing at all with those tears still flowing out from your eyes.  

“I-I just got something in my eyes. I am not crying because of you at all!” She says when she sees a slight smile forming on my face.  

Seriously, Maya, you are going to use such a clichéd excuse for crying?   

“Really? But it looks like you were searching for me really hard,” I say teasingly.  

“T-T-That’s because Layla asked me. I didn’t want to search for you at all but she forced me,” she says while getting even more flustered.  


“I am going to my room,” she cuts in between and runs up the stairs at full speed.  

“Fufufu, she was up all night waiting for you and ran outside the moment I asked her to look for you,” Layla tells me while laughing lightly.  

“Really? It’s really unlike her to be this concerned about me…” I say to Layla.  

“Oh, she is just like that from the outside. You just saw what is inside of her. You are her family too, you know?” Layla tells me with a smile before moving to the kitchen again.  

Well, I guess that’s kind of true…  

Maya is actually Layla’s parent’s friend’s daughter. Both Layla’s and Maya’s parents died together in a car crash five years ago when Layla was 17 and Maya was 14.  

Maya’s father and mother were the only children and there were no other relatives of her alive. Layla, who was already an adult at that time, took Maya in after all the formalities, a few months later after she brought me to her house.  

Well, what Layla did was kind of obvious seeing that they both are very close childhood friends and the law also didn’t mind because Layla is financially stable.  

And yeah, I will also mention that while it’s no problem with Maya being here, I am kind of living illegally in this house. I don’t remember Layla going through any paperwork when she brought me here. But well, the government didn’t notice me when I was in the streets, why would it notice me now…  

[Are we going to ignore that just now? So, you actually were hiding two sizzling hot babes at home, huh? You are a really sly guy…]  

You again, huh? I was actually waiting for you. So, tomorrow is the last day of the school holidays. I say we go to the prostitutes.  

[Don’t change the topic! What about that cute + small + busty combo packet babe just now?]  

Maya? What about her?  

[Do I seriously have to spell out each and every little thing for you? Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her!]  

I don—  

[And don’t even try to say no this time, okay? I already agreed with enough of your romantic shit with Layla! You will die if you keep doing this!]  

O-Okay, okay. But she doesn’t like me that much. And I don’t think it would be okay for me if I forcefully have sex with Maya when we are living under the same roof.  

[Though I would like to agree with you that a hot babe like her would never like a guy like you… but, there is no denying the fact, that it’s clear as day that she likes you. But well, you also gave a good reason this time… she might recall everything if you actually have forced sex with her using the beast’s scent… I recommend getting her in the mood and then using the skill. She likes you already so there won’t be any problem.]  

Hey! Wait a second, what did you say? What about the beast’s scent again?   

Don’t tell me… All those women on the train will remember what happened today?  

[Well…yes and no at the same time, I guess. Their memories will be really vague because you didn’t do anything much with them. They will only remember it like they themselves were trying to get close to you. Though I cannot say the same about that Anna… she will remember everything.]  

What the fuck? What the actual fuck?   

She is a freaking policewoman! She was probably the only one who must not remember!  

[Hey! Though I like your choice in women, you decided to fuck her specifically, not me.]  

Don’t give me that! You fucking told me that they will forget anything I do with them!  

[It would have been like that if you wouldn’t have taken your cock out and rammed it inside that Anna. I never told you that a woman won’t remember once you actually fuck her. You expect too much from a level 1 skill.]  

You are the fucking system! You should have told me this when I was about to fuck Anna!  

[Oh… yeah, I kinda forgot. I apologize!]  

I have no words for you anymore…  

[Don’t worry, man! It won’t be that easy to trace you. I don’t even remember you buying a ticket before entering the women’s coach.]  

I can just hope you are right in this…  

[Well, that’s the spirit! Now, let’s earn some more points!]  

Right now? Are you serious?  



[Fufufu, you are so naïve. Didn’t Layla mentioned that she and Maya were up all night waiting for you, searching for you… they didn’t have time for anything else, right?]  

Yeah, so?  

[Well, you don’t think they have taken a bath yet, do you? *WINK*]  

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