Chapter 13: Family and News (Part-2)

I keep staring at the television screen for a whole minute before the thing this reporter just said completely sinks inside my mind.  

A USDCA conference? Now?   

This should not be happening…  

The reason why this is such a shocking news to me is because I know what this conference means. The USDCA is an independent international body which is responsible to maintain the relations between all the system dependent countries of our world.  

Though the USDCA itself does not hold much power, it has the support of many big countries. Now, every 10 years, USDCA holds a conference, where the top leaders of each and every system dependent country meet and discuss their foreign policies with each other. Many important treaties are also signed here which includes the resigning of the international peace treaty.  

I know, even if this conference is a big deal, there is no reason for me to be this shocked if it’s been called, right?  

No, that’s not all…  

What is making me think that the situation at the WST is really bad is the fact that it is an “emergency” meeting of USDCA that is being called by the elves.   

And it’s the “emergency” which fucks it up for me…  

The severity of this situation can be understood by the fact that that this is the second time in history an emergency conference is being called since the USDCA was established 300 years ago.  

An emergency meeting can only be called in a situation that threatens the security of the countries or the people. The first emergency conference was called around 200 years ago when a few system independent races declared war on us.  

So, it could be understood that the situation is at least as bad as a bloody magical war between millions of people of different races.  

It might also get much worse…  

I focus on the television screen again and see that even the reporter is so shaken that he is unable to keep his professional face. Though I missed a few things he said but the news is still going on.  

[…bad the situation at WST might be. Following his announcement about the emergency USDCA conference, the prime minister also requested the people to remain calm. Here is the full video of his…]  

I switch off the television in frustration. There is no further report on WST and I don’t feel like hearing the prime minister.  

But still, if something happens to the WST…  

It is a bit too frightening to imagine for me but I know that millions of lives will be lost if something serious has happened to the WST.  

Especially us humans… if we return to how we were before the elves helped us…dying when you turn 18…  

I take out my SIS from my pocket and start looking at it closely again.  

One thing I am sure of is that my system is broken. There is no way such an extreme system could exist anywhere…  

What if my system broke because of the disturbances at the WST?   

Or the disturbances at WST is because of my broken system…  

Nah, that’s not possible… right?  

Fuck all of this! I am not going to think about it anymore.  

Here I am, breaking the law by forcefully doing perverted things with women only for extending my life by just a few more hours.  

I already have to live my life on the edge. I can die at any time seeing how difficult it is for me to gain life points and how fast I lose them.  

You know what? Let’s just fuck many women and see this world burn.   


[Wow, you really like your movies, huh. Now you are like acting like an evil villain?]  

Shut up. Why are you back?  

[Well, I just wanted to remind you that if something happens to that tower, what will you do about Layla?]  

What about Layla?  

[When will you fuck her?]  

Do you even think about anything other than fucking?  

[Well, duh. I am The Sex Beast System. But still, do you want to die before tasting that sweet body of hers?]  

I already told yo—  

[I know, I know. But you could at least do some level-specific tasks on her, right? It won’t hurt much and you will also gain some points along the way.]  

Well… that is… I guess… 

[Yay! To the kitchen! To the kitchen!]  

“What am I going to do with this perverted system?” I mutter while slowly standing up from the sofa.  

[Yeah, like you are not a pervert.]  

W-Well, that is…I won’t deny that but I am a different type of pervert than you.  

[There are types?]  

Shut up!  

Moving to the kitchen, I see Layla happily slicing a tomato while humming a song to herself.  

[I think the first task of seeing a girl nude would be right here.]  

And how the fuck am I going to do that, idiot?  

[You think of that.]  

What an asshole…   

I don’t have beast’s scent right now, so, I think grabbing her ass would be the best. I can make it seem like I am just casually putting my hand on her waist but instead I will… fufufu.  

[You seem really into it… pervert, but I like the idea.]  

Shut up!   

Silently, I move towards the back figure of Layla. I can trace the full shape of her round and meaty ass from above her sweatpants.  

Damn! How would my dick look buried between these ass-chee—  

Fuck! I need to concentrate.  

“L-Layla, what are you making?” I say while smoothly resting my hand on her ass.  

Layla’s body jumps from my sudden appearance.  

Fuck! It’s so soft! Layla’s ass is so soft! I am in heaven right now!  

“I-It’s you J-Jacob? I-I am just making some s-sandwiches for you,” she stutters while looking up to me.  

The moment our eyes meet, her cheeks turn bright red and with a jerk, she looks down again. For some reason, she is cutting the already sliced tomato again.  

Is she nervous because my hand is on her ass? Let’s see…  

“Wow, I really like the sandwiches you make,” I say while starting to lightly grope her ass.  

“I-I-I am really h-happy that you like them,” Layla says, stuttering even more.  

Her face is totally red now and there is only pulp left of the tomato now.  

Woah, she is not telling me to stop or remove my hand. She is only getting more nervous.  

My gaze fell upon her hands again.  

“Look out!” I yell, slamming the knife out of Layla’s hand.  

She was not looking properly and was going to cut her finger. Man, I am really unlucky… my hand is not on her ass anymore… 

“I-I am sorry. I was a bit distracted,” she says. 

No, it’s not your fault, Layla.  

Suddenly, I feel a slight burning pain in my hand.   

Shit! My finger got a cut instead.  

“Jacob! You are hurt,” Layla says in a loud voice when she sees blood coming out from my finger.  

Instantly, she grabs my hand and put my hurt finger inside her mouth; sucking on it.  

Fuck! Her mouth is so soft! Fufufu, forget about being unlucky. 

For some reason, I am getting strange thoughts seeing Layla sucking on my finger with such concerning face.  

What if instead of my finger I put my di—  


Layla turns back with a jerk to the sound of the doorbell. My finger automatically comes out from her mouth.  

I hate these fucking doorbells…  

“Oh! I forgot! I send Maya out to look for you. She must be back,” she says. 

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