Chapter 136: Main Tournament (Part-2)

“… work at your brothel?” I ask, bewildered.   

What the heck is Evelyn talking about!?   

[Heh, you dumbo. What is there to be confused about? Hasn’t she just said that she wants you to work at her brothel?]  

B-But why? What am I even going to do there?   

[Oh, please, are you seriously asking this? What work is available at a brothel, huh?]  

… Prostitution.   

[Exactly! Evelyn wants you to be a male prostitute at her brothel! Hehe, paying her man to fuck other chicks? I never thought this Evelyn would be so wonderful of a woman. She’s an absolute catch!]  

[I say, you should start working with her from today itself! Just think about it. With your system, especially because of the temporary point-earning methods, this is going to be so beneficial in the future. Don’t let this chance go!]  


You do know that most of the women who seek a brothel are either old or, in rare cases, middle-aged, right? That’s why they pay big bucks to sleep with young guys with huge cocks.   

You want me to earn points by sleeping with grannies!?   

Fuck you.   

[Oh… I didn’t think about that. Grannies aside, your pathetic dick won’t even qualify the standards. What is this Evelyn thinking? Does she want to ruin her brothel’s reputation by hiring you? You should decline, buddy.]  

You filthy little fucker! My dick isn’t that small anymore, it’s damn near average! Just let me level up some more and then I will show you what a huge cock is, you bastard!   

[Hehe, good. I was just testing if you’re still motivated to get a big PP. Anyways, on a serious note, fucking grannies is indeed a problem. I don’t want your prick to get covered in cobwebs. You should decline Evelyn’s offer.]  


“Don’t worry, you will have to work just a few hours a day. And I will give you a decent salary as well,” Evelyn continues with hopeful and pleading eyes.   

As the conversation between me and Pink happens inside my head, not much time has passed in reality— just a few seconds, at most.   

Damn… It’s rather hard refusing her when she’s looking at me like this.   

[You gotta do what you gotta do, man.]  

I know… Well, I guess I have to make an excuse.   

“Eh… I am really sorry, Evelyn, but I already took a part-time job recently. And to be honest, I am rather committed to it,” I say apologetically.   

“Is… Is that so? I am willing to offer 15,000 Yeux. Won’t you reconsider?” She asks, sounding a bit sad.   

Woah… 15,000 Yeux a year!   

For a part-time job, that’s not bad at all. I saved my money for three years and could only gather 5,000 Yeux. And she even said that I just gotta work for few hours every day.   

If only the grannies weren’t involved, I would have accepted this in an instant.   

[Yeah, we could’ve fucked some sexy prostitutes with that much money… What a pity…]  

“Sorry, but 15,000 Yeux a year is not enough to change my mind,” I politely decline.   

“Hmm? It’s per month, not per year,” Evelyn corrects me.   



Now that I think about it, I don’t mind fucking a few grannies here and there. They can’t be that bad, can they?  

[Yeah, a pussy is a pussy after all. In fact, I have heard that aged things are better anyways. As for the cobwebs and the wrinkles, just turn off the lights and you won’t notice a thing… Hehehe.]  

Oh, I will do that. Great advice!   

[Isn’t it? We’re just going from MILF to GILF. M to G. It’s just one alphabet— not that big of a difference at all.]  

True! True!   

“Ah, if you want to hire me that badly, I won’t continue saying no. But mind, I am doing this just for you,” I tell Evelyn with an energetic smile.   

“Really!? Thank you, Jacob!”   

Looking absolutely delighted, Evelyn rushes forward and gives me a tight hug— pressing her huge and soft mounds against my chest.   

… I should be thanking you, to be honest.   

“You’re welcome. So, when do I have to join?” I ask.   

“You can start coming from today itself!” she says excitedly.  

“No— I mean, how about I join from tomorrow? Today is the last day of the month anyway and… Eh… I need some time to prepare myself,” I say awkwardly.  

“Oh, I understand. Take your time, it’s not a normal job after all,” Evelyn agrees immediately.   

“By the way, I thought you will ask some more about what you have to do. Let me tell you now, it will help you prepare,” she says.   

Sigh… I have to fuck grannies, I know.   

“Oh, sure. I have some idea but please tell me,” I say, faking an excited look.   

“Alright, so, basically, you will be my assistant from now. Your job is to help me manage my brothel properly. That includes interviewing and training the new prostitutes, checking the quality of service provided by our existing employees, and reviewing their performance based on your experience. If you find anything that’s not living up to the reputation of The Nux, you need to tell me directly and I will make the necessary changes,” She says, her cheeks tinged slightly red for some reason.   



“Where are the grannies…?” I ask unconsciously.   

“What grannies?”  

“N-Nothing, nothing!”  

[Damn… She said all of that quite professionally but you understand what it means, right? You just gotta fuck all those beautiful high-class hoes! What’s more, you will be showered with money for doing that!]  

Y-Yeah… This isn’t a dream, right? Because I will be fucking pissed if I wake up right now.   

[Nah man, this isn’t a dream! This is your career!]  

Wow… But I don’t get this…   

“I am really glad to work for you, Evelyn, but why are hiring me? I am sure there are others who can do this job much better than me,” I ask with a frown.   

[Oh, come on! Why the hell are you reminding her about that!?]  

Shut up.  


Evelyn turns shy all of a sudden.   

“I won’t lie to you, Jacob. The main reason why I want you to work with me is so that we can spend some time together. With your school and my work, it will be nearly impossible for us to go on dates regularly. This is the best alternative I could think of,” she says, looking down in embarrassment.   

What!? She’s doing this to spend time with me!?   

Don’t tell me that the temporary infatuation thing is still going on! It’s been more than a week…   

[Nah, this is different. I cannot find any trace of the magic you left on her. As bizarre as it sounds, this means that her feelings are true. No wonder she’s on your permanent list.]  

Wait, what!? How can this happen!? Does that mean Arora likes me as well!?   

[Hmm… I don’t know how this happened; it was all Black’s theory. But we can say for sure that Arora has feelings for you as well. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be on the permanent list.]  


Well, I don’t exactly mind this, but man…  

“I hope you will still work for me,” Evelyn mutters suddenly, looking anxious.   

“Hmm? Yes, of course, I will work for you. I want to spend time with you as well!” I tell her sincerely.   

Evelyn’s face lit up like a blooming flower.   

“It’s settled then! Let’s head to the stadium now or others will start worrying,” She says, grabbing my arm intimately before leading me towards the stadium.  

At the entrance of the auditorium, there is a group of students giving out some sort of papers to the passing crowd. One of them hands it to me and Evelyn as well.   

“Oh, it’s information about the matches,” Evelyn says.   

There’s a large fixture drawn on the piece of paper with the names of the participants and their respective matches.   

“As expected, they’re all elimination rounds— that is, only the winner gets to proceed. Let’s see who I am matched against!” I say eagerly.   

Upon finding my name, a deep frown appears on my face immediately.   

“Wait, did I get a misprint? Why are there four other names next to mine? And why are we all fighting against Princess Ilyrana?” I ask with a laugh before looking at Evelyn’s paper to check.   

“No, it’s the same on mine as well. But I don’t think it’s a misprint. Princess Leena and Princess Zakira are up against five people as well,” She tells me, looking astonished.   

What the fuck!?   

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  1. Wtf?! 1 vs 5? What is this? Some kind of power demonstrasion? For the princesses to show of their power? Thanks for the chapter.


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