Chapter 135: Main Tournament (Part-1)

“Don’t worry, I have told both of them that I need some time to think over. But anyway, why shouldn’t I accept these invitations? Is there a trap or something?” I ask curiously.   

To be honest, I feel quite happy knowing that Zakira is not inviting me like others. This clearly shows her priorities, and obviously, I am on top of the list.  

“I am not exactly sure, Jacob. I asked my father, but he absolutely refused to tell me the exact reason why we’re asked to search for the abnormal system wielders. All I know is that it has something to do with the strange incident at the World System Tower,” Zakira answers.   

“Nevertheless, I know my father very well. Just by talking to him, I could tell that something fishy was going on. I personally think that there’s a high chance that you will be experimented upon. And obviously, that means that your safety won’t be guaranteed once you leave your country. Anything can happen to you.”  


“Your father really didn’t tell you anything?” I ask skeptically.   

How can that daughter-con guy hide something from his beloved daughter?   

“No, he didn’t. No matter how many times I asked. And mind, I am usually really great at nagging answers out of my dad. Anyway, as far as I know, the number of people who actually know about this information are too few— maybe only the leaders of each system dependent country.   

“Naomi, of course, knows. But it’s impossible to get anything out of her unless she willingly reveals it. So, the best and the safest option for you is to not accept any of their invitations. As long as you are in your country, all the decisions are in your hand. No one can force you to do anything,” Zakira says.   

Damn… I guess the problem is real. More than anything, I am convinced because that daughter-con is actually keeping this information from Zakira.   

“But how can you be so sure that no one will force me?” I ask, full of doubts.   

Humans aren’t exactly powerful, to be honest. In fact, we’re among one of the weakest races on the planet. How can anyone from my country stop these almighty powers from forcing me?   

“Hehe, I know what you’re thinking. But it’s needless to worry about it as everyone from these powerful countries, including my people, are keeping each other in check. You’re perfectly safe in your country,” Zakira tells me with a smile.   

Oh, so that’s the case, huh?   


“Well, thanks for the warning. I will keep everything in mind and try to avoid Ilyrana and Naomi as much as I can,” I say gratefully.  

“Anyway, let’s head downstairs. Layla and Rebecca must have prepared the snacks by now” I say mischievously, quickly getting up from the bed while keeping a close eye on Zakira’s expressions.   

“H-Hey! Aren’t you forgetting something?”   

As expected, Zakira immediately shouts out, looking as if I have somehow wronged her.   

“Huh? What? Care to remind me?” I ask, turning around with an innocent smile.   

“You… you brute! You know what I am talking about. Don’t bully me!” she says angrily, her cheeks blushing red.   


“Yeah, yeah, I know. You want your blood, right?” I ask with a laugh.   

Though before Zakira could reply, I pounce on top of her body— making her fall on the bed with me. Without waiting for another second, we start kissing fiercely while unclothing each other.   

And in just mere minutes, excessively loud moans and pleasure-filled grunts start resounding from my room. Anyone listening could probably tell that some intense love-making session is going on inside— especially the envious women downstairs.   

It’s the next day and currently, I am on my way to school. Finally, after a full month of ignoring me, Maya is walking alongside me again. But unexpectedly, she doesn’t seem that glad about it. In fact, she even looks a bit pissed.   

“Jacob, that woman just saw you doing that! Can you not touch her there!? And why aren’t you saying anything to him, Layla!?” she says in a low but angry voice, pulling on the sleeve of my shirt.   

“Hehe… Sorry, I cannot help it,” I say with an awkward laugh, giving Layla’s bountiful ass one last squeeze before resting my hand on her waist.   

Together with me and Maya, Layla is coming to school as well. It’s the official start of the main inter-race magic tournament, and we’re allowed to bring our family members to watch the duels.   

“Oh, your hand was there? I didn’t notice it at all!” Layla says with a hint of surprise, giggling lightly. It couldn’t be any clearer that she’s lying. She knew that I was feeling up her ass all along.   

“Is that so? This is what, like, the hundredth time you failed to notice his hand? Your ass must be feeling quite numb today,” Maya says, her voice dripping with sarcasm.   

Layla blushes furiously in shame but doesn’t say anything. Actually, Layla is quite shy when it comes to intimacy in public. Usually, the most she would do is simple hand-holding, or rarely, light kissing. That’s her limit.   

In fact, unless there’s a party or a function, she doesn’t even like to wear sexy or revealing clothes. She prefers comfort over style. Of course, as a stunning beauty, it doesn’t really matter what she wears.   

But well, today is quite different than usual. Not only Layla is wearing a skin-tight black dress that’s perfectly defining her jaw-dropping curves, but she’s also letting me get as naughty as I want in public!   

All of this is thanks to my amazing slave, Zakira. Yesterday, she made me cum so many times that my little brother was nearly squeezed to death. Obviously, all my women, including Layla, knew what was going on due to our unrestrained voices.   

And well, it is also a well-known fact that Layla doesn’t like Zakira that much dues to her past actions. So, after everyone left and only Layla, Maya, and I remain in the house, the jealous Layla pulled me to her room— intending to “reclaim” me through her body.   

But sadly, even after blowing me for half an hour straight, my thoroughly-abused cock refused to rise up. I couldn’t do anything about it. Obviously, this saddened Layla a bit, but she didn’t lose hope. This morning, she became even more determined to show me a good time, and thus, here we are…   

[Don’t mind this Maya, buddy. She’s just jealous because you’re not groping her. Layla might never allow you to do this again. You shouldn’t shy away from taking the utmost advantage!]  

Hehehe… I know. To make it up to Maya, I will do the same thing to her in the evening, when we return home.   

[Yeah, make it up to her. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]  

The moment Maya looks away, my hand drops down to Layla ass again and start squeezing it. I even pull her closer to breathe in the wonderful fragrance of her body. Again, looking at me coyly, Layla lets me do whatever I want.   

“Aargh! Your hand!”  

After bickering for a while, the three of us finally reach the school. As expected, the grounds look much more crowded due to the presence of parents. As we walk through the school gates, Layla immediately starts gathering a lot of male attention. I could even see some married women hitting their husbands and sons for staring at her like idiots.   

While I feel extremely proud to have such a beautiful girlfriend, Layla looks as if she’s regretting her decision to dress like this, after all. With a red face, she grabs my hand and tries to hide behind my back.   

“Come on, let’s head to the stadium. We can still grab some good seats,” I say, chuckling lightly at Layla’s cute reaction.   

There’s no point in looking for secluded seats today. The stadium is going to be jam-packed.   

“Jacob! Jacob, look here!”  

Halfway to the stadium, a voice suddenly shouts my name from behind. Turning around, I see Riley waving at me enthusiastically. But she’s not alone.   

To my shock, Evelyn, the beautiful owner of the brothel, The Nux, is also standing next to her, looking at me with a lovely smile on her face. Thanks to this Evelyn, I was able to successfully exact my revenge against Alex. On top of that, after the glitch in the system got fixed, she somehow even ended up becoming my permanent woman.   

I was thinking about meeting her soon to discuss my situation. But I never thought that the opportunity will present itself this soon, and at such an unexpected place at that.   

“What are you doing here, Evelyn?” I couldn’t help but ask once I finish introducing all the women to each other.  

As I have already told Layla about every woman I’ve ever slept with; she knows about Riley and Evelyn. As for Maya, she’s aware of my system now and doesn’t question how I know these women.   

“Oh, my parents weren’t interested in coming to see the tournament. And as Evelyn wanted to meet you, I invited her here,” Riley answers with a shrug before Evelyn could speak.   

Oh? So, these two women are in contact with each other?  

“But that’s not important! What’s important is that Alex is finally expelled!” Riley suddenly turns excited.   

“Kate and I were literally dying with worry when we found out what that bastard did and that you were hospitalized afterward. We tried so hard to find the hospital you were in, but the school authorities were not…”  

Riley goes on about the matters related to Alex. Even though Maya doesn’t hold a favorable image of Riley due to her past, she also participates in cursing and berating that bastard with an ugly expression on her face.   

After a while, our topic of discussion finally changes and all five of us start moving towards the stadium again.   

“Eh… Jacob, can I speak to you for a minute? Preferably alone?” Evelyn asks, looking at me seriously.   

Ah, here it comes…   

“Yeah, sure. You guys go ahead and save the seats. Evelyn and I will be there in a few minutes,” I tell my other women.   

Layla and Maya frown but doesn’t say anything. Giving me a nod, they enter the stadium, leaving me and Evelyn behind.   

“So, what is it that you want to talk about?” I ask, a bit nervous but prepared for a serious conversation.   

To my surprise, Evelyn looks even more nervous for some reason— the usual calm and mature air around her is nowhere to be found.   

“Please don’t misunderstand, but will you… will you work at my brothel?” she asks.   


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