Chapter 133: In The Hospital (Part-7)

“Hey! I didn’t expect you to get discharged so early!” Naomi says, getting up from the couch excitedly. She checks out my body from top to bottom— as if scanning it— with a sly and slightly lascivious smile on her face.   

“Yes, you’re perfectly fine!” She declares.   

“The doctor just told me that… Anyway, what are you doing here?” I ask rather rudely.   

Listening to my unfiltered tone towards the white goddess, Layla and Maya, who already looks a bit scared of her, gasps lightly. As for Zakira, she just looking at Naomi with a frown, not a trace of respect on her face either.   

Well, in my defense, after that bunny girl, Mia, attacked me the other day, I don’t feel the need to be polite to Naomi anymore. I don’t care that she’s a goddess, I don’t care that she can demolish me with just a flick of her finger (though I hope she doesn’t actually do it)— she’s not getting worshipped by me.   

“Ah, nothing much. Just on some official school business,” she answers airily.   

“What official school business?” I inquire further.   

Naomi raises her eyebrows.  

“Nosy guy, aren’t you? Well, as this is somewhat related to you, I guess I can share some information,” Naomi says, nodding thoughtfully.   

“It’s about that boy, Alex. Do you know why he seemed so promising at Magic? Why his spells are more powerful than any other students?” she asks, looking at me with a weirdly playful smile.   


Wait, it sounds like that Naomi found Alex’s abilities abnormal as well. This is my chance to find out the truth!  

“He leveled up in his system… I guess?” I answer wonderingly.   

Of course, I have pondered about it, and this is the only reason I could think of. Everyone got the Core stone bracelets, and even though they were corrupted, there shouldn’t be any power fluctuations within them— that means, no one should be able to extract more power from the bracelets than the limit.   

So basically, only by leveling up, Alex could have used the double elemental magic and have even more power in his spells than I do.  

“Good guess, but no. Let me give you another hint,” Naomi says, clearly enjoying this like a game now.   

“Did you notice that Alex always used fire magic? No matter who or what element he faced against in the competition, he never switched to anything other than different variations of fire magic,” She says.   


Wait, even I noticed this during our duel! At that moment, I was just so relieved about the fact that he’s not hitting me with other elements that I didn’t give it much thought.  

But then, the only possibility is… Wow…  

“His system is related to the fire element, isn’t it?” I say, shaking my head as I finally understand the mystery behind Alex’s power.   

“Yup! That’s why, even though others were shocked by his “talent” at Magic, I never put that guy in my eyes. While he’s got a rare and powerful system, his actual magical abilities are way below average,” she says with a shrug.   

Damn… No wonder he could control fire so precisely. Thank god we drugged him that day at the brothel, or I don’t want to think what would’ve happened.   

“I see… But still, why are you here now? That guy’s already going to jail. Even if he’s cheated in the tournament, there’s nothing much you can do about it,” I tell her.  

What would the school send Naomi now?   

“Fufufu… I just have two things to say to you: fire and the school-building,” She answers with a small laugh.   

… What the fuck!!?   

“Alex was the one who set the school building on fire!?” I ask in shock.   

“Yup, and I knew about it from the beginning. His magic signatures were all over the place when I was extinguishing the fire,” Naomi nods.   

Damn… That bastard took things to a whole new scale this time.  

“But if you knew about it, then why didn’t you report it before?” I ask, confused.   

“Simply because at first, I thought it was just an accident. The system ceremony was just a few days before that incident, so I deduced that Alex might’ve had a misfire one of his spells or something— it can happen with the best of us, let alone a kid who just acquired his system,” She answers.   

“So, I decided to save him and even offered to fix the burned building for free. I thought that I am just saving a poor, innocent kid. Well, the incident this time just shows how wrong I was.   

“That guy’s been testing my patience for a long time now and I was finally forced to believe that that wasn’t an accident— Alex burned the building just for fun. And thus, taking everything into consideration, I don’t mind reporting against him and adding a few more years to his sentence,” she says happily.   

Of course, there was no freaking accident…   

Even though I have no proof, I am almost sure Alex must’ve been trying to show off to his goon-friends that day, resulting in the school fire.  

“Well, another great news! I hope he rots in prison for a very long time,” I say with a satisfied smile, winking at my women.   

“Me too! On this happy note, why don’t you come with me for a second? I need to talk to you in private,” Naomi continues cheerfully.   

And before I could even say anything, she vanishes into thin air and appears directly in front of me. Then, hooking her arm into mine, she starts dragging me away.  

What surprises me, even more, is that none of my women protests or even look back as I get dragged away— as is nothing strange is happening. Similarly, the hospital staff doesn’t notice anything either.   

… the fuck!?   

“Don’t look so shocked, it’s because of my magic,” Naomi answers, looking at my face.   

“Release me!” I shout, struggling with all my might.   

Fuck, she’s too strong! What the hell is she doing? Trying to kidnap and kill me!? I was not that rude, right!?  

“Don’t worry, I just want to talk to you. It won’t even take a minute,” Naomi says, finally releasing me as we reach a rather secluded place in the hospital.   

“What is it?” I ask, still angry but feeling quite relieved.   

“Sorry, but this was the only way. I cannot let that girl realize the truth— not before it’s too late. After all, she’s got the most advantageous position, followed closely by another ignorant girl,” Naomi says with a mischievous grin.   

“… Truth? Ignorant girl? What are you talking about?” I ask exasperatedly.   

“Don’t mind, it’s nothing. By the way, I heard that Princess Ilyrana invited you to her country a few days ago, is that true?” she asks.   


The heck…?   

“How do you know that Princess Ilyrana invited me? I haven’t told anyone about that,” I ask with a frown.   

“I have my sources, boy. Anyway, I want to invite you to my country as well. I hope that after the tournament is over, you will come with me instead.  

“And don’t worry, Elf kingdom might be more beautiful than the Beastkin lands, but I bet they won’t be as hospitable to you as we can,” Naomi says, licking her lip seductively.  

“… If you catch my drift, you know?”  


For some reason, my heart starts beating like crazy all of a sudden. I look down at Naomi’s curvy body and my crotch starts heating up, as if telling me to take her right here, right now.   

But well, this is nothing compared to how I feel under Beast awakening. This urge is almost too easy to suppress.   

[Oho, that’s some strong magic. She’s trying to charm you, buddy. If only she knew about your system… fufufu.]  

Really? Damn…   

“Can you stop using your magic on me now? I will never agree to anything if you continue doing that,” I say sternly.   

Naomi looks surprised for a second, but the smile on her face doesn’t disappear. She simply retracts her magic before speaking again.   

“Sorry about that. I learned that spell recently and was just trying to see if it actually works or not. Looks like it doesn’t,” she says with a laugh.   

“Anyway, getting back on topic, my reason to invite you is the same as Princess Ilyrana— that is, to examine your core stone. Other top rankers are invited as well, and I hope that you will choose to come with me. I can promise you better rewards than Princess Ilyrana could,” she continues.   


“I… I need some time to think about it,” I say, not showing any particular expression to her.   

This is the reply I gave to Princess Ilyrana and this is what Naomi gets as well.   

“Think as much as you want, I am willing to wait for your answer. Anyway, I guess we should get going. My spell is about to break, those girls will soon notice that you’re missing,” she says, clasping her hands before moving away— leaving me behind.   


[This is getting more and more suspicious.]  

You think?   

First, the Elf princess, and now, the white goddess? Why would these super important people personally invite me to come to their countries?   

[Well, to be honest, I think I can guess why. And I believe you have a faint idea as well.]  

Yeah, maybe. I need to talk to Zakira…   

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